If you’re over 30, chances are there’s a place in your heart for Nintendo. They introduced a generation of kids to video games, and they continue to reinvent themselves, unlike some of their big competitors from yesteryears (**cough** SEGA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SONIC!? **cough**). 

This weekend, both matt and I picked up Wii U’s on a great deal in Canadaland from Walmart. I subsequently spent the better part of my gaming time this weekend playing Mario Kart 8. It. Was. Glorious. It’s one of those rare instances where I believe my console purchase was truly justified for a single gaming experience. I haven’t even tried Super Mario 3D World or Nintendoland, both of which also came with the system. 

Whether or not you have a Wii U, you can’t deny Nintendo’s charm. What’s your favourite first party Nintendo game of all time? BOOM BIG QUESTIONS!

Wednesday, 10:40 am – Gavin

Welcome to the winning team, folks!  That certainly was a pretty stellar deal.

Nintendo and Mario are inseparable to the point of the effectively being one and the same.  Nintendo is Mario, and Mario is Nintendo.  Nintendo’s imminent failure in the 1980s was averted by the smashing success that was Super Mario Brothers, and accordingly, we can effectively attribute the continued success of home consoles to a fat plumber in the mid-80s.

That said, anyone who has read this page knows that my favourite Nintendo game (and indeed favourite video game) is Super Metroid, for reasons that I have explained countless times but can effectively be summarized as “no waste, perfect tone and attitude, and perfect reveal of game depth”.

Despite all the fun I’ve had with Mario over the years, a Mario title doesn’t register on my top Nintendo games until #3, with Yoshi’s Island behind Zelda: A Link to the Past at #2.  What can I say?  1992 to 1995 was a good run of video game years.  After #3, it gets a little bit difficult to try to parse out which games go where, with Super Mario World, the Mario Galaxy games, Metroid Prime, Zelda: Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds, and Donkey Kong Country.  The top three are all that matter anyway – the rest of that list is interchangeable depending upon my mood.

I’m looking forward to four games in 2015, and two of them are decidedly Nintendo – Yoshi’s Woolly World and Zelda U, whatever the final title ends up being.  Despite the fact that I started playing video games on PC in the early 1990s first, I am a Nintendo player at heart, so I still get very excited for new Nintendo games.  I’m also curious to see what ends up happening with Splatoon, which looks like a very refreshing take on the shooter genre.

I’m at what I presume to be the final level of South Park: The Stick of Truth.  I’ve had plenty of good laughs with it, but now it’s time for it to wrap up.  It was immaculately polished and felt very much like an interactive South Park episode, which is a phenomenal compliment, but some of the jokes are wearing thin now.  I imagine there’s another hour for me, per How Long To Beat.  After this, I’m going back in time a bit and I’m going to replay Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I bought the Director’s Cut after it was released and I’ve been meaning to go back and play it.  I wanted to get a bit more use out of the Wii U for third-party games, so I picked up DEHRDC:Colon for the Wii U last week so that I could make use of the gamepad.  I’ve been told to expect poor loading times, but that the hacking and inventory mechanics make very good use of the gamepad, so here’s to hoping all goes well!

Monday, 1:20 pm – Matt

Ricky’s demonic video game buying overlord, I call him purchaselord has indeed infected me and my soon to be growing family can now claim a wii-u amongst our collection of consoles. The particular deal was so good walmart may have pulled the bundle due to it being too awesome.

As I am expecting a newborn child, the fear of that child turning into a desensitized bastard of a kid who loves violence and sexually explicit material due to me playing GTA is a very real problem, so I’m extremely happy with the depiction, as is my girlfriend who loves playing her some Nintendo.

It easy to claim Mari as the greatest Nintendo franchise, but the first the thing that came to mind when I bought the Wii-U was Zelda. The Legend Of Zelda games are certainly some of the most important games in the medium’s history (I feel along with the underappreciated Metroid series) – with countless games drawing inspirations for the adventure series.

Without a doubt it’s Zelda for me.

Monday, 10:58 am – Ricky