POSTING FROM THE FUTURE! Actually, I just forgot to post this yesterday. But time travel is the mechanic du jour semaine week, so at least I’m on topic. Remedy releases Quantum Break to Xbox One today, and I guess on PC, too? It’s holding a 78 on Xbone on Metacritic with 79 reviews, and … 0 reviews on PC.

Anyway, talk to me about time travel in games! What games do it well? Day of the Tentacle wins for me, and it actually just saw an HD re-release! So much time travel, so little time.

Thursday, 3:24 pm – Gavin

Despite the fact that I didn’t really enjoy the game, Braid did handle time travel quite well.  It’s mostly employed in games as a storytelling device, but in Braid, as an actual physical puzzle mechanic, its waters were uncharted.  In the end, it contributed to a charming, well-designed and well-loved (just not by me) game that effectively set the standard for indie platforming games that very few have been able to meet (I’m thinking hard and my list is essentially Super Meat Boy, Limbo, VVVVVV and I Wanna Be The Guy, which I hated more than I hate racism).

What games do it poorly?  You knew this one was coming, but The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was brutal because of the rewind-time mechanic.  I found it obnoxious beyond belief and was a driving factor in my Zelda exhaustion.  I may go back to it at some point, but I honestly doubt it.

I finished up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition over the weekend!  I finished with about 76% completion – I did all of the optional tombs, which were very entertaining puzzle sections, but didn’t care much for the collectibles.  They were good at building the world, but I already had all of the core storytelling elements at the ready.  They didn’t do much for me, so I was OK to leave them be.  It was gratifying – perfect for the completionist, but totally something I could leave behind.

The story was silly, but I was very impressed at the quality of animation and how it was tied into physical gameplay.  The act of running and jumping off a cliff and then using my axe to land on a rock-face wall looked gorgeous every single time I did it.

It’s definitely a top-ten title for 2013 for me, though hard to say where in breaks in because 2013 was absolutely ridiculous for gaming.  Seriously, what a crazy year that was!

I also started Watch_Dogs (henceforth “Watch Dogs”).  I was aware of the mediocre reviews, and admittedly I’m not desperately far into it, but so far so good for me.  It’s the parts of Grand Theft Auto that I really liked, mixed with some stealth action à la SC Conviction (or perhaps more appropriately Assassin’s Creed) and covered with that Ubisoft sheen.  It’s a gorgeous game and the visual presentation is tremendous.  I’ll never get bored with just pointing my phone at people and seeing what the game tells me about them.  There’s some real dedication that went into populating that.  Here’s to hoping it keeps it up!

Tuesday, 8:15 am – Ricky

Back to the Future: The Game sucked 😦