We’re entering a new week and the Steam summer sale is still going strong. Luckily, most of the crew seem to be escaping relatively unscathed… And my Backlog Challenge is still alive and well! This is, in no small part, thanks to Gavin’s generosity this past week, where he gave me the gift of game. Tune into the podcast going up in the next couple of days to get the scoop. What games will we see on sale this week? Anyone have some Steam trading cards they’re looking to unload? Anyone? Bueller?

Friday, 9:26 am – Gavin

Where the hell have I been all week?  Rammed with work, that’s for sure.  I haven’t had much time in the house this week, and wouldn’t you know it, my job actually has me working.

I’ve been slightly underwhelmed with the sale so far, but not because it’s a bad sale.  In fact, I think it’s a terrific sale.  I just already have all of the stuff that I want that’s been on sale.  And there have been plenty of great titles go on for amazing deals, like X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Dark Souls, Mount & Blade: Warband, etc.  And seeing all of the amazing titles that I already own on sale is making me happy because I know that others are going to share in the love.  Like, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $3?  A top-tier, major-published, AAA, professionally voice-acted game with incredible depth that’s not even two years old selling for $3 is practically stealing.  I can’t wait to give this away to others so that they can experience it.  Ricky’s theory was twofold; any money made is better than no money made, and wide distribution increases franchise attachment rate, prepping us for their next title, which we know to be The Fall, an IOS title.  Not my preferred platform, but I’m sure as far as tablet games go, it will be enjoyable and playable.

Seeing the massive sales on games that I already own has forced me to take stock of what I already have.  Albert very generously gifted me a copy of The Swapper, which I absolutely can’t wait to try out, but other than that, I haven’t acquired a single game during this sale.  I’ve gifted a few copies of things – DEHR, Spec Ops: The Line, and Sang Froid, a werewolf game from some great storytellers based out of Quebec City.  But I haven’t found anything that I absolutely needed.

I’ve looked at my inventory, and I’m forced to acknowledge that there are some games that I simply won’t ever play.  Most of them, I didn’t buy for myself, but I did pick up Prince of Persia: Sands of Time at the recommendation of a friend, and I just don’t think I’ll ever get to it.  I bought Dungeon Defenders and Magicka, ostensibly so that I could play with some friends, but most of my friends have some big single-player titles to get through, and those two will just get lost in the fray.  The THQ Humble Bundle, which was a spectacular deal, is filled with huge games that I’m not certain I’ll get to.

What can I do?  I don’t even want to sell them; I’d just like to give them to someone else who may actually get around to enjoying them.  I wish that this were an option for Steam – I know that they can see that I’ve never downloaded or played Assassin’s Creed 1, so I’d love to give that to someone else.  I just feel so greedy with all of those games sitting there.  I know I didn’t pay a ton for what I own – the grand total of what I’ve spent on myself is less than the cost of two AAA titles from the rack.  But it’s not about that – it’s about being greedy and taking more than I need.

A lot of the games I have, I picked up simply to try them, with no intention of ever beating them.  And Yet It Moves, Super Meat Boy, Limbo, and Cogs are perfect examples of this.  I’d heard about them and I wanted to try them out, and honestly, with the amount I paid for them, it just made sense.  Think of how much it used to cost to rent a game for a weekend – $3, maybe $4, and those are mid-90s dollars.  For less than that, I could have bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I guess that’s how I justify it – “it’s cheaper than what I used to do”.

Maybe I need to get more in tune with demos.  I was never much one for downloading demos.  On my 360, I have the demos for Shadow Complex, UFC: Undisputed, and Braid.  On the Wii-U, I have the demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  Maybe I just need a taste instead of dropping $3, $4, $5 here and there.  It’s easy to justify once.  In fact, it’s easy to justify too many times, which is part of the problem.  Before you know it, you’ve dropped $40 on games you have no intention of ever touching again.

That’s also why I’m so cautious with buying console titles – the $60 price tag.  I buy the console games that I know I’m going to enjoy – I rarely ever take risks.  The last risk I took was buying Red Steel for the Wii.  Oops.  I’ll slowly and surely start to branch out, but I look at my SNES collection, and it was full of top-shelf games because I was able to rent the others.  My Xbox?  I bought some used games that were CRAAAAAAAP.  360?  Rented a couple, owned mostly top-shelf games.  Now with the Wii-U, I already know a bunch of the titles I’m going to pick up, and forgive me for thinking forwardly, but I bet they’re going to be terrific – Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, etc.  First party, sure, but don’t deny it – Nintendo’s first party games are fabulous.

Going to be a busy week next week as Ricky preps for his wedding.  Don’t worry though, we’ll keep him gaming as much as we can!

Thursday, 2:26 pm – Ricky

Since we haven’t been playing any games, we want YOU to be playing games! Check our our Twitter feed tonight around 9PM EST for your chance to win an awesome game.

Wednesday, 1:14 pm – matt

sorry i was reworking the GTA 5 mock up.


Wednesday, 10:47 am – Ricky

Looks like it’s a one man show this week at Gamentary.com. This is most unfortunate, since I’m about as far removed from playing games as I’ve ever been. Wedding planning is in full swing, and I don’t see myself playing much until August rolls around.

Well, that’s a BIT of a lie – I’m definitely playing a lot of Steam’s meta-game: Idling in games and collecting cards, trading them off for other cards, crafting badges, levelling up my profile etc. So, if we’re friends on Steam:


Tuesday, 6:55 am – Ricky

Well, apparently that was an uneventful Monday…

Steam sales are rolling on – again, I’m not participating due to the Challenge, but I am having a helluva time crafting badges. Admittedly, I’m not exactly playing any of the games that drop trading cards. Instead, I’m opening them up and letting them sit idle at the main menu. Probably not what Steam intended, but hey, but it’s working for me!

Monday, 8:00 am – Ricky

Bongiorno! … I’ve got nothing for this space right now. Here, have a map of what we think will be Grand Theft Auto 5’s world.