I’m starting to feel like I’m forcing the weekly post titles… Anyway, Fuse comes out this week! That’s a game. A new one. That I can’t buy.

Let’s just pretend that the “lighting of the fuse” title represents the calm before June storm: We have E3 in just a couple of weeks, and we have some pretty major game releases coming out. Remember Me, The Last of Us and Company of Heroes 2 come to mind, but I’m sure there are more. Whether you’re picking up a new title to help keep you indoors and protected from the sun, or you’re looking forward to what the the next-gen has to offer, this coming month-long explosion of awesome will surely get all gamers excited.

Friday, 11:13 am – Ricky

Modern games aren’t your thing? Gamentary Crew favourites Police Quest and Space Quest are all on sale at GOG today. Check out Police Quest here and navigate around the site your own damn self to find the rest.

Friday, 10:41 am – Ricky

Still looking to pick-up The Walking Dead? Want to get a bunch of other Telltale titles to boot, like Back to the Future: The Game, Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Poker Night at the Inventory, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, Puzzle Agent 2, and Hector: Badge of Carnage? This week’s Humble Indie sale will net you all of the above you pay more than the average, currently sitting at $4.20.

Do it.

Friday, 9:04 am – Ricky

That was an interesting vid, though I only watched about 15 minutes of it. I get it – games portray women poorly. Movies do it too, and so do TV shows, comic books, literature, music, etc. These things sell, so creators keep making them. Is that an excuse? No. Will I buy the next Duke Nukem game? No. Will this affect how the next Duke Nukem game portrays women? Absolutely not. If enough people stand up and voice their thoughts, and then follow through by voting with their wallets, then we might start to see some changes.

So I finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger last night. Clocking in a total time to beat on normal of 5 hours, this is the PERFECT single- or 2-session game. It has a great art style, with scenic vistas, stunning levels and character models that all really evoke the feel of the west. The guns all feel great, the dueling system is solid and the character progression system is perfect: not too deep, with enough variety for you to feel like you’re customizing your character to your play-style.

The story telling method is the true stand-out of this game. I mentioned how it works in my Thursday post, but the last 3/4 of the game really lean on the mechanic, popping in new pieces of the environment as the narrator / listeners participate in the story telling. There’s a new game plus mode as well, so you can keep all of your progression and try your hand at the harder difficulties after completing the game at a leisurely pace, taking in all of the story and environments.

Did I mention this game is $15? That’s fifteen measly dollars for a great escape into the wild west, and there are still Duel and Arcade modes to enjoy beyond the single-player campaign. I reckon this makes CoJ:G a pretty easy recommendation, pardnas.

Dual-wielded sawed-off shotguns. Oh hell yeah.

Dual-wielded sawed-off shotguns. Oh hell yeah.

Thursday, 2:41 pm – Albert

I definitely have to get into Walking Dead. I’ve had it downloaded and installed for months but i’m waiting for when I can get time with my SO and play it together. I hear it has plenty of feeeels.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger sounds like a fun game. I have only played the first installment and I never really gave the others a shot. Perhaps its time for a change?

Quick post but I wanted to share the latest Damsel in Distress video by Anita Sarkeesian – I would love to hear what you guys think. I had heard about her quest to examine games but fell out of touch on her progress. Check it out…

Thursday, 8:08 am – Ricky

Games! Gamey game games!

I played some last night: I wrapped up episode 2 of The Walking Dead and dabbled a little bit with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (courtesy of Ubisoft).

I love how The Walking Dead gives you statistics at the end of each episode, allowing you to compare your choices with those of other players. In both episodes, I’ve been a bit stunned by the similarities and differences between my choices and the general populace. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but yeah, this game is incredible. I’m really interested in the future of these characters, and I’m invested in their future happiness and well-being. I’m making choices that feel like they have weight and impact, and that’s pretty high praise for a video game.

