How long does it take to learn a new skill? Josh Kaufman gave a really cool TED talk about this a few years ago. Basically, with focused practice, you can learn a skill in 20 hours.

What gaming “skills” do you think this can apply to? I’m using this as a guideline for DotA2 as I try to up my skill level in the game, but it can apply to any deep game, really. 

Monday, 3:38 pm – Ricky 

Oh hey look, a post! I haven’t played anything other than Clash Royale and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. I think this mobile gaming streak is part  of the reason why I haven’t been posting here as much. There’s just… nothing really new and exciting in my gaming life right now.

That said, No Man’s Sky has officially gone gold and comes out in about a month. I’m super excited for it, even though no one really knows what “it” is. I can’t wait to explore, and hopefully, there’s enough substance there to keep me interested.