We’ve been doing Gamentary (in this style, anyway) for over three years, and these past two weeks were the first time we’ve ever missed a weekly posting. 

It’s cool, things happen: We’re adults. When you’re an adult, you do things other than play and think about video games all day (you just do it most of the day instead). We’ve talked about this here before. It’s OK to slip in to and out of a hobby or past time – sometimes you feel like reading books, sometimes you don’t; sometimes you feel like playing games, sometimes you don’t.

I’ve personally been on a wonderful vacation for a couple of weeks, and in that time, I “rediscovered” some of my gaming passion… by way of mobile games, of all things. Gaming is so different now than it was 15 or even 5 years ago. There’s something for everyone, and that makes it easy to slip back into that gaming bliss, even after a long-ish hiatus.

So, whatcha been playing?

Thursday, 9:13 am – Gavin

Well, I’ve finally finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut: Colon.  I started playing it at the beginning of April and just put the final period on it over the weekend.  Consensus: still brilliant, still my favourite game from 2011, but I did notice this time a sharp shift in my escalation towards the use of lethal force in the game.  As is the case with the original, I do my absolute best to be nonviolent towards the end of the game.  It’s a slow roll with lots of false starts and restarts, but it’s good.  Then, eventually, I just think “ah, one use of force won’t change the game”, but it adds up from there.  All of a sudden, I start programming turrets and robots to do some dirty work, and there’s just a field of dead bodies.

I eventually “reset” myself, and I always end the game with damn-near full ammunition because I don’t want to kill people if I don’t have to, but it’s interesting – I do like non-violent options in games, Splinter Cell being the best iteration of this, but I do head that way, even if the enemies don’t realistically deserve to die just by virtue of their existence.  Yes, responding with lethal force would be appropriate in the real world if someone opened fire on you, but this is a world where I have mechanical arms and a cranial implant to release pheromones to control conversations.  Hardly realistic.

Now it’s time for New Game+.  I was already a walking tank by the end of my last run, so starting fresh should provide for an interesting experience.  Ghost achievement, here I come!

I’ve picked up a bunch of stuff for the 3DS through the Humble Nintendo Bundle, which is good because I ran out of new stuff to play a long time ago, having replayed Ocarina of Time and now Link’s Awakening (for the third time).  OlliOlli is first up!

Wednesday, 11:06 am – Ricky

This is basically Albert’s favourite week of all time. Sorry, his favorite week of all time.

Tuesday, 7:07 pm – Albert

Wow, I have not contributed in a long time. This week’s topic is accurate in portraying the life of an adult (although i’m still in the process). Regardless, some of the best things are going to happen (or have happened). Namely, the announcement of X-com 2 which I am already calling GOTY material just because there is a trailer with a dude with a sword. Then of course there is this mysterious count down on Bethesda’s twitter that looks like Fallout 4 which is always a GOTY contender. I just hope that Fallout 4 isn’t a 2016 Winter release.

My god what a time to be alive. Nostalgia overload.

Monday, 12:04 pm – Ricky

While I was away, I thought it was only appropriate to finally play 80 Days, a great text-based, choose-your-own-adventure style game where you try to make it – you guessed it – around the world in 80 days. The world is Earth, but the setting is steampunk. The writing is absolutely fantastic, and I only JUST made it around the world on my first try (granted, there were a few “misclicks” that added a couple unnecessary days and trips). It’s available on every mobile and PC platform for just a few bucks. I suggest you give it a try!