So, Steam introduced double-confirmations for selling your digital goods: things like trading cards, emoticons and profile backgrounds that drop as you play games and craft badges. Now, instead of a few simple clicks in Steam, you also need to have a mobile app to confirm you want to list the item. If you don’t have the mobile app, I think you have to wait 15 days or something for it to show up in the marketplace after listing it.

The extra step (read: hassle) has reduced the number of items in the marketplace, which has driven prices up! For my 10ish pages of “inventory”, I made $27.50 (Canuckistan dollars) which I can use to buy something of actual value, like a game! 

So, this weeks topic: Why? Why do people by digital cosmetic items and trinkets?

Friday, 3:57 pm – Albert

Well, Ricky is officially playing Stardew Valley and it looks like its grabbed another gaming soul. Stop reading and start playing that game if you haven’t already.

There is no update from me since that’s all I play too… although Ricky has suggested some board games … albeit virtually. We’ll see how that turns out. Half the fun is sabotaging Ricky IRL when hes turned around or getting another beer.

Tuesday, 2:12 pm – Albert

I had no idea about the Steam double-confirmation requirement. I can’t wait to go home and see what I can sell! I have a whole bunch of random stuff from games or prizes from buying multiple games. I am definitely guilty of buying digital cosmetic items. I think what gets me is Steam Badges. For some reason during Steam Summer Sale or Christmas Sale I always want to get those badges. So I will trade my friends or just outright purchase the cards to create that badge. Of course, the first couple of cards I get through purchasing games so I suppose it’s more a memento.

As for cosmetic objects, I think a lot of it has to do with me convincing myself that the developer “deserves” it. I never buy a cosmetic item because i’m like “WOW, I can put a cat on my head”. It’s more like, well… i’ve been playing this game for like 10 hours and it was a good game. I don’t mind giving more money to get this silly hat and it will be like a new character. This was basically my mindset in LoL. Of course, I saw additional cool costumes in MGS:V Phantom Pain but I was like Fuck Konami so I didn’t really bother.

Anyways, who cares about all that when you have Stardew Valley to play?? Are you playing Stardew Valley yet? Because if you are one of the people who are not… just stop and go here. It’s been compared to Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Rune Factory and Terraria. I haven’t really played any of those besides Terraria so I did not think I was going to like this game. I bought it because I wishlisted it and I was like “I’ll get it on sale” but then a friend picked it up and put 10 hours into it and I thought that I should give it a shot. I am happy I did.

This game was created by one person, Eric Barone. It makes me wish that I could create games because this game is simplistic yet incredible in depth. The plot is that you are a person who is sick of everyday life working for a mindless corporation. You inherit a farm from your Grandfather and give up your mundane life (isn’t that the dream?). From there you can do whatever you want: mine for gold, copper, stone; chop trees; get into relationships; get married; fish; fight monsters; upgrade your house; forage for vegetables; get into a sauna; feed your cat; milk cows; hang out with chickens; AND farm. Actually I think there is more but too much to write.

Plus you are following a time schedule of in-game time so there is only so much you can do. Perhaps one day you’ll set up sprinklers and pave your farm so you can get your crops in. The next day you’ll be reaching to the bottom of the mine and finding diamonds, emeralds which you can either use to craft objects or give to your person of choice whom you want to build a relationship with. Look, this game has a lot in it and it’s only 15 bucks! It most likely can be played on any computer and its cheap. For someone who does not normally get games like this, the hooks it has in me is surprising. And consequently my steam “recommended games list” is full of anime… that is the only problem.

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Monday, 11:01 am – Ricky

I played the “sell my stuff on Steam” game this weekend, but not much else unfortunately. I’ll be getting into a bit more Division this week, and I think next weekend, I’ll dive into The Witcher 3 DLC that I’ve been holding off playing. I was going to wait for the second DLC pack to drop before going back in, but the urge to return to that world is too strong.