Alright, let’s do this:

  • Biggest surprise from E3?
  • Game you’re most looking forward to in 2015?
  • Game you’re most looking forward to in the future?


Thursday, 1:41 pm – Albert

Looks like there are leaked Alpha testing for Star Wars Battlefront today!

ANYWAYS — I’m playing through Far Cry 4 at the moment. It is an amazing game which was recommended by Ricky during the Summer Steam Sale (which was lackluster this year for some reason). I had played a lot of Far Cry 3 and I got close to the end but somehow it lost it’s appeal right before I finished it. FC4, however, while a lot of the same, is just clicking for me. Maybe it is because it is an amazing iteration of the franchise, maybe because it’s because I swore off FPS(s) for a long time. I don’t know, i’m not a doctor…. BUT what I do know is that multiplayer is a blast. I had 30 mins with Ricky and it was fun taking over compounds with a buddy who can kill everyone on the other side of the compound while you stealthily kill one person.  Regardless, with the long weekend coming up, my goal is to finish this expansive game. Or give up and try something else. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, 6:23 pm – Albert

You should see Allison Road (PT inspired)… anyone who loves horror/mystery should definitely watch this. Or even if you don’t! I did. Now i’m scared.

Tuesday, 2:10 pm – Albert

Here’s the thing, it is a franchise that is known and loved but better. Now, this isn’t a COD situation where a new one comes out every year or an AC thing where one comes out every quarter. To give you a sense of what this means to me is like this: It would be like Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out in November.

A “modern” or “fictional” Battlefront game. Sure, this could be good. But it’s multiplayer. Multiplayer maybe has the shelf life of… 10 hours? Unless you’re Preezie who plays CS:Go solo and has fun with randoms in pubs, I just don’t see this being anything more than a snapshot experience.

Also, I would tailor expectations of No Man Sky. It sounds like it can do a lot but I really want to get more details before pinning medals. I’ve been hurt *sniff* so many times by games that I thought would be good but ended up being buggy, unplayable, or just downright unable to perform as expected. Also, every space game is ships, aliens, etc. Isn’t there a thing called Eve Online? Rodina? Starbound? Space Engineers? Proteus?

This message has come to you from a bias Fanboy and not a person who enjoys space games. The last time Ricky tried to (very excitedly) show me Gratuitous Space Battles I pretty much questioned his sexuality. Good times.

Update: Last of Us 2 is a thing! Awesome. Maybe there is hope that I buy a Ps4 after all!

Tuesday, 7:39 am – Ricky

Well, that escalated quickly… Fallout 4 sawks!

Sure, fine, Fallout 4 looks awesome. Yes, I will play Fallout 4, though maybe not this year. However, it wasn’t a surprise: We knew Bethesda was holding their own press conference for the first time ever just to show off their marquee title. I’ve also played Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but I’ve never played a modern Battlefront game. I’ve also never played a game like No Man’s Sky. I think there’s a natural level of excitement for franchises you know and love, but there’s an equal level of hype for new IP this year, which comes with an added sense of mystery. You know what a Fat Man is in Fallout 4. You have no idea what it’s like to pilot your star ship from orbit to atmosphere to solid ground, hop out and encounter an “alien species”.


Update: The Witcher 3 is awesome. I had to reinstall Windows on my SSD because I ran out of space on the partition I’d set-up, and the cached data from Witcher 3 was causing a quasi-crash. TL;DR computer gaming is complicated, but worth it.

Monday, 4:51 pm – Albert

I’ll go second:

  • Fallout 4. Who cares about outdated Shenmue? “Omg, it’s open world… you can work like a normal person…. ” How about a vast open wasteland with customization up the wazoo?
  • Fallout 4. Wow, Star Wars has lasers?? How about a Fat man which is a shoulder-mounted tactical nuclear catapult? If that doesn’t tickle your fancy how about full customizable plasma firearms, laser firearms, bullet firearms, melee weapons with the addition of fire, electric and cyro modifications?
  • Fallout 4. You got the universe, but what about customizable Power Armor? Also dog who can retrieve items. Also can create your own bases. Multiple bases as well as create caravan trade routes.

So in conclusion: yeah, can’t wait for X-com to come out…

Monday, 10:52 am – Ricky

I’ll go first:

  • Definitely the Shenmue 3 announcement. I feel like the Final Fantasy 7 remaster was only a matter of time – as soon as Square Enix released the “new version” on PC, they heard loud and clear that that’s not what fans wanted. Now, whether or not fans of either Shenmue or FF7 actually get what they want remains to be seen. Still, ride that tidal wave of nostalgia!
  • It’s a close call, but I think the extended gameplay views of Star Wars Battlefront (no matter how “scripted” they were) absolutely sold me on the game. Who are we kidding, I was already sold on the game. Pre-ordered on PS4 and will be there at midnight on November 18th.
  • It’s still No Man’s Sky. I love the idea of just having a universe at my fingertips, ready for me to explore for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I just hope this game comes out soon, because if it goes through ANOTHER E3, it might start to lose some interest.