Let us begin with the Airing of Grievances.

This week, we’ll focus on minor grievances following one of the biggest weeks in gaming. That’s right, we’re going to be negative. Deal with it.

Thursday, 2:55 pm – Ricky

You know that thing I said? About not playing more AC4 before I finish TLoU? Yeah, apparently I lied.

I work up early this morning and played another couple of hours before work. I’ve officially unlocked the “home base” part of the game. Like in all Assassin’s Creed games since AC2, you have a home base that you can upgrade and take advantage of throughout the game. In AC4, this home base is your own little hidden cove, away from the prying eyes of the British, French, Spanish etc. armadas. You’ll have your own docks, and you’ll have your own fleet of ships that you can send out on battle and trade missions (similar to the assassin missions in AC Brotherhood).

Want to hear why this is way cooler than all the previous games? The entire fleet mini-game/mission access is available remotely through the game’s companion app. So, you can be travelling to and from work and sending your fleet on missions, collecting money and ressources for use in the game the next time you login. Since some of these missions take upwards of 30 real-time hours, it’s great to have the option to login remotely and accept the spoils of your completed mission, then set-up and send your fleet on the next mission.

I really can’t recommend this game highly enough. As Albert mentions below, if you’re not invested in going through 60+ hours of AC playing Revelations and AC3 before getting to AC4, just skip Revelations and AC3. AC4 is special enough that you should get to it pronto and just soak it all in. Don’t burn yourself out on mediocre AC games: go straight for the good stuff.

Wednesday, 5:47 pm – Albert

Guess who’s back? Back again…

Hey hey! I’ve been away from the homestead and what do I come back to? The release of both the PS4 and the Xbone! I’m still in dire need to explore all the content based around the launch but I hear all is well with the world. The consoles are out… what now?

For some strange reason — I haven’t been feeling the “overwhelming pressure/desire” to purchase either console. I am a little more interested in Dead Rising 3 but I am a firm believer that eventually they will release it on PC. I mean… GTA V will be released on PC… Right? Someday. All this talk about FIFA on PS4 is pretty interesting though. I liked FIFA 13 and if 14 is better than i’m all for it.

Game-wise I came back to a purchased XCOM: Enemy Within (expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown) and I have to say that it was worth the wait. Although you go through the same story, the additions that are added bring a lot more depth and choices on how to carry through the game. In addition to new enemies, you have the ability to change your soldier’s genes — allowing for superhuman powers such as bionic legs (Is that really cool Barry? It sure is other Barry). You can also turn your soldiers into Mechs. Literally allowing you to run up and punch enemies in their face and opening up an arsenal of deadly weapons. On top of that you have a lot more customizations for your base and soldiers. Simply put — More XCOM. That’s where I’ve spent my jetlagged hours.

Other than that i’m hoping to finish up Saint Row IV which I started (and loved) before I left.

On my trip I have been playing Tiny Towers: Star Wars and Plants v. Zombies 2. Both definitely adequate for long flights and travels.

Since these guys have cool next gen consoles i’ll just be here soaking up their secondary awesomeness…

Ps. Oh shit – Assassins Creed 4 looks so good I think I might just skip Revelations and AC3….

Wednesday, 10:56 am – matt

the entire time I read your opening paragraph I thought, “there is no way he is finishing the Last of us” 🙂 I hope I stand corrected, especially since you have put a considerable amount of time into it already, but there are so many games and so little time to play… with a shiny new PS4, the vita, possible Wii-U coming your way it seems, a “gaming rig”, and still the Xbox 360, there certainly isn’t a shortage of games to play.

I rented a copy of FIFA 14 to play some co-op with Ricky and (unknown friend #B) during the inaugural PS4 weekend and it was sick. I really don’t like soccer but it was certainly a blast to play and learn the finer points of the game. We played some Battlefield and were able to get the full 64 player experience which was pretty awesome to play. awesome and terrifying.

the party chat system works as expected coming over from the Xbox, and it being the main concern for anyone who had a PS3, they’ve done a great job so far. I absolutely love the new controller, after having done literally nothing for 3 straight generations, it was nice to see a slightly larger controller. Ive had no issues so far with my system, but like Ricky pointed out, $59.99 ($49.99 with the included PS store coupon) to cover the system for 3 years including accidental damage is a must.


Wednesday, 9:16 am – Ricky

Allllll byyyyy mysellllllffffff, don’t wanna be….

Last night, I left the warmth and comfort of my apartment and went over to Gavin’s place to place some Super Mario World 3D! It was amazing. Cat Mario is every bit as awesome and adorable as I expected him to be, and the experience really sold me on the Wii U. I think it has the right price, right games, and good solid availability for it to really shine this holiday season. I’m even thinking next year might be the year of Nintendo for many of us – the 3DSXL and Wii U offer such different experiences from what Microsoft and Sony are putting up and these expereinces are really resonating with me as a gamer.

I also mucked around some more with Assassin’s Creed 4 on my lunch break yesterday. I’ve finally “opened up” the ship portion of the game, and can now freely roam the Caribbean with my pirate crew. I had some amazing boarding experiences (not unlike the GIF below), which further solidified AC4 as the best game in the series in my mind. To think that I’ve barely scratched the surface of this game scares me a little – I can see myself SINKING (HA!) many many hours into chasing collectibles, upgrading my ship, and just sailing around taking in the beautiful open world they’ve crafted. Of course, this scares me because it means I’d be sidetracked from The Last of Us once again… Instead, I’m going to stick with the “quick pickup and play” approach to AC4, and dedicate any extended play sessions I may have to TLoU. Hoping to finish it by the end of the year at this point.

Tuesday, 8:33 am – Ricky

This guy… wow…

Monday, 8:54 am – Ricky

I picked up my PS4 this weekend on a trip to Montreal. Seriously, awesome gift. However, being in Canadaland, I knew that I would have to now transport the PS4 back to Toronto in a freezing cold automobile. I also knew it would be unwise to boot up the PS4 following the trip, because it would be cold and booting it up cold could fry some internals. So I left it in my computer room, to adjust to the temperature overnight. This morning, I go to install and download the day-1 patch, and of course, I get the infamous blue light of death.

My first reaction is to bomb Japan, but I shy away from that notion and instead unplug the system from the the power source. I wait a few seconds, plug it back in, and am presented with a list of options from safe mode. I choose to “Initialize the console”, and it does it’s thing… Boom, I’m back in business. For now.

What’s the first thing I did with my new, next-gen console? I immediately purchased the 3 year full coverage warranty from Sony. Well played, Sony. Well played.