Whether you are a fan of the direction of mobile games, it’s here to stay. Mobile (i.e. Phones) games are now everywhere. Back in the “Day” there was only Snake. And we loved it. Now, it’s common for every person, no matter what gender, age, country — to at least have some type of game on their phone. I play games so much on my phone during my 1 hour+ commute everyday I don’t really even think about them. What are some of your “hits” or “must play” mobile games?

Thursday, 11:01 am – Ricky


I never played 10,000,000 (I counted the zeroes), so this match-three-endless-runner-rogue-like is new to me, but I’m super addicted so far. It’s a just a few bucks on Android, and a couple bucks more than that on Steam. If you’re looking for a quick timewaster, I suggest checking it out.

I also forgot to mention that my wife and I have been playing Twenty on iOS. Think Threes, but instead, you’re matching like-numbers and trying to build up to twenty, and there’s a time limit, and the screen fills up Tetris-style. It’s a quite a lot of fun… except my wife kicks ass at it, and won’t let me forget that she has hit 20 multiple times, and I’ve yet to hit it once. Hey, I’m building a boat over here instead!

Monday, 9:20 pm – Ricky

Thanks for saving the day Albert! I had a few days off work last week and of course, the work doesn’t go away.

I’ve been playing Fallout Shelter! Me me me! It’s pretty fun – I definitely played it pretty religiously over the first week or so, but now it’s more a once or twice per day check-in. I’m up to about 85 dwellers, and apparently, once you hit 100, there’s not much else to unlock. Maybe I’m just trying to savour the game until November…

In other mobile news, I’ve been play BOX BOY on my New Nintendo 3DS XL (seriously Nintendo: Hire someone else to name your stuff). It’s a fun little puzzle platformer that has a great gameplay mechanic. You are a box. You can “spawn” other boxes to help you navigate the level. You do this by placing boxes, or by “travelling” through the boxes you spawn. Tricky to explain, but a ton of fun to wrap your head around.

This month, IGN is covering No Man’s Sky as part of their “First” coverage. So far, they’ve got 18 minutes of gameplay up. After watching this and listening to IGN’s Podcast Beyond Episode 400, I’m sold. Basically, the guys on the podcast said to believe the hype, and since there is quite a lot of hype, I’m inclined to believe their belief.

Check out the video when you have 18 minutes to spare:

Monday, 8:17 pm – Albert

Haha! I saved today’s post 😉

This topic is really just because i’m bored with the current Android games i’m playing. Here’s what they are:

You Must Build a Boat – Fun tile matching game with an endless runner feel to it. If you’ve ever played 100000000 (i’m not even counting zeroes), you’ll know what this game is about. Build a boat, yo.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 – Sequel to the first Pen and Paper which was amazing. the +1 addition is honestly the best value game i’ve played on a phone. Funny, tons of gaming throwbacks (HL3 included), RPG elements up the wazoo and great and tactically combat. Would recommend 10/10. Pen and Paper 2… maybe like 7/10 since there is a lot of content to fill. It seems they put out an unfinished game.

The Ramen Sensei / Biz Builder Delux (Kairosoft) – Anyone who knows me, knows that Kairosoft is most likely my favorite game/app developer. 8-bit fun. Although, recently they have been experimenting with some FTP (which i’m not happy about). I mean, just let us buy the full game. Regardless, these games are addictive. Again, if you haven’t, start with Game Dev. Best game ever.

There is really only one mobile game I want to play at the moment and it is Fallout Shelter (apparently coming out next month to Android)

Besides Mobile, it’s been Far Cry 4 and Ronin. Both those games are great and entirely different.

FC4 is one of those games that gives you all the tools to be a psycho in the jungle and terrify your enemies. My favorite pass time has been to set mines up at alarms (in outposts) so when the massacre comes out and they run to get help they help themselves to a face full of mine. Hilarity ensues.

Ronin is Gunpoint/Invisible Inc + Violence / Turnbased combat. Get it? If not, it’s like $13.00. Well worth the money to play a platforming puzzler with a sword killing machine Ronin person. Vinnie from Giantbomb does a way better job of showing it. Check it out below.