Alright, confession time: I am the one holding back our Game of the Year awards. I haven’t had a chance to post them to the site yet, but will definitely more time for this tomorrow.

Instead of throwing fruit and controllers at me, why don’t you take a look in the mirror! Check out this handy tool – Steam Left – that tells you how long it could take you to complete every game in your Steam library.

3,622 continuous hours.

This was the cold, hard dose of reality I needed to help me realize I will never, ever complete my backlog. Ever.

Tuesday, The Future – Albert

Hello Peeps! It is Wednesday for me but still Tuesday for you! Tuuuuuuesssdaaaaaaaaaay.

I totally got Ricky my list a day late and I felt bad but I suppose I was still early. I am definitely interested in everyone else’s 2014 GOTY as well. I feel like I might have given more weight to games that I was currently playing because that was still fresh in my mind. It is sort of like the Oscar voting conundrum. You want to bomb a movie? Just move it to January. Of course, a lot of us here at Gamentary play games when we have a chance so it is not like release dates are super important. I know Gavin is playing Nintendo games… that’s like… 1990 stuff… (OH SNAP SICK BURN ALBERT)

To answer matt‘s question about how many late year games did I buy… that’s a great question. I can’t really answer that because I bought around 50 games during the Christmas Steam sale… some 2014 releases, some earlier. I definitely went overboard and got gifted some (Yes Ricky, Farming Simulator 2014 was a gift!) so there are a lot to sort through.

Notable games that I have been playing recently are: This War of Mine and Xenonauts. Both are amazing games and I cannot get enough of either. I will probably post more about them when I have more time but needless to say they are worth your time and monies. Watch an LP at least!

As for the topic this week — I don’t have as many games as Ricky and I think I might have more games than Gavin… so I’m in between 3,622 – 702 hours of gaming time according to the calculator. That’s awesome. I need more games.

Monday, 3:26 pm – Gavin

That’s a pretty good point, matt.  Even if you bought relatively few games, it’s a busy time of the year for everyone.  How many of us had all the time to play games that we actually wanted over the holidays?  I wonder if GOTY FY is more appropriate, considering that January/February is often a dead zone for new releases.

The explanation I heard re not including an AC adapter is that a) AC adapters cost very little and the one-time inconvenience of getting one if you don’t already have it is worth it in terms of reducing the size of the box, and thus reducing paper, labour, and shipping costs (nobody is going to choose not to buy the system just because it doesn’t include the power adapter) and b) a substantial portion of the New 3DS market is people who already have a 3DS, which means they’ve already got a way to charge it.  Why have two?

Strange that they wouldn’t include MM in the MM3DS bundle.  It is included in the European bundle, but not this one.  I’m at a loss for the logic there.  The system looks nice, I suppose, but I’ll leave it to the collectors.  I’m on mega Zelda-fatigue anyway.  I never played MM when it came out, so it’s one of the big ones I haven’t touched (along with Twilight Princess), but I need a breather from the series.

I don’t have much investment in the Amiibo system, so I’m pretty ambivalent about their limitations – all I know is that it’s NFC, not USB, so there’s a very small amount of data on each.  I didn’t know until recently that Activision originally offered Nintendo a piece of the Skylanders pie. one of Activision’s most successful properties.  I guess they saw that that was just a gigantic money factory, and jumped on that train.  Good for them, I guess.  2014 was a hell of a year for Nintendo, with year-over-year hardware and software sales increases of 30% and 75% respectively, not to mention the Amiibo money factory – they sold twice as many Amiibo figurines as they did copies of Super Smash Brothers.  Had Nintendo gotten in with Skylanders first though, they would have had years of this kind of money.

If Nintendo ever acquired the rights to, and released Amiibos for the characters from Illusion of Gaia, I’d be lining up to buy that.

Monday, 1:35 pm – matt

Howdy! I can’t believe Ricky still hasn’t posted the game awards! Force us to follow your schedule and hand them in on time, only for you to flake and not post anything… what if I had an option for Game of the Year but needed a few extra days to play with it? Now that game gets lost in the backlog of 2015.

Speaking of which, how many late in the year games did you buy but not have enough time to play through before the end of the year? With the glut of releases aimed towards the end of the year, should we consider changing from a calendar year to give us better time to actually play the games?

Nintendo Direct did little to move my opinion of where the company is headed. The negative takeaways from Nintendo Direct:

The new 3DS doesn’t come with a way to charge the device, forcing gamers to buy an A/C adaptor separately. Also the much hyped Zelda 3DS also doesn’t have Zelda included, which is kind of odd – must “themed” bundles usually have the game included.

The amiibo cash cow cant support multiple games, forcing Nintendo users to either wipe the data from the action figure or buy more figures. I think a direct quote was “MORE! MORE! MORE!” – miyamoto*
*Quote made be made up.

Monday, 9:17 am – Gavin

I checked in at 702 hours, but I’m going to point out a flaw with that calculator right away.  It doesn’t appear to account for games that don’t really have an ending.  I have Civilization V, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Insurgency, Garry’s Mod, Natural Selection 2, Train Motherf***ing Simulator, Universe Sandbox, and plenty of other games that don’t have a defined end point.  Maybe my 702 hours should be considerably less or considerably more.

I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with for their games of the year for 2014.  It was an interesting year, certainly filled with fewer blockbusters than 2013, but plenty of interesting games nonetheless.  My game of the year certainly makes sense to me now, but if you’d told me when it was announced that it would be, I would genuinely be surprised.

I’m still plodding along through Bioshock, working my way through Fort Frolic.  My opinion hasn’t particularly changed – plenty of very interesting moments, lots of tension, a narrative that is unfolding in a more interesting fashion than the first three or four hours, that sort of thing.  It’s got a ways to go to crack my top list of 2007 considering Mario Galaxy, Portal, Mass Effect, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but I’m sure the game has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct media event last Wednesday to announce more information about the new 3DS, including release dates.  They announced the release of the Majora’s Mask 3DS bundle, which sold out in -4 minutes, because of course it did.  As is custom, the scammers and scalpers ordered everything they could to gouge people on resale.  However, in an interesting move, both Gamestop and Best Buy US canceled a pile of pre-orders where customers had ordered more than two.  It’s a wonderful, consumer-friendly move.  I won’t get one, because I haven’t come across the game that I need to own that requires the new 3DS.  However, I will say that vision-tracking 3D is a total game-changer.  The main gimmick of the 3DS is, of course, the 3D component.  However, it can be difficult to get a proper vantage point of the system such that the 3D works smoothly and fluidly.  When it works, it works really well, but I often play it with it off as it can be very visually exhausting.  Vision-tracking 3D is a phenomenal idea – no longer requiring that don’t-move-a-muscle sweet spot is enough to make me seriously consider if I want to buy one.

Monday, 9:12 am – Ricky

We played lots of board games this weekend and ate pizza. It was awesome.