It’s the most wonderful time of the year: E3 is just days away, and soon we’ll be enjoying all of the pageantry of the gaming industry’s premier conference. There are more conferences this year than I can ever recall seeing before, and all of the festivities will be conveniently live broadcast on YouTube for the first time ever.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Will we get a Deus Ex release date? Will it be 2015? We’ll almost certainly learn more about XCOM 2 and Star Wars Battlefront. Will Zelda U end up making a surprise appearance? Go wild with your imagination!

Friday, 1:32 pm – Albert

I was not even a little hyped by this game but this is one of my new favorite trailers. Troy kills it!

Thursday, 7:38 pm – Albert

Getting pumped! Watch the first episode of The Storyteller: FALLOUT

Thursday, 3:14 pm – Albert

PC Master Race but WordPress… amateur?

Still. Consoles. Psst.

Thursday, 3:12 pm – Ricky

Albert, one of the co-founders of this website, couldn’t figure out how to post this image for matt. Dark days are upon us: The Steam Summer Sale has begun!


There’s really nothing I want this sale, except for Witcher 3. Of course, there are things I’ll muse and hum and haw over, but hoping I can stay strong and just get the one thing.

Wednesday, 9:53 am – Gavin

Alas, those “leaked schedules” for Nintendo circa E3 are always fake.  They come out every year and it’s always obscene.  I still hold out hope though – a new Metroid would make me a happy camper.

Mario Maker is a Wii U title, not for 3DS.  Good, because it’s going to need the horsepower for some of the major levels that people are going to make!  I like the idea of it, though I probably won’t get into it myself.  I wonder if it’s required to actually play the levels that people create.

To that end for Skate, I’d love to see a new Amped snowboarding game.  I had Amped 2 for the original Xbox and it was a hoot, even though I’m not a snowboarder by any stretch.  They could do wonders with that on the Xbox One!

Tuesday, 4:09 pm – mat

my only objection is referring to E3 as “gamers Christmas”. Christmas is freaking Gamers Christmas, with so many titles aimed at the Q4 release date. I prefer to think of E3 as the pre-shopping newsletter informing us of all the neat things we will want to buy, just not right now.

Im not looking for much, mostly information on Zelda for the We-U and of course, any information pertaining to the whereabouts of the rotting corpse of skate.

Tuesday, 9:42 am – Ricky

I’m holding out hope that, because Square Enix has a pretty bare slate for 2015, they’re actually getting ready to quick-release Mankind Divided this year. We’re less than a week away from finding out!

That’s a pretty great wishlist, Gavin – I found a leaked schedule for Nintendo’s E3 digital presser (can’t find it right now – will look for it tonight), and I’m hoping it’s right because it does include Metroid and Zelda.

Also, I feel like Mario Maker will be the big, first party 3DS title you’re looking for. I’m sure we’ll hear a ton more about that, Star Fox, and Yoshi’s Woolly World, as these have all been announced.

I’m really just pulling for Mr. Caffeine to make a comeback.

Monday, 3:29 pm – Gavin

Almost certainly there won’t be a Deus Ex in 2015.  I have to keep myself tempered!  It was about 8 years between Invisible War and Human Revolution, so we should be prepared for a possible 2017 release date for DE:Mankind Divided.

I’ve spoken at length about how Red Dead didn’t really speak to me all that much, but I know that a lot of people loved it, Ricky included, so I hope that something gets said.  Fans of the game really do deserve it!

So, my official wishlist is the following, in absolutely no particular order:

  1. New Metroid title announced.  It’s a long shot and I know I’ve been requesting it every year since about 2010, but a man can dream.  Wii-U or 3DS, either would be great.
  2. Next 3D Mario title revealed.  Super Mario Universe just feels so obvious.  Possible, but not a guarantee as it’s been less than two years since 3D World.
  3. New Splinter Cell announced.  Not likely, considering Blacklist didn’t do too well.
  4. In-game footage from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  Confirmed.
  5. In-game footage from Zelda U.  Fairly likely.
  6. In-game footage from Mirror’s Edge 2.  Fairly likely.
  7. Mass Effect trilogy remastered announced for next-gen.  They’ve talked a bit about it, but there’s been no confirmation.  You never know!
  8. Mass Effect 4 officially revealed.  Fairly likely.
  9. A large, first-party 3DS title.  We haven’t really had one this year except for Majora’s Mask 3D, which is (obviously) a remake.  I wonder if they could mine the Wii’s catalogue for a good game to bring over, the way they did Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Just PLEASE NOT ANOTHER TURN-BASED RPG.

I started up OlliOlli for the 3DS this morning.  What a fun little challenge of a game!  Tony Hawk meets BIT.TRIP.RUNNER meets Guitar Hero.  I’m understandably terrible at it, having only made it through two levels on my subway ride in (I was going for all the points though).  There’s a lot to learn, especially considering I have no idea what anything other than an Ollie is in skateboarding, but it figures to be a good little time-waster on my daily commute.

Monday, 10:55 am – Ricky

I’m crossing my fingers that Rockstar shows up with Red Dead 2 at either Sony or Microsoft’s conference. It’s been 5 years since the original was released, which is about the time between GTA 4 (April 2008) and GTA 5 (September 2013). Last year, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said “It seems quite obvious that Red Dead is a permanent franchise.” I’m looking for an announcement this year at E3, and a release period no later than Spring 2016.