The Summer Steam sale offers us many deals on games we will likely never have time for. Fine, we accept this as fact. However, Steam sales also offer us the opportunity to take part in a “meta game” – as with recent sales, the Summer 2014 sale uses the collectable cards from games to power it’s “game”. 

So, to recap: Play games, get cards. You’ll need more cards to make a badge – buy or trade to get additional cards. You’re part of a team – get points for each badge you craft. The best team at the end of each day gets a reward (an extra card) and 30 team members get free games.

It’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s addictive collecting cards, trading for ones you’re missing, getting booster packs for badges you’ve already crafted, etc. Now I just need the time to play the games to get the cards…

Friday, 5:38 pm – Albert

It’s a PC gamer kinda thing Matt!

Ya crazy console playing guy.

Red Team wins AGAIN. Can you believe it?

It’s the weekend which means my chances of playing a video game go up by 20%! Seriously though, Assassins’ Creed Black Flag. Starting it. And playing it. Also the 100+s of multiplayer games that I have bought/generously given must be played. At least one. AT LEAST one.

Check this mobile game out: Notorious Inc — it’s like Dope Wars, Comedy with Evil Genius vibe.

Thursday, 2:13 pm – matt

what the hell is going on here?

Thursday, 8:58 am – Ricky


Team Red has won 2 of the days already, and we’re on our way to our 3rd (2nd consecutive!) win today. I’ve been crafting summer badges like it’s going out of style, gifting games like crazy and getting awesome gifts from super generous folks. Steam sales are magical.

That UFC game doesn’t seem super magical, but I like that they put the disclaimer at the beginning of the video. I really haven’t heard much about the game OTHER THAN the glitches, so it was nice to have a frame of reference for that video: The game is good, but this shit is funny, so here you go.


Wednesday, 6:14 pm – Albert

It’s TIMMMEEEEEEE — 3 minutes of EA UFC Glitches.

Tuesday, 4:30 pm – Albert

I want all the cards! MUAHAHAHA! I’m surprised that we aren’t all taking the collecting of cards as seriously but i’m enjoying it. I’m going to be a master badge crafter.

Awesome 3Ds! I can’t believe I don’t have some type of portable gaming system since I commute 2.5 hours everyday. It’s quite weird. I’ve become one of the smartphone casuals. Fkn casuals!!

I have waayy too many games to play like Gone Home and I believe it was from a very generous friend 🙂 Someday. But for now — onward to sales.

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition is out today on steam sale and I was like “Y’know I should get it and see what I missed long ago.” But alas, “You already have this game” was presented to me. I need help.

Tuesday, 10:56 am – Gavin

Man, I’m just wasting away at level 6.  Who wants my trading cards?  I’m sure as heck not going to use them.

It’s been a good week for picking up some of my favourite titles on sale for gifting purposes.  In addition to DE:HR:DC:C and MECFME&ME2DDE, I also grabbed Spec Ops: The Line for $6 (80% off) and Gone Home for $3 (85% off).  I can’t not gift those games at those prices.  I respect them too much as storytelling devices.

I played around with my 3DS and loaded up Nintendo Video, a video player that lets you download short clips from their servers, entirely in 3D.  So far, I’ve had just a couple of little claymation clips, about 45 seconds to a minute each, but they’re a fun little diversion.  Not the fastest download, but I wonder how big a 3D video clip actually is. I’ve been using the 3DS a little less over the last two weeks as I get caught up on my outstanding podcasts, but I officially reached the end this morning, so I look forward to getting started on Ocarina of Time 3D on the train home tonight.

Monday, 7:43 pm – Albert

Damn Gavin, that is a cool little easter egg.

I can imagine why Ricky chose this particular topic since him and I have been going crazy into the meta game that is Steam. A game about a gaming platform that allows you to play games.

I am definitely a padawan to Ricky’s Obi-like knowledge but i’m starting to get into it. Whenever I played a game I noticed I was getting these cards. I would be like “OH WOW! WHATS IN MY INVENTORY…oh a card.” Pretty much just kept them there. I just noticed that playing the game gives you around 3 cards and that’s it. No point of even PLAYING the game anymore if you’re not getting any cards. Am I right? Who cares about the game game, i’m talking about the card collecting game. That’s where the money is. Literally. I’ve been buying little $0.15 cards to round out my collections to create badges. Why you might ask? I guess its for the chance to get 3 free wishlist games (of which I have lots in there), but more importantly it’s just to satisfy my crazy desire to level up my profile. Yay! I’m Albert, the level 16 Steam Gamer. Look at me with my +1 to Game Hoarding Cloak and my +3 Dorito Eating TF2 Hat.

Seriously though – I love how Valve keeps gamifying everything. I didn’t even know I could collect profile backgrounds and emoticons. I just thought Steam was a platform for me to launch State of Decay over and over…

Monday, 12:43 pm – Gavin

The one that I can remember most prominently is Nintendo’s contest for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Through Nintendo Power (RIP), gamers were invited to take a picture of themselves playing against a specific boss in Final Fantasy.  The winner was drawn at random and was given a cameo in LTTP.  Nintendo programmed a secret room into the game and removed all but the most obscure entrances to the room, so it remained quite the secret for years.

The room is one you drop into, and it was originally designed to be a failsafe room.  If you drop from one area to the other, and there’s a glitch in the programming such that it can’t tell you where you’re going to land, it defaults to sending you to this room.  There are a few known entrances to it, but it was designed as a glitch.  The winner was a kid by the name of Chris Houlihan, and there’s a plaque in the secret room that says “My name is Chris Houlihan.  This is my secret room, but let’s keep it between us, OK?” or something substantially similar to that.

I’ve accessed the Chris Houlihan room once in my life, and I did it by accident, years after I first learned about it.  I got a few rupees that I didn’t need and a smug sense of self-satisfaction.

I don’t care much for this Steam meta-game, with teams and cards and whatnot.  I’m not that invested in my Steam profile, and the winners of each day’s meta-game are given a chance to win three games on their wishlist.  Problem 2: my wishlist is empty.  So I have zero interest in this one whatsoever.

The Steam sale continues!  So far I’ve only picked up Papers, Please for myself, and I grabbed the Mass Effect collection and Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut: Colon to gift to others.  I’m waiting for the inevitable Spec Ops: The Line sale.  I figure I might just find someone and give them everything, like “HERE ARE GAVIN’S FAVOURITES FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS.  GO NUTS.”  Gone Home and To The Moon are on sale as well, might pick those up for gifting purposes too.

I’m still chugging through Mass Effect 2 and will be cutting through some more of it tonight.  Don’t know what’s up next – do I dive right into ME3, or do I take a break?  I’ll probably go whole hog and finish 3, but we’ll see where my mood takes me.

Monday, 7:58 am – Ricky

What other games have had meta-games? Games or mechanics that are outside of the game itself?

Oh, also this week: Valiant Hearts launches, and so does the standalone expansion for Company of Heroes 2. I’ll get a copy of each on Tuesday, and hopefully, I’ll be getting my graphics card back today, too.