In 2013, I did the Backlog Challenge, where I tried to limit myself to purchasing only 3 new games all year and committed to playing games that I already owned. Spoiler: I did it, but not exactly the way I thought I would. Friends and family gifted me new games, I received copies of big AAA titles thanks to a Steam pass, and I even won some contests to boot. 

2014 was business as usual – buying many games, playing fewer than I bought. What does 2015 hold? A balance of the two approaches, I hope. I think I’ll borrow some of the goal-setting from 2013, but also some of the flexibility of 2014 to find a nice hybrid in 2015.

What are your new years plans?

Tuesday, 9:16 am – Gavin

I’m back after a couple of weeks off!  2012 and 2013 were years of playing new games, wherein I got caught up on a lot of the games I’d missed over the years.  I suppose that would be “business as usual”.  I should mention that I only got an effective gaming PC at the end of December 2011, so I had a few years of major titles to catch up on, and quite a few large and/or significant games in that pile.  Add in the purchase of a Wii U, and I had a lot of opportunities for new games.

2014 was a year of clearing out my backlog of games I’d purchased or been gifted over the years, and I more or less did accomplish that.  I wrote quite a few posts about this at the beginning of last year with my goals, and I did get through everything that I wanted to as a primary goal.  Secondary gaming goals included me tackling some of the games I’d been gifted randomly, including Metro 2033 and Darksiders as part of the THQ Humble Bundle, but I didn’t get to those.  I didn’t buy them either, so I don’t feel all that badly about them.

2014 was the year that I knocked off some major series and titles such as Bioshock Infinite, the Mass Effect trilogy, Ocarina of Time 3D, etc.  I’m pleased that I got through everything, but I must admit that while it was freeing, it felt like I was unloading a burden rather than actually enjoying myself.  That’s not to say that I didn’t; just that it felt like a chore at times.  I’m glad that I slogged through everything because I did have fun, but the Mass Effect trilogy occupied 130ish hours of my life, and it was a cloud over the rest of my gaming until I had finished with it.  To that end, I only played three titles released in 2014, and one of them was over this past weekend, so technically in 2015.

So, what does 2015 hold?  The year I bring it back to playing games for fun, not as an obligation.  I started off 2015 by starting and finishing Half-Life 2.  It’s amazing how much of that game I didn’t remember, especially considering I’ve only played it once, and that was exactly three years ago (according to Steam, it looks like this was the first game I played on the new computer).  I then decided that I hate not crying, so I played A Bird Story, one of the three 2014 games I’ve managed to knock off.  Another winner from Freebird Games, but it is definitely another visual novel more than a conventional game.

I want to have my slate clear by the time that Zelda U comes out, so I’ll be minimizing my purchasing this year and just playing what I already have for fun.  I’m currently playing Bioshock, another of my “missed gems”.  I’m enjoying it, but I get the feeling that I would have enjoyed this a lot more in 2007.  A lot of the surprises that Bioshock had have already been revealed to me in other narrative shooters, most notably Bioshock Infinite.  I can imagine that this was pretty groundbreaking in 2007, but so far (two hours in), I’m just seeing a different version of the game I’ve already played.  That’s not a bad thing, but the “shiny new” factor has already worn off, unless there’s some amazing stuff coming that Bioshock Infinite didn’t do.

Other than that, I’ll just replay some of what I’ve already got, as much of what I own has phenomenal replay value.  I’ve got Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker loaded up in the Wii U and it is a joyful, happy little game.  Not going to break any sales records or anything, but I’m in love with it.  Beyond that, Ricky kindly gifted me The Talos Principle, which I’ve heard nothing but good press about, so I’ll be getting to that as well.

2015 is the year of fun and doing things because I want to do them, not because I feel I have to.

Monday 12:01 am – Ricky

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