So, I got into a car accident on Friday night. It was my first “real” accident – I’ve nudged into the back on someone once before in stop & go traffic, but the damage was next to nothing. This was a real accident where my car is in pretty rough shape. No, it wasn’t my fault, but of course, you always run through the “what ifs”… Still, I’ve been driving all weekend since the accident, and seem to mentally be cool with it.

That said, I’m looking forward to getting into The Crew on Tuesday for arcade driving fun. You know, crashing and cruising without any real-world repercussions. Driving games have always been a great release for me, and I’ve always had a fun time with at least 1 driving game each generation. Last gen, it was Forza Horizon, but really hoping it’s The Crew as the early favourite this gen.

What are some great sim or arcade driving games from years gone by that you’d still recommend today?

Friday, 9:16 am – Ricky

Yeah, so, I really like The Crew. It’s a huge game – massive, multiplayer and online. Yup: MMO. This is a game where your car is your character – you use it to complete quests, get loot, level it up and do bigger quests for better loot. I played with Friend of the Site® Degenetron and matt last night, doing some of the opening missions, then driving all the way from Detroit to Miami. It’s not just a long highway – I made a stop in Washington, there were small towns, and after a pit stop in Daytona, we landed in Miami.

Where I immediately teleported back to Detroit and did a crazy chase mission with an off-road Porshe.

Yeah, this game is huge, and it has a little bit of something for everyone. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface in my first few hours. I don’t know where the game is going with its story, but I don’t really car. The story is just there to fuel (HA!) the awesome main missions. The side quests and EVERYWHERE, and will probably take up the biggest chunk of my time in the game, along with just cruising from city-to-city. If you have the urge for a new racing game on your new console this holiday season, I’d recommend taking a peek at The Crew.

Thursday, 3:22 pm – Ricky

I think that’s what I love about racing games: There is one out there for every type of gamer. If you want to get super into simulations, there’s iRacing with head tracking tech. If you want to get super goofy, there’s Burnout. If you want to just have an open world to drive in, there’s stuff for you too, like GTA or even Twisted Metal. Driving games usually offer tons of options for your view, your vehicle, your driving mechanics, you name it.

I’m still looking forward to playing The Crew – just haven’t had a chance to pop it in so far this week. I’d love a game that creates more time in the day. Someone get on that, please.

Thursday, 10:33 am – Gavin

Bummer about the traffic accident.  Hopefully all is well.

I’m generally not much of a racing fan beyond Mario Kart.  That is to say, I enjoy it, but I rarely actively seek it out.  I can probably list all of the racing games that I’ve played, which means that I haven’t played that many.  I was never much one for the realistic driving simulators, so games like Forza, GRID, Gran Turismo, F1, etc never really appealed to me.  I needed the goofiness factor, something that wasn’t taking itself seriously at all; hence, Mario Kart.

I know that a lot of people didn’t like it, but I did like the driving in Grand Theft Auto 1 and 4 (didn’t care for 2, didn’t play 3, VC, or SA).  My sole goal in those games was to get the police as angry with me as possible and for me to evade them for as long as possible without killing people.  The graphics and speed of GTA 1 made that difficult, but it was more refined by 4.

The realest racing games that I liked were Top Gear 2 for the SNES, Need for Speed for PC, and to lesser extents vis-à-vis realism, Motocross Madness and Midtown Madness 2.  Motocross Madness was simultaneously mayhem and serenity.  The environments were barren arenas set ostensibly in “deserts” or in “grasslands”, but they were just bump terrains with different skins.  The sound of the engines was so pacifying in its cacophony.  It would get tense near the end of each race, but you’d just be cruising, enjoying taking jumps, recovering from spills, etc.  Midtown Madness tried to emulate the physics of real life, but was mostly just about bombing cars around urban environments with no consequences beyond restarting.

Monday, 12:01 am – Ricky

Posting this on auto-pilot as I’ll be at the body shop early. Video games are must better for this shit – you can just hit a wrench or “pull into your garage” and your ride gets fixed up. Freaking real life.