No more football. That’s it for another year. I’m a sad, sad football fan.

But, I’m a happy video game fan! With my Sunday’s now clear, I can try to set myself up for some more scheduled gaming. Of course, there’s this whole “new house” thing, but that won’t take up too much time, right?

Whatcha gonna play with all your new found free time football fans? And non-football fans, too, I guess…

Thursday, 12:27 pm – Ricky

It’s been kind of a long day, and it’s only just lunch time. To help me power through it, I picked up one of my all-time favourite Rockstar games for the PC. Check out that price:


Greenmangaming doesn’t get a whole lot of love, but when they have a sale + a 20% discount coupon + a credit on your account from previous purchases, you can put a smile on your wallet face for free.

Wednesday, 11:47 am – Gavin

Great news that Assassin’s Creed IV was so enjoyable!  That’s the next Wii U game in my lineup, once I’ve finished Blacklist.  I’ve never played an AC game before – it flew under my radar when it first came out, and by the time I had some free time to play it, I was several titles behind.  I decided to just cut my losses and go straight to IV, which I picked up during that ridiculous Future Shop promotion where you traded in any current-gen game to get that title at no extra cost.

I’ve been playing Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS on my way to work.  I think I’ve finished up with A Link Between Worlds.  I’m missing four heart containers, and I know where one of them is – in a minigame that I can’t master for the life of me.  The other three are just hidden somewhere.  I’ll look them up at some point, but I’ve experienced the massive amount of content that game has.  It made the purchase of the 3DS entirely worth it.  But anyway, MK7.  It’s a Mario Kart game.  I’ve unlocked a few of the courses on 50cc mode.  50cc is super easy, 100cc is much more difficult, and 150cc is goddamn impossible for me.  I find the game to be fairly unbalanced at the easy difficulty – it doesn’t seem to matter what I do; unless I just drive off the course, I’m going to finish in the top 3, and if I give it any effort at all, I’m going to win.

The game is very streamlined.  You choose your play mode (race, time trial, battle, coin collection – all similar to the Wii), you choose your difficulty, you choose your character, you choose your vehicle, and then you go.  No options for custom GP races like in MKWii, no options for item balance between defence, balanced, and aggressive – you just get in and go.  But of course, it’s handheld, so they have to streamline it.

I don’t know if you can unlock any extra characters – the game defaults to 8 (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Koopa, Bowser, and DK).  There are eight track groups, with four of them being “legacy” groups of old tracks, and four of them being brand new.  I mean, it’s a conventional Mario Kart game.  It doesn’t do much that hasn’t already been done except that it includes the ability to float off jumps with the glider that engages automatically (a neat feature, but hardly genre-defining), and it gives you the option to play in the first person perspective, but that’s really hard, never having done that over the three previous MK games I’ve played (SNES, N64, Wii).  It’s a fun game that is obviously made more fun the more people you have playing it, and considering it’s a handheld title and I spend my time alone on the subway, I’m obviously just playing by myself.

I’m not raving about it because it’s not a rave-worthy game the way that ALBW is.  That said, it is still very fun.  The courses feel short but I get the feeling they’re regular length.  There’s not much more satisfying than drifting into a turn, getting the bonus boost that comes with that, and slingshotting your way past a group to take first place.
Mario Kart 8 will take a lot of the gameplay mechanics from this, and it’s going to look great!

Wednesday, 8:32 am – Ricky

Sounds like Need For Speed Rivals is a blast – too bad Ghost Games has been hit by layoffs. Stuff like this always concerns me: Now that the core team is no longer around, and the studio is possibly closing, how well will the game be supported? I guess we’ll always have the Need for Speed movie

So I finished the main storyline in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag last night. I’m saying the “main storyline” because my god, there is so much freaking content in this game. I don’t think I’m done with it, but I certainly won’t be itching to play it the way I was while playing the main line.

How do I summarize this game? I played it on PC, and it looks freaking incredible. It’s ridiculously good looking, from character models to weather effects to the rolling ocean and swaying palm trees, it all comes together to make one of the best looking games I’ve ever played. I’ve heard the PS4 version is also really good looking, so it sounds like gamers are spoiled for platform choices.

I won’t go into what makes the game great – you’ve heard it from me before. It’s the best pirate game since Sid Meir’s Pirates! and it’s the best Assassin’s Creed game ever (in my opinion). If you have any interest in the series and you’ve yet to jump in, this is the time. Additionally, the modern day story is moderately well summarized and also pretty self-contained, so you won’t feel left out of the loop. It’s not often that I endorse people skipping great games to get to a greater game, but it’s not often that I have the opportunity.

So, like I said, I’m not done with it. I don’t think I really want to dive into it and 100% the game, but I do want to make sure I keep it installed for the odd times I feel like boarding ships, using treasure maps to hunt for booty, taking assassin contracts and just exploring parts of the world I haven’t seen yet. I’m also not sure whether or not Ubisoft will be releasing single player DLC, so I’ll keep it installed in case they do.

Next up? Time to finish The Last of Us. It’ll happen in the next couple of weeks. From there, I think I’ll be taking on Brothers as a bit of a palette cleanser (it’s also only a couple hours long), then tag team Super Mario Galaxy and either Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Splinter Cell: Blacklist on PC. This will probably all happen in the new digs, too!

Tuesday, 12:11 pm – matt

I picked up a new game this weekend, Need For Speed Rivals on PS4. I believe the last NFS title I played was Underground so it had certainly been a while playing one of EA’s more popular franchises. if anyone other than Ricky and myself played Forza Horizon you can expect a similar game experience; races and events are scattered across an open world players navigate around in, except the addition of Cops adds an all new challenge. In fact gamers can choose what side of the law they want to be on, a racer challenging other gamers and NPC in events while evading the cops, or play as the law in super powered police cars taking down high speed machines with an assortment of weapons and vehicles mods.

Cops are Cops, take down the law breakers and keep order in the city. Racers are bit of gamblers, head out on the open road and start accumulating points that can be multiplied depending on how high your wanted level is. As your wanted level increases so do does your reward, but it also brings on more heat from the Cops who are looking to take your racer down! If your crash out or get busted while driving you will lose everything you’ve earned in that given session so you need to be cautious and know when to head to a hideout to bank your given earnings!

the game is very, very fun to play and features some amazing graphics and sound. As a traditional racing game fan it was a little difficult trying to complete multiple races in one session without being busted by the Cops, but then I realized that WAS the challenge. This is not Gran Turismo with Cops thrown in, this is a car chase game with races thrown in. After that I have had an absolutely amazing time playing this game and have had some really exhilarating moments flying down the road trying to avoid the Cops.

Bought at Target this week on sale along with select other titles for only $34.95

Monday, 10:21 am – Ricky

I’m late. Meh.