This weekend, our fantasy football league decided our draft order. But we didn’t randomize it: We held an all-AI Royal Rumble in WWE2K15. Each fantasy football team manager had 3 wrestlers in the 30 man Royal Rumble. Whichever wrestler finishes best vs. everyone else’s best place finish, is where you draft.

Using video games to make your own “game” can be fun. Lots of games have this built in with mod or map creation tools, but sometimes, you just need to make your own fun. Another example: When the skate. demo launched, it was just the tiny skate park you could play on a 30 minute timer. matt and I would play it couch co-op style, where you passed the controller if you bail on a trick.

Can you think of any other games where you made a game out of playing the game? 

Thursday, 6:49 pm – Albert

Hey! It’s been a while but i’m here to check in.

I came into 3rd place in the FF draft with Alberto Del Rio (weird). He definitely came into his own after being repeatedly double teamed…

Zelda eh?! Man, I have to admit — although I may have said this many times — I have not played any Zelda game. I was a Sega kid instead and I only have owned the Wii as my ONLY Nintendo console. What a sad fate. My gaming really started on Sega, PC, and PS. I will need a Gavin sherpa to take me on the journey that is Nintendo someday. But for now — there are too many games to play.

I just beat Mad Max. 50 hours put into the game and it was SUPER grindy. It really sets the atmosphere exactly like it is portrayed in the movie (Fury Road). What I find so fascinating about the game is that it is extremely formulaic. It takes the fighting from Batman (although who doesn’t these days), gameplay such as regions, base destructions, towers, etc from games like Far Cry, GTA, Red Dead, etc. This was clearly a “This is what open world games are doing so let’s tick all these boxes”.

This post might sound negative but I actually had a really good time with the game. I got it on sale for like $20 on GMG even before I knew that MGSV was coming out (although I thought about MGSV the whole time).

That’s next on my list — MGSV…. although I want to reply Ground Zeroes… and maybe spend like 10 hours relearning the lore and timeline. This is where I bet matt would be most helpful. If you’re like me here are some Peace Walker info that will hopefully make the story make more sense.

Other games i’ve been fiddling around with: Company of Heroes 2: British Army, Rocket League (Oh god yes!) and getting into the XCOM mood by replaying some Enemy Unknown (although I am sad that it is being delayed — but hell, it can only get better).

Thursday, 2:28 pm – Gavin

What mayhem!  Sorry that I missed out on the stream when it happened.  But the rumours are true – I did spend the majority of Tuesday playing games, as I’d saved up a vacation day and that’s all I wanted to do.

I finished up with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and I am glad.  I griped a bit about the game last week, so I won’t delve too far back into that, but anyway, the game did not age as well as I’d hoped, sadly.  It’s still a solid game, but I elucidated the majority of my concerns last week.

Now I don’t want people to think that I’m super down on the game.  I’m definitely disappointed as my memories were best left alone, but I did still replay the entire thing, for over 40 hours.  The game’s highs are wonderful – when you’re successful in combat, it really does feel like an accomplishment.  Dungeon and overworld design is top-notch, the music is fabulous, boss fights are wonderful (I really loved Tentalus, even if it looks like a creature from Monsters Inc), item use feels good, and the story is interesting and deep, while still being straightforward enough to follow.  It’s just that the game’s lows are really bad.  It’s a bloated game, much longer than it needs to be, and now that I have much less gaming time than I did three years ago, I’m very protective of that time – games can’t be bloated or unnecessarily huge.  Things like the Silent Realm powerless areas, the forced stealth and stupid escort quest areas, the flooded fetch quest, they could have been ditched in favour of more or beefier dungeons, which would have been welcome.  Ditch the crafting requirement.  Don’t make us fight the same bosses so many times.  Things like that.
I think I’m suffering from Zelda fatigue.  In the past 12 months, I’ve played seven titles from the series.  I’m not at all excited for the next one, and that needs to change, because they’re still good games.  I think I’d like to just let it sit for a bit – I might play A Link to the Past again in the nearer future, because that game is elevated above the rest of them and has the benefit of nostalgia fueling my playing, but otherwise I need a break.
I started playing Child of Light on the Wii U afterward.  I picked it up during the Ubisoft eShop sale back in August for $2.75, which is just a stupid ridiculous price.  I’m about an hour in and so far, first impressions are good.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, with environments reminiscent partly of Braid and partly of The Swapper.  The music is very folksy and interesting (side note: soundtrack performed entirely by Montreal band Coeur de Pirate), and the dialogue is amusing enough, done entirely in rhyme.  The battle mechanics are turn-based, of which I’ve mentioned before I’m not usually a fan.  However, we’ll see how it goes from here.  It’s pretty adorable so far; it has sort of a Labyrinth feel to it.  I’ll keep updating as I play!

Tuesday, 9:07 am – Ricky 

Check out the Royal Rumble here!

And yep, we totally missed Monday due to the holiday. Hope you all had a good long weekend! I played some amazing board games, which I’ll talk about this week at some point whenever I come up for breath from work. Gavin is also off from work today playing all the video games, so expect some jealousy round these parts when he’s back.