It’s been exactly two years since Trials Evolution took over my gaming life for a good solid couple of weeks. I’d never played the original Trials, but Evolution was instantly accessible, easy learn, and @#%$!^&! impossible to master. I was all about getting the best place on the leaderboards and the highest medal rankings. In short, I’d finally fallen victim to the play-die-restart gameplay loop that has become so popular in roguelikes.

So, I’m pretty excited for Trials Fusion this week. It launches on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and it’ll be on a Playstation console for the first time ever with the Playstation 4 release. I’ve had access to beta for the past month, but I’ve resisted playing (and frankly forgot about it a few times), so I’m ready to have the highest highs of victory and the low, crushing feeling of defeat sweep over me.

What games do you enjoy or have you enjoyed in the past where you know you’ll hit those extremes? Where you know you’re going to lose over and over again, but it makes winning that much sweeter?

Thursday, 10:17 am – Gavin

A late entry this week for me, but if I’m picking a game where I know I’m going to lose over and over again, and it makes winning sweeter, it’s probably going to be a Mario game.  I was unreasonably excited at beating Luigi’s Purple Coins in Super Mario Galaxy.  The premise of the level is that you must collect 100 purple coins, but the platforms on which you stand either disappear permanently, or continuously rotate as soon as you step on them.  It’s a simple concept, but you have to plan a route pretty well so that you a) collect 100 coins, b) save enough platforms to get back to the start of the level, and c) do a) and b) within 3 minutes.  It requires a ton of thinking on the go, and I must have died 50 times before I finally beat it.

I experienced the same with a few other games, such as VVVVVV and Mario Kart 7, trying desperately to beat a 150cc race.

I’m not much for shooters anymore, but I did just enjoy the heck out of Bethesda’s new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order.  A good trailer can really get you hyped up for a game that you might not otherwise be interested in – surely I wouldn’t have cared as much about Gears of War were it not for that great trailer, and people went nuts for the Halo “Believe” trailer.  Anyway, here it is:

I’m struggling to think of some of my most recent “favourite” games that have had well-crafted trailers (you can pretty much write-off most of Nintendo, since they don’t focus on trailers).  Deus Ex: Human Revolution was probably the last one to really hit a solid home run, and their teaser trailers weren’t really game-play focused.

Wednesday, 11:43 am – matt


seriously still playing Diablo III? having never played any Diablo game I can safely say its the worst entry in the series. why not devote that time to completing two games your best friends pray you finish (MGS 4 for myself, Last of Us for Albert)?

I mean think of poor Albert for once, I made sure to put aside all personal obligations to finish that game before your wedding just so he could have someone to talk to about it…

I haven’t played too many of the Trials games, but they are a spiritual successor to one of my favourite games growing up ExciteBike, so I always had interest in them due to that, and recently downloaded a version for my iPad.

I downloaded Thomas was Alone for the VITA thanks to the PS+ program, and turns out he isn’t alone for too long.

Aside from that a lot of competitive FIFA co-op with a non gamentary friend of mine, real life getting in the way and of course, NBA playoffs!

Wednesday, 8:23 am – Ricky


Seriously. Try harder, because Diablo is back and better than ever. Just use this form to submit some ID and remove the authenticator.

I played the new Act 5 from Reaper of Souls for a couple of hours last night:

  • The game is fun again! With no auction house, it feels like the equipment I pick-up or can craft matters
  • The music is incredible – was it always this good!? I don’t remember, but boy, the orchestral soundtrack is perfect and sets the tone for each level/area
  • The new enemy types and environments are both great. I’ve got a newer system than the first time I played the game, but everything is cranked up and looking good. Yay destructible environments! Nothing quite like letting loose a flurry of arrows, having some hit a wall, and having that wall crumble apart

I can’t wait to play through and unlock more new skills and abilities – the level 61 skill (level 70 is the new cap) for the Demon Hunter is pretty freaking great – and to play through Adventure Mode (random dungeons and quests to keep the game fresh).

In other news, I have a ton of games I’ve never played on Steam, and I’m not the only one! Ars Technica just put out a great article breaking down a new system they’re using to analyze public Steam data. Check out the whole thing when you have a chance, and take in the pie chart below for now:


Monday, 3:16 pm – Albert

Albert 3:16 is gonna open a Texas Rattle snake can of whoop-ass on you!

I loved Trials Evolution. Those co-op times on Ricky’s couch was redonk fun. Anyone could get a hold of it in seconds but to master and come up first was a different story.

This week’s question speaks to me in the form of rogue-likes. Anything that was like Splunky or for me, Project Zomboid — was to just keep getting better and better. Starting over is always tedious but always awesome when you start to do everything right. FTL was the exact same way and I played that over and over until I knew what weapons and set up I wanted. There is now the extended version which I still need to play! I hear it is way better… I must go back.

Speaking of going back I tried to get back into Diablo (RELUCTANTLY) but I was looking for something where I wouldn’t need to learn too much to get into gaming. OF COURSE — I don’t have my old phone which had my authenticator on it so I am cut out from my account… Awesome. (I tried Ricky).

Monday, 8:10 am – Ricky

Yeah, it’s a post. I made a post. And this is it.