Star Wars is kind of a big deal for me. I have a long-time love of the original trilogy and many of the games. The prequels probably should never have happened. Still, I’m ridiculously excited about new movies and games now that Disney has acquired the rights.

If you’re DICE, Volition, J.J. Abrams, or anyone else tasked with steering one of these new Star Wars properties, how do you manage to meet the expectations of fans who – like me – live and breath the IP and the universe that has been built over the course of almost 40 years? Can you even not screw it up a little? I mean, someone is going to hate you. But is it possible to take risks and put something out there that super-fans and regular fans will all love and enjoy? (Note: Apply this to any other beloved franchise if you like – Mario, Metroid, Zelda, etc.)

Thursday, 8:40 pm – Albert

Dungeons 2 is being released tomorrow and I have bought it simply because it is supposed to be as close to Dungeon Keeper as I can get these days (well without microtransactions). Am I crazy?! Well, check out this video below of their demo.

Tuesday, 3:02 pm – Albert

All new Star Wars games will never overcome the nostalgia effect of all the previous (i.e. 90’s games) like Rebel Assault, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, Jedi Academy, etc. I have not played anything else past those games that I have really enjoyed (MAYBE KOTOR) but even then. Face it, new Star Wars will always be like a new movie, they are “upgraded” in visual effects but will never hold up to the original. Something about the old movies had heart. The mind likes what it likes and the mind on the drug of nostalgia is even more stubborn.

Anyways, forget Star Wars and start playing GTA 5 on the PC. I’m finally playing online and it’s a blast! I have had some hilarious times with Ricky and fellow friend Ash. Everything from spending 1.5 hours on a single mission to hunting down fellow players on a server by camping out in front of an Ammunation and shoot up the joint. Good times. Although I am not really into playing the campaign since I already beat it on the PS3 two(ish) years ago. Oh well, onwards towards a helicopter to go along with my sweet bulletproof car and apartment!

Monday, 12:01 am – Ricky

Auto-post because it’s gonna be a busy week! I hate Star Wars but I pretend to like it to hold together my nerd-cred with my fellow Star Wars geeks whom I larp with! (see below). Huurr Duurr!