It’s been a pretty rotten week weather-wise here in Toronto. It’s cold, mostly, but also rainy and cloudly and gloomy and I don’t like it. Cali has also been in the middle of a drought, so things aren’t much better for our West coast correspondent.

Having (finally) finished The Last of Us, I thought we could talk about good “end of days” games to help cheer ourselves up! I’m really itching for a new Fallout game, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to wander a new American wasteland. 

What doomsday games have you been playing lately, or which ones are you itching to play?

Wednesday, 7:36 am – Ricky

“Doomsday” used to be mostly about stopping doomsday from arriving, but you’re right Gavin: These days, it can go either way, before or after the apocalypse. Or, in the case of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, during! It’s insane to think that that trailer that Gavin posted is from one year ago to the day, from the 2013 Gamescom conference, and all we have seen since then is this trailer from E3 2014.

I know it takes a long time to make a game, and I know that thechineseroom is made up of a small team, but considering this has Sony Santa Monica money behind it and is a PS4 exclusive, I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about this game. I’m definitely looking forward to it – atmospheric open world exploration games are right up my alley. I enjoyed Dear Esther (also from thechineseroom), and recently got into Proteus. I’m really looking forward to The Witness and No Man’s Sky on PS4 as well. Both are looking to have a great atmosphere and are all about exploring and discovering the world(s).

Tueday, 2:46 pm – Gavin

Well, Mass Effect 3 is pretty doomsday-ish, but I’ve talked enough about that one to that it’s not worth bringing up again until I do something cool.

Same thing with The Walking Dead, Season 2.  Various bits and pieces of Twitter chatter suggest that the final episode is just about ready, so we could maybe expect a trailer the first week of September, for a mid-September release.  Here’s to hoping, anyway!

Most of the games in my inventory seem to pertain to stopping the events that would lead to the apocalypse, not what happens after the apocalypse.  I suppose Gears of War 3 would be pretty doomsdayish, all things considered, but I haven’t played that in years.  I lent it out to former site contributor Preezie a while ago, and it hasn’t been seen since.

Speaking of pre-apocalypse, one title I’m really looking forward to seeing is Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.  I have no idea if it’s apocalyptic or anything; I’m just assuming so based on the title.  It’s done by thechineseroom and Sony Computer Entertainment, so in my current setup, I won’t be able to play it, but perhaps Ricky can be convinced to acquire it if it ends up being something he might like.  They released an announcement trailer a while back that is short on details and tall on intrigue, so let’s see if that amounts to anything substantial.

Monday, 7:43 am – Ricky

Next week: Sunshine and rainbows!