After the emotional roller coaster of The Walking Dead, I decided to shoot some cowboys. I’ve played the first two Calls of Juarez, but skipped the modern day 3rd installment – Bound in Blood – as the reviews were less than stellar. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is definitely a return to the wild west roots of CoJ. It’s a budget title at $15, but it’s packing a big punch so far. The environments are beautifully rendered using some cell-shadedesque art style, and the player/death animations look great. I’m also really liking the way the story is presented – you’re a former bounty hunter who’s wandered into a bar in 1910. Some folks in the bar recognize your name, and ask you to regale them with stories of your past. Your audience has heard about your legendary deeds, and you get to play them out in the game. But every so often, the legendary bounty hunter will step in with a “that’s not how it actually happened”, and you’ll replay the part of the story you just did. It may sound confusing, but man is it a cool mechanic.

Wednesday, 8:10 am – Ricky

Wow, that’s quite the glut of games! Prison Architect sounds awesome – it’s funny you started your post with the Giant Bombcast opening line, since that’s when I first got interested in Prison Architect. Patrick Klepek had been playing and had some great stories to tell. It seems like the kind of game that you play for the stories that arise organically from the gameplay, not because some programmer decided it would be a good quest or fun piece of content.

While I’ve been starved for proper gaming time, I have been finding moments in my day to slip in some mobile gaming. I’m still playing Ace Patrol on my iPhone, which is great, and I’ve also been playing a ton of pinball on my Vita. Pinball Arcade provides faithfully recreated tables from days gone by, and Pinball FX puts a much more modern twist on the classic game. I love that the Vita has this “always on”-type state, where, at the press of a button, it can wake up and I can be playing a quick game of pinball. The battery life is still fantastic when it goes into its sleep-state; I’m really hoping they apply a lot of this tech to the Playstation 4.

Tonight is finally the night when I can revisit Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, though probably only for a short while. Still, can’t wait for my hit.

Tuesday, 6:22 pm – Albert

Hey everybody it’s TUEESSDEEYYR…

Fuse has been flying low on my radar and I suppose I have my reason why. Perhaps it’ll be on this years Steam Summer Sale. God, just the sounds of that makes my wallet tremble. Although, I realized that the last season sale on Steam I barely bought 3 games! Life is just cruel and hard sometimes.

I have a long weekend and I made sure to try and play as many games as I could. The list consists of Reus, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Street Fighter X Tekken, War for the Overworld (beta), Prison Architect, Hitman: Absolution, Leviathan Warships, I Am Alive, and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Grand Slam Tennis 2 tallying a little more than 15 hours.

Realistically, I played maybe 10-30 mins of most of them. With COH:TOV I clocked in two matches, and the majority of my time was with Prison Architect. Prison Architect is hilarious and quite fun. Hilarious in just the way the graphics are portrayed, it reminds me slightly of Evil Genius. Tasked with creating a prison facility – it makes you juggle the inflow of inmates, maintenance of your facilities, research and growing each year to suit your needs. I found myself constantly creating a prison, learning a mistake, i.e. put the cells close to the showers, canteen, and yard for minimal allowance of roaming for your prisoners, and then creating another prison and putting those lessons into practice just to find another mistake. It is definitely one of those maxing the efficiency of your project type of games which is super bad for someone who sometimes has OCD issues. It’s still in the early stages so the tutorial isn’t super expanded and there is only really sandbox mode, but I had a great time trying out the systems with minimal bugs. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

On the other hand of that I also bought the War for the Overworld beta and that is so early stage that I couldn’t figure out how to play. Needless to say, I am happy to support the game and I can’t wait to see a finished project.

I remember when Ricky showed me BulletStorm. I really enjoyed that game and it looked fun. I have it on Steam and i’ll definitely have to give it a try sometime. The whip weapon is awesome. It’s like your Indiana Jones up in there.

Tuesday, 11:27 am – Ricky

Reviews for Fuse are rolling in – sounds like it’s just another 3rd person game. The innovative stuff Insomniac are attempting with the guns can’t seem to hurdle over the game’s general blandness. Oh well.

