So, here’s a thing that’s happening: People on the internet are trying to create a list of every video game ever made. So far, they’re at 43,806, and since they’re including mobile and browser games, they have a loooong way to go.

Sure, my first thought is “man, people have too much time on their hands”. But my second thought was “Oooo I wonder if they already have Shenmue in there!” and then I spent the next hour CTRL-F searching the whole list. I guess it’s a cool initiative, and I’ll be interested to see if and when it loses momentum.

What games did you find on the list and sparked your nostalgia? Any games missing from the list that you’d like to submit?

Friday, 10:08 am – Gavin

There’s no universe where I could write down every game I ever played.  It’s not that I’ve played a ton; it’s more that I’ve played a pile of obscure crap.  There are two bundles that would do me in – a 100-in-1 cartridge for the NES that my next-door neighbour had growing up, and a PC bundle that included Pac-Man knockoff Eat ‘Em 2 (yes, the second in a series of Pac-Man knockoffs.

However, I could probably get the majority of the games that I’ve played, especially from about 1995 onwards.  From ’95 onwards, it’s mostly been stuff that isn’t necessarily AAA, but would be tough to categorize as obscure.

Anyway, I submitted my entry – a terrible 1986 game from Mastertronic called Shogun.  It’s a feudal Japan simulator that shipped without instructions, so it’s among the most confusing games I’ve ever played.  It has a sort of isometric 2D viewpoint, which means movement is hilariously weird when traveling up and down.  You can gain followers, attack people, make friends and probably some other stuff, I have no idea.  Anyway, here it is:

Wednesday, 1:17 pm – Ricky

I don’t think the list will ever contain every game that’s ever existed. There’s too much obscure stuff out there. That said, this is a great chance to create a database of games, and certainly one that should contain all major games going forward. So, that’s pretty cool.

Here’s why Watch Dogs is on my list – and I’m getting it on PC, to boot!

Monday, 10:13 pm – Albert

I am interested in seeing what the total number of games ever made is… I mean — so many games. Imagine if they are going to rate them as well!

I’m not confident in listing ever game I played but it is Steam who holds my list now. My list of shame and fame. More shame really.

Speaking of lists — I just added Tropico to my list…

Monday, 4:15 pm – matt

pretty ambitious project, I would absolutely hate to be tasked with the job of finding that one last game that wasn’t on the list. I briefly glanced at the list and while considering titles from the 3DO days I figured anything I thought of surely had to be there already. I searched Blasto, saw it was there and moved on.

along the same lines, can anyone here feel confident in correctly writing down every game they have EVER PLAYED?

Monday, 8:02 am – Ricky

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