Not much updating planned for this week, what with the holidays and all. Sound off if you got some gaming to talk about.

Tuesday, 12:06 pm – Ricky

I listened to the podcast that had that audio – I have to admit, our podcast is way less professional than the Giant Bombcast, so I’m in no position to criticize the work of others. That said, I really haven’t been laughing much at the banter on the cast recently. This video is a million times better than the audio alone. One. Whole. Million.

Thanks to a generous gift from Gavin, I got to play through The Walking Dead DLC last night. 400 Days follows the first – you guessed it – 400 days of the outbreak from the point-of-view of 5 new survivors. The idea is that it’s supposed to tie-in the 1st and 2nd seasons of the game, and that the characters will make from the DLC will make an appearance in the new season.

It was a quick 1.5 hours of play-time, and overall, I liked it. Some of the stories were a bit forced, and some were really gripping. Some characters were a bit shallow, others provided good depth and I felt attached to them instantly. So, a mix of good and not-so-good (not bad, at least!), but it did a great job of hyping me up for the next season.

Holiday time is here, so I’m taking a tiny gaming hiatus! Here’s to the health and happiness of your family and friends, and my your gaming be great! Enjoy it folks.

Monday, 1:57 pm – Albert

Merry Holidays Everyone! This video has Giantbomb audio and was made with source filmmaker by MysterySource. Pretty amazing.

Monday, 10:03 am – Ricky

After taking a pretty sweet 3 week honeymoon this Fall, I’ll be working over the holidays. Sure, there’ll be family time, too, but not so much on the gaming front. As the French say, tarte pamplemousse!