May the 4th be with you!

4th! Get it!? May the FOURTH be w- ah nevermind, it’s Star Wars Day, just trust me.

Quick: What’s your favourite Star Wars game and why? If you’ve never played one before: 1) Are you living under a rock, and 2) Fine, what’s your favourite “space” game?

Wednesday, 10:40 am – Ricky

I feel like I wasn’t alone with liking Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – though Metacritic isn’t really supporting that theory.

There has definitely been a drought of great Star Wars games since Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 and the original Battlefront games. I’m really excited for what EA – in particular, DICE and Visceral – have planned for the franchise. I’d love to see another RPG à la KotOR, but I’ll be wholly satisfied with just one great licensed Star Wars game in any genre.

It’s taking every muscle in my body to resist preordering Battlefront – for starters, it’s $80 for the base version up here in Canadaland, and then I’m also not sure which system I want to play on (PS4 or PC). I have to think PC will look better, but I imagine I’d have more fun sitting back on my couch and playing this on PS4.

Great videos surfacing from GTA5 already – I need to get back to that game, but with work, family and vacation coming up, it’s looking more likely that I’ll just try to wrap up Dying Light in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 12:08 pm – matt

well I for one haven’t played a Star Wars game, I mean on my own from start to finish. I know I tried a podrace or two on the 64, and was force fed the same Star Wars game as Albert from Ricky, but I never picked one up to play on my own.

I can’t even really think of many space games I have played to be honest with you guys, Mass Effect, Destiny, does FF13 count? (no? ok…)

I really liked Blasto on the original playstation…

Monday, 5:41 pm – Albert

Dark Forces hands down. FPS-doom style shooting with killing storm troopers all daaayyy long.

But then again maybe it was Jedi Knight. I used to just force push people everywhere… and then sometimes reloading just for the sake of force pushing some more! WHO KNOWS?!

I’m looking forward to the new Star Wars Battlefront but the last Star Wars game I played was Force Unleashed with Ricky I think. He gave me the game and told me to play it saying it was pretty good. It wasn’t. He lied. The platforming in that game was super boring and the lead character … starkiller? (I’m clearly too lazy to do a simple Google Search) was just awful. Why is Randy Orton / Every Call of Duty protagonist now just a Jedi hunting but lightsaber wielding maniac?

ANYWAYS, off topic but have you guys seen any of the new GTA shorts on youtube? They are getting better and better.

Monday, 1:34 pm – Ricky

Late posting because I’m too busy reveling in Star Wars nerdiness. ALL THE NERDINESS!