You know what doesn’t get the credit it deserves? I good isometric view. Done properly, it can share more of the map, provide good line of sight to what’s around you and your character, and help you as the player take in more of the visuals.

Wasteland 2 was launched last year, and although I only played a few hours of the game, I enjoyed every minute of it. That’s why I’m pretty excited about the director’s cut coming out today. I won’t be firing it up – I’ll be scratching the post-apocalyptic itch with Fallout 4 in less than 30 days! – but I’m happy that it was successful enough to warrant another release, including a release on consoles today.

Also, Yoshi’s Woolly World comes out today. Nothing to do with the title or above. That green dino is so damn cute, though.

Wednesday, 8:46 am – Gavin

Mild correction: Yoshi’s Woolly World comes out on the 16th.  I’m looking forward to it, as that aesthetic is just ridiculously gorgeous.  The art style is what made Yoshi’s Island such an incredible game in 1995 – nobody had tried pastel colours and childlike drawings before.  I know that this isn’t Nintendo’s first foray into a wool-based aesthetic, as Kirby’s Epic Yarn, which was generally well-received, also employed it.  I didn’t try it though; I’ve never been a huge Kirby fan.  All of my platforming needs were, and generally still are, met by the Mario series.

I continued with a couple of ongoing games this weekend, though not much of them as it was family time: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Child of Light.  I’ve talked at length about both of them, so I don’t need to rehash the same points.  They’re both fabulous games and I’m so glad for their existence.  Child of Light’s insanely gorgeous art style just keeps on impressing me every time I visit a new area.

It came to my attention that I had never finished Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the original Xbox.  Long-touted as the hardest of the series, I’ve found myself in the right mood for it now that I’m deep into Chaos Theory again.  The problem is that I gave my copy away when I donated my original Xbox to a children’s hospital.  Enter:  I now have a copy of Pandora Tomorrow on its way to my house that cost me $0.01 plus shipping.  I love the Internet.

Anyway, on isometric view, arguably the most popular isometric game to come out in the past five years was Bastion.  I’m prepared for my excommunication, but I just didn’t have a lot of fun with it.  I found it excessively repetitive, and while most people really enjoyed the narrator, I just wished that the narrator would be quiet and let me enjoy the game.  It’s not a bad game by any stretch, but it’s just another case of unmanaged expectations.  I was told to expect greatness, and when I only got goodness, I was disappointed.

Speaking of other isometric games I didn’t play a ton of, you know, I’ve never played more than about an hour of any Diablo game.  The original is the only one I’ve touched; I was deep into Command & Conquer: Red Alert when it came out and didn’t have the time or money for another game like that.

I’m ready for my shaming.

Tuesday, 8:31 am – Ricky

Totally skipped posting this yesterday. Canadian Thanksgiving and all… I played 0 video games this long weekend, but I did play some board games, watched some sports games, and played the game of “hey, my yards and garage need some attention”.

No points were scored by me.