Watching Evil Geniuses win the Dota2 International tournament this weekend was pretty awesome. It even got some great mainstream media coverage – check out this article in Forbes

I even played some Dota2 this weekend with a couple of friends as part of LAN we were having in between matches. I decided I suck at Dota2, and wish I was better at the game. But the amount of time and effort needed to even begin to understand the game is pretty insurmountable at this time of my life – it’s in the hundreds of hours. 

What games do you wish you were “better” at? Do you think you’d get more enjoyment from by having more mechanical skill or more knowledge of the game?

Thursday, 3:23 pm – Gavin

I don’t know if I wish that I was better at any particular game, because I’m not particularly great at any game, so it’s a copout to say “all of them”.  However, I do wish that I enjoyed competitive online multiplayer games, because I feel as though a lot of gaming is designed for people who like that.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything because I don’t like it, but there’s a world of content for those who enjoy competitive multiplayer.

I’m struggling to think of a game that was great that I didn’t enjoy because of my own skill level.  I suppose if I had to pick one right now, I’d like to be better at Left 4 Dead 2.  I mostly play solo with bot companions, and I usually just do it to chill out and have fun, so I’ll play on easy.  Most of my friends who play this prefer it on normal or hard, so when the time comes, all of my strategies are useless, because they’re predicated on me being able to take damage.

See also: this past Saturday, where I was useless.

Monday, 12:43 pm – Ricky

Well, back to the Witcher 3 tonight. I can’t get stomped in that game. I AM THE STOMPER, NOT THE STOMPEE.