In honour of the leap year, let’s fantasize a bit: You have a whole extra day in the week – let’s call it Funday – where there’s literally nothing else to do than play video games. What video game do you play? Something current, or an old favourite?

Friday, 8:06 am – Gavin

Started a new job, so pardon my lack of writing this week.  I’m still trying to figure out the firewall here.  Most gaming sites are down, sadly.

If I have a whole extra day and I’m not working on anything currently, then I will start a new one IF the games that I have to be started suit my mood for the day.  Going back to replay games is great-grand-wonderful – I’m a huge advocate for replay value – but busting a backlog is big.  I hate the idea that I could have spent money on something and not gotten my value for it.

I have a gaming day this weekend, which will be nice.  I don’t have anything on the go right now except for Axiom Verge, so I will probably finish that one off and then look to my shelf.  It would be the perfect time to start a new large game, but I don’t have any of those on the go right now.  Maybe I’ll replay a Deus Ex or Splinter Cell title.  I have a NG+ for DE:HR:DC:Colon ready to go, and I picked up a copy of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the Xbox for $0.01(!) on Amazon.  I’m spoiled for replay choice right now!

Monday, 10:12 am – Ricky

I very rarely go back and replay old games, so if I had a whole extra day in the week dedicated to video games, I’d probably just play whatever I’m currently playing. Today, that’s Fallout 4 – I’m kind of enjoying it, I guess, but it definitely hasn’t grabbed me the way previous Fallouts or Skyrim did. That said, I’m exploring a bit more and finding the side quests mostly enjoyable, and I’m not trying to mainline the game any longer. So, that’s something I guess.

Oh, and I’d play Red Dead Redemption if I ever went back to something. Or Skate 3. Dammit, where are my next gen sequels!!??

Also, Heavy Rain is the feature image because it’s re-releasing on PS4 this week, proving once again that it’s totally cool to skip an entire console and wait for the same games to come out with the next generation. Also, it was a good game.