I’m getting married this week. So, you know, video games are taking a back seat for me… But have no fear, video game based conversations will still be here!

Let’s start with the fact that it’s not just me here at Gamentary – Gavin, matt, Albert and Preezie will all be at the wedding, but surely they’ll have some game-related thoughts to share with you. Plus, there’s a podcast that we recorded last weekend that I still need to put up on the site, so that’ll keep you busy. Finally, this is the week where I’m getting all of my new PC parts installed! I’ll ask the fellow helping me to snap some pictures of the process and try to post them next week.

Until then, have fun playing the games you’ve got! There’s nothing coming out this week… Unless you’re into Smurfs.

Wednesday, 10:51 am – Ricky

Pretty awesome infographic! It’s amazing to me how these sales get organized – it must take a ton of coordination between Valve and publishers. I know that Valve recently hired an economist, so perhaps some of the changes between this sale and previous sales are thanks to his/her input.

Still no gaming for me! Just a few days away from the wedding now, and the crew is converging on Toronto. matt is on his way, and Albert will arrive later tonight. Good times are inbound.

Tuesday, 1:48 pm – Albert

It’s almost time for the festivities and i’m looking forward to being back on the East Coast! But in game related news, I saw this posted and I thought it needed to be shared.

Tuesday, 9:17 am – Ricky

Time well spent, matt. Time well spent.

I’ve been hearing and reading great things about Pikmin 3 from the gaming press. I’m also not sure it’s a system sell, but I totally agree that it’ll help the attach rate for the console. I also just listened to Weekend Confirmed, and Shacknew’s Andrew Yoon was heaping praise on the Wii U version of Rayman Legends, stating that it shows how awesome the tablet really is.

I’m pulling for the Wii U. I hope they’ve fully weathered the storm financially, because it seems like the next 6-8 months have a lot of awesome games coming for the system.

Monday, 3:45 pm – matt

dear Ricky:


this took me at least twenty minutes so you better appreciate it!

Monday, 3:02 pm – Gavin

Another Steam sale come and gone.  But I talked about that enough already, so it’s time for me to move on.  Specifically, the reviews for Pikmin 3 are rolling in now.  IGN puts it at 8.8/10, Eurogamer gives it 9/10, VideoGamer gives it 9/10, GamesRadar puts it at 4.5/5.  Miyamoto said it was the best game he’s ever worked on, and every gameplay video looks like an absolute hoot.  I’ve never played a Pikmin game before as I missed out on the GameCube, but I’m tossing around in my head if I want to pick this one up.  Not immediately – too much to play now – but perhaps just after the holiday season, once the dust has settled.  It’s not likely to sell many systems, but it will likely do a lot to boost the attachment rate of the system as a whole.  People go crazy for those first-party exclusives, and here they come.

VideoGamer’s extended-play preview of Pikmin 3

Monday, 8:30 am – Ricky

Here it is. Because you know it’s in your head: