Explosions in video games can be awesome. Especially when they’re kind of the focal point of the game. Take Just Cause 3 for instance. This is set up as a playground for a psychopath with a penchant for TNT. So, of course, the explosions look amazing, and the breadth of explosive options is quite staggering. We’re not talking Red Faction Guerilla levels of destruction, but it does look oh so much prettier.

I haven’t laughed this hard at a video game in a long while. Check out the Robbaz and Giant Bomb quicklooks below. What’s your favourite game with EXPLOSIONS!?

Wednesday, 12:08 pm – Gavin

It’s hard to argue that my pick for a game with explosions as a central focal point would be anything other than Just Cause 2, if for no reason than the amount of time I’ve put into it.  I know that JC3 is basically going to be JC2 v2.0, and for that reason, I’m not actually going crazy for it.  I’ll need to see proof that the game doesn’t also suffer from the same problems that plagued JC2 – a CTRL+C, CTRL+V approach to environment development.  There’s an enormous island to explore, but it’s all extremely same-y.  There are maybe seven or eight unique environments that were plastered over the map numerous times.  The map was also a bit tougher to read than, say, the GTA IV map, so you often had to just “luck into” finding them, which is a shame because the ski hill was an absolute blast to fly down with a Heat Level of 4.

JC2 definitely had a fun soul, but I struggle to call it a great game.  I’ll watch Rocky IV whenever it’s on, but I’m not going to call it a great movie.

I do have Red Faction: Armageddon in my Steam account, a relic of the THQ Humble Bundle graciously provided to me by Ricky.  Perhaps I’ll check it out and blow stuff up!

Monday, 12:40 pm – Ricky

Got 10 minutes and want to laugh? Watch this one.

Want to actually know what Just Cause 3 is about? Watch this one.