Best indie game – Rocket League (Runner up; Everyone Gone to The Rapture)
I was admittedly behind the wheel (pun intended) with Rocket League, as is the case with the freebie titles offered by the PS+ membership, but after a few online games with Ricky I am hooked. Just before heading to bed I tend to load a few games of it, playing alongside random people trying to push a giant ball into nets with R/C cars. Plus I have the Delorean. Beat That.

Most Interesting Gaming Moment – Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture – Dusk (Runner Up; Battlefront –Seeing Luke or Darth Vader Walk By)
More art than game, this truly gets showcased at a few intervals when day shifts to night, and my god, what a series of glorious scenes to witness.

Best Character – Pip Boy Fallout 4 (Runner Up; None)
It doesn’t have to be the main character, although if you think about it, Vaul-Tec’s cartoon mascot is THE character for the entire series, and he’s just so gosh darn loveable.

Best Art Style/Graphics/Prettiest/Nicest Looking – Star Wars Battlefront (Runner up; DriveClub)
Holy hell what an impressive looking game – even if the Heroes and villains don’t quite look up to snub the environment and effects faaaaar outweigh a slight model rendering issue, the game looks absolutely fantastic, to the point where to have to load it up just to show people how insane it looks.

Funniest Gaming Moment(s) – NintendoLand (Runner Up; Hearing Sherlock Holmes Pronounce the word “Murder”)
The crazy collection of mini games often gets overlooked by the flashier games on the Wii-U, but holy crap I’ve had some pretty great moments playing Luigi’s mansion and the Animal Crossing game – especially when played with non gamers.

Game I want to see a sequel to – skate.
Is anyone out there?

Game I never want to see again – Zombie-U
I was late to the party on this one, but Jesus Christ what an infuriating game to play. I understand, and even thought the idea of respawing and having to reclaim your items for your previous character cool, but not when you die 7 times trying to reach a checkpoint. Hate it.

Best Audio – Tie DriveClub & NBA 2k16 (Runner Up; BattleFront)
This is interesting tie for me because both these games have terrific elements of sound on their own right – DriveClub features the most impressive in game sound effects I’ve ever heard in a racing game, but the official soundtrack is incredibly disappointing when compared to other racing games. NBA 2K16 on the other hand has arguably the greatest in game soundtrack I’ve heard in long, long time and has a large number of “I need to download that” songs from the past and today

Biggest disappointment – Until Dawn (Runner Up; No Zelda in 2015)
I don’t know what it was. We were so hypd to finally play this game, and everything started out INCREDIBLY strong, and just unravels into a terrible mess in the end with little desire to even play out more scenarios.

Biggest surprise – The supposed “demise of the Wii-U” (Runner Up; PS4 simply crushing Xbone)
The ridiculous reports everywhere about he demise of the Wii-U because of the NX announcement. They have released next to no information on the new system and already he Wii-U is dead and Zelda is being held blah blah blah. I was pretty surprised just how quickly people were to write the Wi-u off, especially before they released some pretty major releases like Splatoon, Mario Maker and Yoshii Wooly which seemed to have sold pretty well

Game I’m most looking forward to in 2016 – Give Me Zelda (Runner Up; MGS5 [Still Wont Let Konami Take My Money])
Whatever the final title for the Legend Of Zelda on the Wii-U is.

Best co-op game – SMB Wii-U (Runner Up; Donkey Kong Country)
I know it’s technically not designed as co-op game, but until the 3rd bonus world my beau and I played every single level together, so I think that counts as co-op game at that point. The game certainly is designed for a multiplayer experience with up to 4 characters available and the amount of tandem puzzles to solve in order to get all 3 stars and bonuses.

Best multi-player game – Mario Kart (Runner Up; Mario party)
Nothing is a easy for people to pick up and play as Mario Kart is, and living in an age with 40+ inch televisions making 4 player split screen nothing like it was in the past. Being able to race the same 4 course tournaments is pretty awesome and gives a great variety in courses and reduces the amount of “ok what level do we play” time wasting.

Most addictive game – Everyone Gone To The Rapture (Runner Up; Rocket League)
My better half and I were absolutely hooked on this game for a solid month and every night couldn’t wait to dive deeper into the English town and uncover what happened. Throw in an agonizing week and half hiatus to attend a wedding for good measure too.

My dirty little secret game – DriveClub (Runner Up; Hyrule Warriors)
I shouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did, or even have bothered to pay the $14.99 after the launch day screw job all PS4 owners received when this game was replaced for Contrast (still not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination). But when Shopper’s dropped the price to $14.99 I splurged, and convinced others too as well. Turns out (pun intended) it’s a great game in the end. But still. Boo….

Best handheld / mobile game – Hitman Go (Runner Up; Dangandroppa; Trigger Happy Havoc)
taking the elements of Hitman and pushing them on the Ipad certainly raised a few eyebrows when announced, but what a freaking awesome board/strategy game to play.

The 3rd Annual Wall Punch Award – Zombie-U (Runner Up; Splinter Cell Blacklist)

Best Game I played this year – Super Mario Brothers Wii-U (Runner Up; Fallout 4 [Just not enough time with it…])
Really great game, my love for this one is most likely due to the fact it seems like a giant homage to SMB3 (which is essentially Gold in my books). That and the fact it never seems to end.

Best 2015 Game – Fallout 4
… and we’re done.