Nice pick-up, Gavin! I remember you mentioning this was a planned sale – can’t wait to see what other classics Nintendo exhumes from the back catalog! I may have a teeny tiny bit of gaming time this week, so I think Walking Dead will be played at some point. No guarantees. All-in-all, a slow couple weeks of gaming updates for me. That’s life, and I know for a fact that it’ll happen to us all from time to time. Life is a cool game too, ya know.

Monday, 4:41 pm – Gavin

I forgot – I also picked up Super Metroid for the Wii-U Virtual Console.  FOR THIRTY CENTS.

Monday, 9:03 am – Gavin

It’s new experiences week!  I’ve taken some time off from mourning my destroyed and flooded basement to play some games.  I fired up Just Cause 2 yesterday, but loaded in a bunch of mods – invincibility and unlimited ammo, mainly.  I just wanted to cause mayhem.  So, I experimented.  Mostly, I was interested in seeing what it would take to raise the level of response I’d receive for destroying things.  I completely obliterated a petroleum plant and an offshore oil rig, and finally got myself up to heat level 3.  I think I’ll need to progress the storyline a bit further to unlock anything else.

I appreciate games that don’t always hold your hand, but I have to say that some aspects of Just Cause 2 are so un-hand-holdy that it’s like you’re a child and Just Cause 2 is a neglectful father on the other side of the park, chatting up the single mums while you’re playing and desperately trying to get his attention but he just…won’t…and you swear up and down that that’s the lynchpin for why you’re working the daytime shift at the local rippers.

Case in point?  The black market system.  The game has a feature where you can order weapons, vehicles, or a simple extraction from anywhere on the island (provided you are not currently under attack).  All it takes is money.  In order to do this, on PC, you press 4 and then E.  The problem is that this is never, ever explained to you, and it’s not in the keypad mapping options either.  You’re never told how to do this; I had to resort to GameFAQs to find out.  Give the prevalence of QTEs in the game, and the fact that it’s an open-world sandbox, it is not out of sorts to suggest that this is a poor PC port of a console game.

After I was finished causing mayhem, I started up a game of Bulletstorm.  It’s a very slick and stylized first-person shooter, but it is EXCEEDINGLY on the rails, to the point that the game takes control of the first-person camera at certain times and forces you to watch things for an extended amount of time.  You watch one of your teammates die in a sequence where if the game had let you take control of your character, you would have easily been able to stop it.  The action sequences are short and are frequently interrupted by cutscenes, and though this was a popular complaint, the game really does sound like it was written by a 12-year-old who just learned how offensive some swear words are.

The UI is very much in-your-face, and there’s a TON happening on the screen at the same time.  It makes it a difficult game to play.  Also, you burn through ammo like nobody’s business.

However, all that said, it is at least a fun game to play.  It runs as smooth as butter on my PC and there are incentives for finding creative ways to kill the enemy, so it encourages a bit of experimentation.  Also, it had a very interesting feature.  You may recall from the ads that one of the key pieces in this game is an electrified leash that you strap to your wrist, and use it to grab things and pull them, like obstacles, weapons, or enemies.  You don’t start out with this weapon though; you get it after about 30 minutes or so.  When you get it, it connects to your brain and starts feeding you information about your surroundings, including your ammo count.  Before you get it, you don’t know how much ammo you have or how much you’re using, which I find neat.  If I’m firing a gun, I don’t have a little number in the bottom-right of my eyeballs telling me how much I have left.  Even though it’s a ridiculous game, I appreciated that attempt at reality.

I’ve been looking forward to playing this one for a while.  Despite my disappointment at some of the features of it, it is quite fun, if a little brainless.  It’s complete sensory overload, but once you get past that, it really just wants you to have fun.  I like to use the leash to pull an enemy towards me, then kick him away in mid-air, and then before he hits the ground, leash him back again, and see how long I can keep this up.  Yes, it is possible to kill an enemy that way.  No, you don’t get a special achievement for yoyoing him like that.


Monday, 8:15 am – Ricky

Hey look, a cinematic trailer that has almost nothing to do with the game! OOooooOOOooo, it’s pretty!