I’m not really one for scary games, but ’tis the season! We’ve had some pretty good releases this year if you’re into scares: The Forest, P.T. and Alien Isolation all come to mind. If you’re still looking to play something this Halloween and are not into soiling yourself, consider Costume Quest 2 as a scare-free way to celebrate.

Spooky or not spooky? That is the question.

Tuesday, 2:13 pm – Gavin

GOG pulls through in the clutch!  Nice to see the classics get some respect.

I have discovered my own personal hell – it is trying to find all of the collectibles in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.  I’m amazed at how incredibly difficult this is.  Even simply progressing through the levels, which is typically babytown frolics for Nintendo’s platformers, is much harder in this one than I expected.  Lots of forced-scroll levels, which makes things much more panic-inducing, and makes gathering the collectibles very difficult – one shot at it or you’re toast.

I am slowly running out of care for Wind Waker HD.  It has all the trappings to be fun, but something about it just isn’t grabbing me the way I wanted it to.  I can’t put my finger on it – all of the ingredients are generally enjoyable, but it’s just failing to click.  I think I need some disposable gaming for a bit, some stuff I’ve already played that I enjoy.  Maybe more Super Mario 3D World, or perhaps going back a bit further to Galaxy 2.  I’m looking forward to the first installment of the Mario Kart 8 DLC, which is set to drop in a couple of weeks.  One of the tracks they’re releasing is an Excitebike-themed track with randomized jumps and item-drops, and remastered music!

Tuesday, 11:17 am – Ricky

You know what’s spooky? That my mind was read. It freaks me out.

Every time someone asks what games I’d like to see rereleased, I say “X-Wing and Tie Fighter”, from ’94 and ’98 respectively. I answer the same thing when asked what games I’d like to see remade, but baby steps.

Good Old Games is my hero today:


Monday, 7:39 am – Ricky

The Extra Life marathon this weekend was a complete success! A big thank you to everyone who came out and donated in support of SickKids and other Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.