What? Video games? Mobile? Witcher? Nintendo? EAAAAGGGGGGLLLLEEEE?

Sure, all of these. None of these. Let’s watch our free time wash away into the ether of the universe and ponder what life would be like with a new skate.

Friday, 7:48 pm – Albert

I’ve been searching for the perfect game for me to play in the summer before the blockbusters of Fallout 4, X-com, etc come out since i’ve beaten Far Cry 4 (which was incredible). I got the “good” ending but not the “SUPER SECRET LAST THING YOU CAN DO” ending. Here are the candidates:

1. Kerbal Space Program – Finally 1.0 released this year and I had tried it during Early Access many years ago. This game takes commitment. If you want to get started I would suggest watching Scott Manley’s youtube tutorials on KSP. He has helped me learn a lot about the game quickly. The in-game tutorial is not super in-depth and is kinda buggy.

2.Red Faction: Guerilla (Steam Edition) – Fully destructible environments. GTA style open world. Story is an afterthought but whatever, take a hammer to a building or use explosives and watch it come down. Pretty hilarious and is good in short bursts to scratch the open-worldly-ness itch.

3. RONIN – Turn-based combat with the style of Gun Point and Mark of the Ninja. I’m already almost down with the game (final level is a mindfuck). Great puzzle game that makes you feel like a badass. You’re encouraged to kill all enemies and the skills you unlock just make each puzzle-solved all the more satisfying.

4. Reprisal Universe – Bought on a whim, seems a lot like a god-builder but i’m just in the tutorial.

5. CS:Go – This is just because Prezzie has been going crazy in this game. I used to play this a lot and trying to get back into it. I’m very bad at FPSs. I used to be decent. DAMN YOU LIFE. Stop taking away my skills!

Rocket League seems awesome! I hope to get a game going sometime on the PC. PC, Ricky. PC.

Oh and here’s more Fallout 4:

Thursday, 9:35 pm – Ricky


I beat You Must Build A Boat today. It was a good solid 10 hours of fun, and I’m definitely done with the game. There’s a new game + mode, but really, it’s just playing the same game over but without all the cool stuff you earned previously.

Still haven’t gone back to Witcher 3 unfortunately, and haven’t turned on my consoles in weeks due to my basement being upside down. I have a new TV stand coming tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get things in order this weekend and try out some Rocket League on PS4.


Monday, 10:04 am – Ricky

What a weird weekend. No games. Just life. And mice. In my house. Well, singular mice. So mouse, really, technically.

I hate mouse mice.