The herald of the Fall games season is nearly here: Madden 15 releases on Tuesday, which means that for the next 3 months, we get treated to near-weekly AAA releases. 

I find it crazy to think that this is the first full Fall season for the new consoles. I’m super excited for Destiny, which will release on September 9th, The Crew on November 11th and LittleBigPlanet 3 on November 18th (I hope – still very little info coming out on this one…). I’ll also get my hands on Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity, so I’ll have no shortage of things to try out. What will stick is a different question!

What are you looking forward to this Fall season? It doesn’t have to be new game releases – it could be Halloween, trees changing colours or the fact that Winter is right around the corner (don’t pick this one).

Wednesday, 10:38 am – Gavin

I’m desperately looking forward to the fact that winter is right around the corner.  DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

None of the AAA titles in the upcoming schedule are really tickling my testicles.  The Talking Dead S2E5 is probably my most anticipated title of the year, and that just dropped yesterday to very positive reviews, so I’m looking forward to finishing that one off.  There are lots of hot titles coming out, but nothing that’s really gripping me, especially considering I don’t own a PS4 or Xbox One, and I have no desire to acquire one.

Hyrule Warriors, coming in late September, is probably the most intriguing to me, but even then, I acknowledge that it’s just because of the IP and not because of the gameplay in particular.  I’ve never much been one for the Dynasty Warriors/Devil May Cry/Bayonetta style of gaming, but I’m intrigued to see how this works as a crossover.

Speaking of which, Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 8 DLC drops in November, with a few new playable characters from non-Mario universes such as Zelda (we get Link), Animal Crossing (we get Villager), eight new tracks (that is, a mix of new and remastered) and new vehicles (or possibly new vehicle, singular – I haven’t found proper confirmation).  A second DLC pack will be released in May 2015.  Eight new tracks represents 1/4 of the game play, so I’m prepared to pay up to 1/4 of the purchase price for the DLC.  Apparently the pricing for the two packs together is $20.  Combine that with the effective spacing of the DLC and Nintendo may have found a way to seriously prolong interest in the game.  Could this be Nintendo finally embracing the gaming world of 2008?

I’m waiting for The Long Dark to drop – you may recall that I kickstarted that last year.  The alpha sandbox has been out for a while, and it hits Steam early access in September, but I don’t want to play an unfinished title.  I’ll wait until they work out all the bugs and I’ll play it when it’s officially released, whenever that may be.  I have enough to keep me going for now.

Monday, 7:53 am – Ricky

I was considering picking up Madden 15 tomorrow. The last Madden I bought was 2011, so it’s been a while, and I’m sure the series will have some surprises for me. Still, I won’t have a chance to play it before Destiny drops, and I know I’ll want to play that when I can. Also, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead Season 2 will be out on Tuesday, and I’ll definitely need to get that played ASAP. So, no Madden for now, but perhaps Madden for later.