We’re just over halfway through October, which means we’re heading in to two months of non-stop gaming action. NON. STOP.

This Fall year looks like it’s shaping up to offer more great AAA titles than last year, and looking forward to the first few months of 2016, it’s crazy to think that it could have been even more packed with gamey goodness.

I’m skipping out on a lot of stuff this year, but have Battlefront and Fallout 4 coming my way, along with the usual requisite Ubisoft games. What’s on your gaming wishlist?

Friday, 8:18 am – Ricky

Oh boy, the challenge has been issued. I am a person is remotely interested in MGS, so I should play MGS5.

I’m also a person with 600+ video games, 50+ of which I’d actually like to play. And that doesn’t even include the 3-4 that are coming out in the next two months. I think time is a pretty valuable resource, and since it’s finite, it needs to managed diligently. Lately, I haven’t made time for video games (well, expect the EPIC Rocket League session on Wednesday night – that was less than an hour, but my god what a time we had). I need to start to do a better job of scheduling some VG time, and I’m hoping that Extra Life will kick start some games for me.

Oh yeah, Extra Life! I’m going to participating again this year. You can follow along through live streams or by hitting me up on Steam or PSN. I’ll need all the support I can get – I’m too old for this shit, but it’s a great cause and always a fun time. More details coming soon!

Tuesday, 11:37 am – Albert

Hey everybody — it’s TUESDAY! I have been absent from the site for a bit since I have been playing a AAA title: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Everything has been put on halt so I could spend the 100+ hours finishing this farewell title from Kojima. I highly recommend everyone who is even REMOTELY interested in MGS to play this game. Here is the post on the timeline and some background help which I used to remind me of the franchise.

This game is very different from how the previous MGS games were. It’s open world and has less than 30 minutes of cutscenes. A complete opposite from MGS4 (which I could not finish because I did not enjoy watching a game — at that time). MGS5 encourages stealth but does not punish those who want to be more aggressive and kill everyone. There is a buddy system which allows you to bring a robot, an eye-patch-wearing dog, a bullet proof armor wearing horse and a half naked sniper woman companion (all have their place).

While the story is definitely not complete — it ties some bows on the story and there is some revelations that are both simultaneously surprising and not at all considering the bullshit/whimsy that Kojima throws our way in Metal Gear. If you have prior knowledge or have played any of the old games you can see the setup as this game comes before the events of MGS1. Confused yet?

New players can come to this game without prior knowledge and treat this game as a sandbox action/stealth and still have a ton of fun — if I don’t play Fallout 4 this year, I think this is my #1 contender for GOTY. BOOM!

What is interesting is that Konami has just claimed Kojima is actually on “vacation” and is still an active employee although they just had a 100-person farewell party for him… what?

If you want to see some minor spoiler-y video of Dunkey killing some peeps check this video out.

As for my gaming wishlist this year: Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, and I should probably play Witcher 3 (but I am scared due to my life already suffering for MGSV).

Monday, 3:33 pm – Gavin

Fall gaming glut 2016 can only mean one thing!  Yoshi’s Woolly World for this guy.  I mean, I’ve talked enough about how I’m getting it, so it’s just a matter of time.  I’m still pushing through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Child of Light.  I’ve just cracked through to the village of the trader rats, and I think it’s my second-last area in the game.

A bit hard to focus on gaming these days, as Canada’s about to head into an election tonight.  Surprisingly relevant are the copyright provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – negotiated by the Conservative Party, opposed by the New Democratic Party, and the Liberals uncertain until the details of the deal can be revealed.  Copyright provisions obviously affect the gaming industry, and this deal would put more control in the hands of the copyright holders.  Interesting times!

Monday, 1:32 pm – Ricky

This commercial is amazing. I love Star Wars. Tickets go on sale tonight!

Monday, 7:19 am – Ricky

Here’s a cool game that’s coming out tomorrow: Rebel Galaxy. It’s made by the same guys who did Torchlight, and looks fantastic. Apparently, it’s kind of a space western (think Firefly) and plays kind of like the ship battles in Assassin’s Creed 4. It’s all on a 2D plane to make it a bit easier to control, plus there are loot drops and lots of customization, too. Check out a bit of the video below to get a feel for it.