Time for kids to head back to school and parents to work, with only memories of a Labour day weekend to keep us going through the paces. It’s an ironic time as we enter a major push with no foreseeable breaks or vacations, yet Labour Day typically signifies the unofficial start of Blockbuster AAA game releases, starting with Destiny in, ohhh, about a week now…

Thursday, 8:54 pm – Albert

Hey everybody! Reporting in late this week with Ricky visiting. Not much gaming has been had but we did play some Nidhogg. That game is hilarious. While it has simple gameplay and graphics, it definitely kept Ricky and I entertained for a while. It took a bit of learning on my part before I was able to fight back against Ricky. I definitely could see that becoming a great game to play local co-op. I have to admit though that after a while the “fencing” sort of stopped and the all out jump kick run away tactics came into play.

With the topic being about AAA blockbusters, i’m really excited for Dead Rising 3 which is coming to PC tomorrow. I have been waiting to play it for a while and almost…. ALMOST bought an Xbone just to play it. What can I say? I love dead rising. The campy zombie beat em up is just appealing to me for mindless fun. I have played through all the Dead Risings and I shall always play them. There is just something so comical about doing silly things to zombies. I used to just sit for hours throwing records are zombies or just putting cones on all the zombie heads… Good times. I’ll report in and tell you how the PC port is doing! But if you don’t hear from me, that’s probably a good sign 🙂

I’m deadly misinformed about a lot around the topic of Tropes v. Women and the topics around that discussion so I can’t really say much other than… C’mon. Let’s be adults and be nice to each other. It can’t be that hard? Can it?

Thursday, 2:52 pm – Gavin

Labour Day just brings me closer to November, which is when the Mario Kart 8 DLC lands.  Nintendo lags behind in a lot of things, but when they do things right, they do them really really right.  The MK8 DLC is an example of them realizing that they should probably join the 21st century.  $12 for 16 new tracks, 6 new playable characters, a few new vehicles, and some skins for existing characters.  That’s like half the amount of content for vanilla MK8 right there, for $12.  That’s an insane deal that will definitely keep people in the MK8 universe well past the release date of Super Smash Brothers U, which admittedly has zero appeal to me.

I finished up with season 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and it really ended well.  I complained a lot about it as I was playing it, and perhaps that’s more an issue with playing things episodically rather than all at once.  I replayed the series before episode 5 landed, and I don’t know if I had just come to terms with my complaints, but I enjoyed it a lot more.  The narrative finished incredibly strongly, there were a lot of twists, and a few times where I felt palpable discomfort with the decisions I had to make.  It’s not as strong as season 1, simply by virtue of the incredible relationship they developed between Lee and Clementine, but I felt satisfaction (if we can even use that term considering the story) with how it ended, and that’s good enough for me.  I look forward to season 3 when it comes out, most likely in 2015.

I’m also still firing through Mass Effect 3 and Ocarina of Time 3DS.

Anyway, it’s been a nasty couple of weeks in the gaming community with the issues regarding Zoe Quinn (it’s difficult to find a factual, impartial summary of exactly what happened, but almost all of it is irrelevant to the topic that many gamers wished to discuss) and with the release of another Tropes vs Women in Video Games video from Feminist Frequency founder Anita Sarkeesian.  At the risk of turning this website into my own personal opinion column, I’ll just say that it’s been incredibly toxic to be online the past few weeks, as Quinn and Sarkeesian have had death threats and rape threats lobbed their way (Sarkeesian has had this for years now) in a particularly vicious manner, and with the conversation being branded “GamerGate”, as many people sought to uncover a massive conspiracy regarding journalists and developers.  If it sounds like I’m barely holding my tongue regarding these misogynistic conspiracy theorists, it’s because I very much am barely holding it back.

I’ve tried my hardest to stay out of it, not because I don’t think there’s a valid conversation to have, but because it’s impossible to hold said valid conversation given the attitudes of plenty of people in the community.  The conversation devolved to insults, brutal misogyny, and developer/journalist harassment.  Coming to the defence of Quinn or Sarkeesian or any of the journalists in question immediately landed you the title of “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior) or “white knight” (as if the only reason anyone would ever take a woman’s side is so that she would have sex with you).

Idle Thumbs recently devoted a good chunk of time to discussing this matter, and they covered it extremely well. The first 30 minutes of their recent podcast, “Ridonkulous Rift” really nailed it:  https://soundcloud.com/idlethumbspodcast/idle-thumbs-173-ridonkulous-rift

And as for Anita Sarkeesian, here’s her most recent video that got a lot of people angry enough with her to send her death and rape threats:

I don’t agree with everything, but I believe that she makes some very salient points in this video.

Tuesday, 10:00 am – matt

With Ricky off in dream land, it’s up to someone to step up and make a new post. I suppose that someone is me. I “played” the Silent Hill demo P.T. which was equal parts infuriating and startling good. I was really hoping to finish Infamous for trade bait to get Destiny Day 1 without having to kill my bank account, but we’ll have to see if I can find the time, what with work and all and a Labour Day spent babysitting my older brother. (yes – older)