Best melee weapon ever? I’m going to go with the classic chainsaw gun from Gears of War. The visceral feeling and hearth-thumping sound of that chainsaw revving up – especially in a frantic multiplayer game – were the highlight of the series for me.

Also, lots of new game releases this week! I’ve got Anno 2205 in my Steam library, so I may boot that up during Extra Life this weekend, but it’ll likely be more Witcher 3 and board games for me. The latest Call of Duty comes out on Friday if anyone on this site still cares about that sort of thing. Anything catching your interest?

Thursday, 3:55 pm – Albert

If we’re talking about the best melee weapon ever, look no further than the zombie genre. Notably, Dead Rising 3 and Dying Light. Both games have a ridiculous amount of create-a-weapon-to-kill-zombies. From dual chainsaws on a paddle to katanas — it’s tough to pick just one.

I’ve started playing Prison Architect (v. 1) since it just got out of Alpha last month. I’ve been playing this game for the past 4-5 years checking in every now and then to test the new features. THIS is how Early Access should be. They are definitely the poster boys for a game that takes community feedback and actually makes changes. This is an amazing game if you’re into construction/planning as well as balancing security and a positive bank account. Create a reform prison where prisoners work, make money to spend on shop items (to fulfill their needs), get help for their addictions, etc. OR create a hard ass security prison — armed guards, dog patrols, and lots of solitary confinement. I would recommend this game for anyone who is remotely interested.

Next Tuesday — this is all that matters!

Thursday, 10:17 am – Gavin

Chainsaw from Gears of War is a great pick for best melee weapon.  It really felt like a solid improvement over the chainsaw from Doom, which was definitely the coolest melee weapon at the time.  Compare it to the chainsaw from Left 4 Dead 2, and it’s worlds apart – the L4D2 chainsaw was like putting a hot knife through butter – it didn’t feel satisfying to use.

A good melee weapon needs to have heft and weight, and strikes need to have substance and significance.  The hammers in Fable and Fable 2 were great for that – you couldn’t use them unless you were strong enough, and while they were slow as heck, when you hit someone/something, there was a satisfying thud that really resonated.  It was similar to the hammers from Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, which were also slow but enormously powerful.

The wrench from Bioshock and skyhook from Bioshock Infinite are also noteworthy inclusions, even though the wrench was actually quite hilariously overpowered.  Also, the weapons from Jade Empire, which I admit I barely used because I always wanted to preserve my focus meter, were outstanding.  It’s very rare that a game can effectively capture proper martial arts, and I really think that Jade Empire did a great job with that.

I finished up Child of Light on Sunday.  I’ve spoken about this game before, but once all was said and done, I was absolutely blown away by how gorgeous this game was.  It doesn’t outstay its welcome, but I’d be lying if I said I wanted more of that game.  I played it on normal difficulty and I have to say that it was pretty easy – if you explore enough, you’ll be so well equipped with potions and bonuses that most fights won’t pose much trouble.  Near the end of it, only the bosses have much challenge – the enemies themselves fall quickly because your team is really powerful.  There are a lot of playable characters, probably too many of them.  I stuck with a core group – there was one character I never used at all.

I doubt I’ll pick it up again, to be honest.  I really do find most RPGs to be sufficiently draining that I’m not likely to want to pick them up again.  I’m glad for the experience, and if there’s a sequel, either direct or spiritual, I’m sure I will seriously consider picking it up.  But as for now, I’m quite good not to play it again.

No interest in Call of Duty, but I did pick up Battlefield 3 in the Origin Hallowe’en sale for $3.00.  Couldn’t turn it down at that price!  I’m not much for modern military shooters, but sometimes you just want something mindless.

Tuesday, 11:46 am – Ricky

Sorry for the late post! Texas was all Texan, and no games were played. That shall change this week with a major work project completed, and 24 dedicated gaming hours on Saturday for my 4th ever Extra Life marathon for SickKids hospital here in Toronto. A loose schedule is coming soon, and I’ll be streaming when I can. Should be fun!