So Destiny’s newest expansion, The Taken King, launches this week. This is a major expansion for the game, and it comes out on the heels of their “2.0” update. 

From what I’ve heard, the game has changed drastically since release, and there are still legions of followers and fans playing the game 2 years after release. That’s a pretty long tail for a game. Diablo 3 is also still going strong, with a new “season” having started up last week, over 3 years since its original release.

What other games have done a good job of staying relevant years after release?

Thursday, 3:10 pm – Albert

I’m not sure if this qualifies, but since i’m late to the party — Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain. The MGS name has been relevant for years. It came out 3 years after the “demo” Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes. This series has long been a part of my life. Although, I give matt a hard time about it since I could not finish MGS IV. The series to me has always been great but I felt there was so many cutscenes that I was watching a movie and not playing a game. I have an idea of what happens at the end of IV but since MGSV:PP comes before all of that I think this is a great game for new people and long time fans to both enjoy. I did some research but hell, you don’t need it. Just play the damn game.

Diablo seems like fun but I played so much of it while it was fresh that I can’t see myself coming back to it. MAYBE. Maybe i’ll come back to it when i’ve finished MGS V:PP, Fallout 4, XCOM 2, Witcher 3, Act of Aggression, and Half-life 3. Yeah…

Monday, 10:18 am – Ricky

I need to play some more Diablo, but I’m definitely going to pass on Destiny. I have a first person shooter preordered on PS4 (Star Wars Battlefront) and one for PC (Fallout 4), so don’t see the need for something to hold me over for 2 more months.