Batman: Arkham Origins launches this week. Of course, in my backlog and chief among my pile of shame are Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Origins will be released by WB Games Montreal instead of Rocksteady, the studio who transformed the comic book franchise into video game form so effectively that Asylum and City are hailed by many as the greatest comic book adaptations in video games. 

What does this mean for the franchise? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a series passed off to another studio to allow for more regular iterations – though not yet annual, Batman is trending down the path of Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. How do you feel about established studios handing off successful franchises to other developers within the same “group”?

Friday, 4:19 pm – matt

the reviews for the Batman game are coming in, and so far seems underwhelming when compared to the previous installments. which for those of us hoping the series DOESN’T become another Assassin Creed franchise, this is the worst possible news. This game will still sell very well (as IGN says, even a bad Batman game is still pretty good) but with a new developer taking the reigns, I can already sense their wanted to “prove” themselves and release an even better, bigger, bat-ter (couldnt help myself) version of a Batman game

Thursday, 5:16 pm – Albert

I definitely need to get back into Batman. I only played Arkham Asylum and I LOVED it. If the combat has evolved to become even more complex and violent then count me in. I can’t believe another Batman is coming out while I still have Arkham City to play. I agree that Batman is going to become another Assassin’s Creed if they don’t take a year off or so. I mean, the new AC: Black Flag is coming out and I still have Revelations and AC3 to play…

I recently found the site: Hey Ash, whatcha playing… Perhaps the videos are relevant to the Batman topic.

Thursday, 9:35 am – Ricky

Boy the site is lonely this week…

I’ll jump in on the topic: I actually don’t mind seeing different studios getting a crack at developing for a popular franchise. I think it presents an opportunity to bring new, fresh ideas that can help reinvigorate a series, especially a regular or annual one. I really enjoyed the switches between Infinity Ward and Treyarch on the Call of Duty franchise – back when I was playing it of course – and the recent Splinter Cell game comes from local Ubisoft Toronto, and they’ve brought a fresh take on an old series that’s exciting lots of longtime fans (minus the whole Michael Irondside debacle).

I also don’t mind the yearly Assassin’s Creed releases – I love the series, and each year, there’s a new lead studio bringing their own take to the franchise. Of course, the other studios at Ubisoft are still kicking in, making sure there’s consistency across the titles where needed.

I’m interested in seeing the reviews for this new Batman game! Here’s hoping WB Games Montreal picks up where Rocksteady left off.

Tuesday, 3:31 pm – matt

heeeeeyo, this weekend I played the game of life. in my real life adventures I play a freelance photographer, and this weekend i got a press pass to shoot a pre season NBA game here in Montreal. definitely a hundred point achievement.

on the gaming front I completed the GTA 5 campaign, and goes without question this was/is the greatest GTA game ever made (duh…). Rock* took serious criticism from gamers and the community and created a compelling story mode, and best of all, created missions that were engrossing, fun, challenging, and actually made sense in the progression of the game and story. in previous games there were too many “go fetch”, or “go kill” missions that provided nothing to the story or character progression. from the opening mission in the past to the climatic finish, I felt like everything made sense (sure there were random bits of What The Hell? but mostly because of the pibolar reaction of one particular character, which in a way helps show how fucked he is, so it does make sense! hey!)

now im lost in the online mode, where they have created a “mini mmo” for gamers to play in Los Santos for quite some time…

Monday, 9:48 am – Ricky

With Origins impending release, I dove back into Arkham Asylum this week, just for a taste of what I’d missed. I do plan to play it all the way through one day, but my sights are clearly set on The Last of Us for the near future. What’d everyone else play this weekend?