I always think back to my youth during the holidays: Unwrapping that one awesome present, no school for  few weeks, plenty of time to play video games and not worry about anything.

Now, I would never go back to those days – life is good in your 30s and technology in particular has never been better. That said, I really wish I had this week off to just dive head first into some video games. Instead, I’m in a relatively quiet office, ecstatic that I finally have time to work on a business proposal that’s been sitting on the corner of my desk for most of the year. Oh adulthood, you so crazy.

Want to share some holiday memories, or your plans for this holiday season? Go for it. I expect it’ll be pretty quiet around here, too, so consider this a free for all!

Thursday, 11:18 am – Ricky

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all enjoy the day!

Tuesday, 11:17 am – Ricky

See? Quiet. Peace and quiet.

And yet, busy. So very busy.

Also, Steam sales. So very steamy. Albert has been the most active of us all, and will certainly run away with the coveted “Spent the Most on Icons in the Holiday Sale” award at the end of the year.

Bert, Agricultural Simulator 2013?  Seriously? That’s so last year.

Monday, 9:18 am – Ricky

I got into the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha, and I still haven’t played it. I plan to fix this during the holidays. Also, Albert gifted me a copy of Prison Architect during the Steam sale, so I’ll probably see what it’s like if I just “forget” to put bars on my cells in the maximum security wing.