The latest shooter from EA, Battlefield Hardline, comes out this week. Anyone remember Battlefield 4? Anyone remember trying to connect to multiplayer on day 1, week 1, or month 1 of Battlefield 4. Probably not, because it didn’t work (for me, at least) at all. 

So what’s the lesson? Games ship broken these days. They’re big budget, and very complex, so they need to get pushed out quickly to make some money and sometimes that means fixing things later. Who pays for this approach? Gamers, but particularly early adopters (i.e. those who pre-order). They bear the full burden of 1) a broken game and 2) enabling and encouraging this approach with publishers by encouraging them with pre-orders.

So, why do we continue to pre-order games? Crazier still, why do we purchase games before they’re even finished (early access on Steam, for example)? Consider this the “royal we” as gamers, not any one particular person on this site… like me…

Friday, 10:35 am – matt


I’m sure we’ll more to say after taking the weekend to digest Nintendo’s startling news that they will be entering the mobile game market after years of resisting.

and Wii-U’s… many Wii-U’s

Monday, 3:16 pm – Ricky

Coming up for breath and for a post!