Earlier this month, we got “new” Ratchet and Clank game from Insomniac, and this week, we’ll see chapter 3 of the latest King’s Quest game released. These aren’t remakes but rather new entries, reimagined based on modern game design and trends. 

So, uh, a topic… What do you think of this? Sure, there’s the question.

Tuesday, 1:01pm – Gavin

I have a very soft spot in my heart for King’s Quest games, despite them not actually being all that good.  They’re twee, filled with obscure puzzles, they are designed such that the player can get into unwinnable states despite no obvious instruction from the game, and they’re often very unintuitive.  Yet, despite all that, I still think warmly of them.  My family played all of these games together and we all suffered together.

The series went in a radically different direction with KQ8, changing from a point and click adventure series to a first-person action-RPG.  It was utterly terrible and we don’t speak of such ills in my house.

Reimagining a game is a tough order, because you fight against nostalgia.  The rose-coloured glasses of history skew things awfully and make us misremember what a game looks like, or even how fun it was to play.  Fable 2 is one of my favourite games of the 2000s, but even I have to acknowledge that graphically, it hasn’t aged as well as I’d hoped.  Doesn’t affect the fun-factor, but is there room for graphical improvement?  That’s a hard yes.

I’m not inherently against reimaginings, but the new one has to bring something new to the series that the old one didn’t.  In the case of King’s Quest, it was a fundamentally different game that somehow magically captured the spirit of the old series, while updating as required to suit modern tastes – better animation, stronger voice acting, eliminating obscure puzzles, etc.  The whimsy of the series was captured well, while still recognizing the morbid undertones of aggressively violent failure.

All in all, I haven’t played a reimagined game in a while, aside from King’s Quest.  The games I’ve played that hearken back to “the good old days” are actually just the latest entries in a series, which update and iterate as time goes on – hard to tell the difference between revolutionary next entry, reboot, and reimagining.

I’m still playing Watch Dogs.  I’m quite enjoying it but I still do acknowledge its flaws.  The parts of the game that I like, I really like.  The parts that I don’t, I just bounce off of them so quickly that I’m practically a human basketball.  I don’t know how much time I have left with it – The Witcher 3 is calling, and Rise of the Tomb Raider isn’t that far behind.  Meanwhile on PC, I still have Her Story and Life is Strange to get through.  I’ve also got my pre-order for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in.  The backlog is building again…

Monday, 8:35 am – Ricky

So after all the talk of never having played a “Souls” game, I went ahead and bought Bloodborne for PS4 on the super cheap last week. Should come later this week, so we’ll see if this game style is my bag or not.