As a 2013 Backlog Challenger, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been digging into some older games recently. Yes, I’m still playing Company of Heroes 2 (and loving it), but some much older games have been getting my attention too. List of old games in the Monday morning post at the bottom of the page.

This week has a major release: Civilization V’s 2nd expansion, called A Brave New World. It looks great, but as with many games, I’ve yet to dig into Civ V, and would have no need for an expansion even if I could get it. Still, I recognize that for Civ fans, this is a big deal, and 2K / Sid Meir have really been doing a great job with the franchise. 

Thursday, 5:34 pm – matt

damn, its hard enough to avoid spending money after seeing “sale” signs, even harder when its games on sale…

here’s a weird one for everyone; fresh off the heel of the GTA 5 gameplay trailer, personal hero of mine Hideo Kojima (creator, curator, general overlord of Metal gear Solid franchise) tweeted his is amazed by the accomplishment Rock* has made with the game. Kojima not only iterates his love for the game, but also worries about whether MGS 5 can even compete gameplay wise. that some pretty high praise for a game he hasn’t even played yet either! its also interesting to see a major player in the game industry lush lavishly on other products or IP, especially with the all out nerd wars that usually follows gaming products.

Thursday, 1:28 pm – Albert

That… doesn’t sound nerdy at all. Nope. I’m now supremely depressed too. Instead of buying a game, i’ll continue buying more games. Life is tough.

Thursday, 1:25 pm – Ricky


The Summer Sale on Steam has officially begun. I’m now supremely depressed. Instead of buying games, I’ll continue playing the Steam meta-game of collecting cards, crafting badges and leveling up my profile.

Good lord that sounds nerdy.

Thursday, 12:10 pm – Gavin

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I’m on holiday this week, sticking around and doing absolutely nothing.  However, mother nature decided to douche all over me and sent crazy rainfall to Toronto, flooding out huge portions of the west end of the city, including my basement.  Again.  Fortunately, things are drying out and are getting cleaned up now.

I have had plenty of gaming time though, as the wife is out of town.  I beat Just Cause 2, because for some reason, I decided to take that game for more than it really is – the greatest sandbox ever.  It’s a ridiculous game that doesn’t even remotely take itself seriously, until the final cutscene after you beat the game, when it gets oddly dour and remarkably aware of the political climate in which the game was developed.  Not bad, just really out of character for a game that lets you attach enemies to helicopters using grappling hooks and fly them around, smacking them into buildings.

Hoping to hit up some Splinter Cell before the end of the week.  But the clouds slowly seem to be setting in, which makes me think I may have some cleanup to do before the end of the day.


Wednesday, 2:08 pm – Ricky

Oh god, not Steam sales….

Hey look, another awesome trailer! SHIPS!

Wednesday, 12:18 pm – Albert

Mid week already?? That went fast…

Just a quick post – Microsoft points convert to local currency today! Sweet. Now I just have to fix my dead Xbox 360.

Rumor: Steam Sales this Thursday!

Tuesday, 10:39 am – Ricky

Well, let’s start this Tuesday with some good news: New Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer with in-game footage.

Cannot. Wait.

Monday, 1:54 pm – Ricky

Just got word: Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb passed away a few days ago. He had his wedding only a few days before his passing, and details are still scarce as to how it happened. What’s clear right now is that there’s been a tragic loss of a young life, and that the video game industry is worse off for not having him around.



R.I.P. Ryan Davis. He kept me faithfully listening every Tuesday to the Giantbomb cast. Hearing the intro music of GB and then the patented “HEYYY EVERYBODY ITS TUUEESSDAYYY ^insert date^ I’m your host Ryan Davis!” was always an amazing time on my commutes. I used to walk around my apartment saying that phrase sometimes. I’m not sure why. But what I do know is that the gaming industry has suffered a tremendous loss. While obviously I never knew him in person, I cannot help but feel sadness and my heart goes out to all his loved ones.

Monday, 12:30 pm – matt

ill play devils advocate to your theory, while we did play a few downlaodbale titles, Battlefield may have been for 20 minutes at the most as the limited amount of maps really becomes tedious after a few rounds. Golf is a great game but for some reason doesn’t acknowledge my DLC and we can only play two courses. now I just downloaded The Last Of Us for the playstation 3, which took over 10 hours to download and install, which is just ridiculous. I know the new consoles have promised to incorporate a feature to play while it downloads but it also ate up nearly half of my monthly bandwidth with my ISP and I can only imagine the gamers are going to get even bigger… I feel any game can stand the test of time as long as its properly supported with DLC, but game companies also are always focused on the next project and have to tempt gamers with new releases.

where do developers make the most buck for the efforts? we see some gamers only purchase a few titles a year and really play the shit out of them, and we have people like Ricky who cant even play the number of games he owns so who to tailor production patterns over? If they support limited releases with more DLC it avoids production costs of making physical copies of new titles, but people might get bored with game and not support new content. at 59.99 a pop there is probably more value still in making the game, or better yet getting people to download it for 59.99, but not everyone can justify buying new releases every month so…

Monday, 10:50 am – Ricky

So I spent the weekend doing wedding stuff, but in between all that jazz, I got to play some video games!

Me, matt and another buddy got on our 360s on Saturday and dove into both “new” and really old games. We kicked it off with some Forza Horizon, then migrated to Battlefield 1943, the downloadable game from 2009 (actually, July 8, 2009 to be precise – exactly 4 years ago today!), and then capped it off with some Golf: Tee it up! released in 2008 (July 9th, 2008… so exactly 5 years tomorrow… creepy…).

Great games stand the test of time, and we really had a blast diving back into each of the titles we tried. Note that 2 out of 3 of these were downloadable titles, showing us that a console future with download-only games might just be doable as long as the console-makers, publishers, developers etc. continue to support their title for years after release.