I get these weekly titles from a bunch of places. Sometimes it comes from the recesses of my mind, sometimes from current or upcoming gaming news, and sometimes they relate to new releases scheduled for the week. If I take the new release route, I’ll usually go to Metacritic and look at the “Coming Soon” tab in the Games section. There are only 3 games this week: Ballpoint Universe on PC, Mario & DK: Mini Moves and SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition on the Nintendo 3DS.

None of these will make for an interesting headline, and there’s no big news from last week to play off of, so you’re stuck with the same old question: What games will you be playing this week?

Sunday, 9:06 pm – Ricky

Yeah, this is late in the week, so I’m going to just post it again tomorrow. So what, wanna fight about it?

Big Words! (where we have a new guest that knows big words and sciencey stuff) 

This is probably some of our best work. We have laughter, we have tears, we have a new quest appear.

  • Spec Ops: The Line (BIG NOTE: We talk spoilers from the first half of the game – 39:00 to 44:30)
  • To the Moon
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Some other stuff that Ricky forgot to write down.

Gamentary Podcast – Round 22 (right click and “Save As” to download the mp3, or use the player below)

Friday, 4:13 pm – matt

so apprently ricky has gone bqck to 1990 text based adventures form ms-dos days where graphics meant absolutely nothing…

at least it makes the wii-u’s graphics look impressive…

Thursday, 1:43 pm – Ricky


Thursday, 7:21 pm – Albert

I really only played and finished Bioshock 1. The game was very atmospheric and I can’t remember another game (besides F.E.A.R) that made me jump at some points. Great environment and story line. I’m extremely interested in how Bioshock Infinite is given all the praise i’ve been hearing about it for the past couple of weeks.

Today I came across two videos which have been circulating quite a bit and I wanted to share them just in case you (like I was) missing out: Saints Row IV footage and GTA V footage..

Wednesday, 10:08 pm – Ricky

I just finished BioShock Infinite. Yeah, I need some time to sit and think about about it, but my first reaction will forever remain “holy fuck”. If you find that crude or rude, I’m sorry, but I urge you to think of a book, movie, or game that has made your jaw drop in ah.

That’s this game for me.

Wednesday, 1:29 pm – Albert

For sure! Skyrim needs a lot of time to fully enjoy because of its expansive nature – but I definitely understand that you need to be in that mindset. That is exactly what my problem is with my new games recently. The “task” of learning a new game and the amount of time needed to fully immerse yourself into a game has just become daunting to me. This is unfortunate. I’m looking for a game that is deep, but is intuitive. I really think it’s a matter of having enough time to spend with a game.

On the news of EA, interesting news this morning from Engadget: Next-gen EA games will skip Wii-U due to performance issues with Frostbite Engine. This is unfortunate for Wii-U users as there have been 15 games slated under the company using this engine. But hey, those games will probably not work even after they are released so there is plenty of time to wait for a patch/paid dlc workaround.

Wednesday, 12:02 pm – Gavin

Let me clear the air – I did not dislike Skyrim!  I had a lot of fun with it.  I just had some complaints about it.  There were plenty of days where I just played for three hours straight and had no idea where the time went.

You’re right though – I didn’t let myself get lost in the experience.  I think I went into the game all wrong, seeing it as some kind of obstacle before I got to my next game.  Truth be told, I probably wasn’t fair enough to it.  As I said, the world is fantastic and I could honestly have tons of fun just walking around in the environment, finding caves and tombs and to hell with the actual quest lines.  I guess I just resisted full immersion, for whatever reason.

I might come back to it later, once I’ve given it time to age properly.  There are so many decisions I’ll make differently next time.  I’ll actually try alchemy once or twice, maybe try smithing a bit more as well.  I’ll specialize in one particular area of combat rather than trying to become a master two-handed, one-handed archer with destructive magic powers.  I never attemped illusion, I barely touched restoration, I only enchanted in that I recharged my weapons with soul gems, and I had a million arrows that I barely used.  I never traded, never farmed, never bought property (though I did kill Anise the Witch, steal her house, and store all of my stuff there), accidentally torched Lydia ten minutes into knowing her, and I only rode a horse like twice.  I didn’t want to lose all my time to this game, so I resisted it, but in doing so, perverted my own enjoyment of the game.  Womp womp.

Maybe in my old age, I’m starting to prefer games that are slightly more linear but still explorative.  Portal 2, DE:HR, even Half-Life 2.  I don’t have as much gaming time these days, so I want to avoid missing out on as much as possible.

Also, New Super Mario Bros. U is still ball-squashingly awesome.  Dat Painted Swamp level.

Tuesday, 6:33 pm – Albert

EA! (insert popular slander here)! I might be the only one, but I haven’t played a great Star Wars game since Knights of the Old Republic II. Granted, I did try to go back and play it once again, but by now, my modern brain cannot go through the motions. That being said – I really am hoping for good Star Wars games but I feel sometimes that it’ll never live up to what it once was. This is the trilogy movie problem all over again. Also, EA should probably just keep their attention on releasing a finished product … like Simcity. Just sayin’

Also, I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EARS. You bastards. How dare you dislike Skyrim!

I think that Gavin and Ricky probably went into the game without allowing yourself to become completely immersed in what you’re doing. You have to be willing to take the game slowly and take your time. If you gank yourself with dagger blacksmith tweaks or just rush through the main story, you’re not going to be fully enveloped. Skyrim has so much to offer and you should really go through all of it. Yes there are some disconnects like being the head of every Guild (awesome stories in each though), and yes the ending could have been final but there is so much more to that game. The little things of Skyrim is what I loved. The stories AND the untold stories. Just the environment and the AI (while not perfect) was able to make me feel like I was living in the world.

Some people like Mass Effect, I didn’t. Maybe it’s something like that? I’ve spent 168 hours in Skyrim. But that’s just me.

Tuesday, 3:52 pm – Ricky

In a move that surprises no one with any business sense, Patrice Desilets has quit been fired left Ubisoft Montreal. For those of you not in on the joke, Desilets was one of the original creators of Assassin’s Creed at Ubisoft Montreal. He then had a bit of a falling out and went on to lead THQ’s new Montreal studio and the unannounced game “1666”. We all know that THQ crashed and burned, but THQ Montreal was sold off to Ubisoft, effectively making Desilets a Ubisoft employee once again.

According to the article on Polygon, Ubisoft and Desilets couldn’t “align” themselves, so they parted ways. Desilets claims he was unceremoniously fired and will fight Ubisoft. I’m hoping for a 12 round title fight between Desilets and a dude dressed like Ezio.

Good write-up Gavin! Happy you finished off Skyrim – I understand your criticisms, since they’re largely the same as mine. I quit the game immediately after beating the main storyline because the dialogue and the world didn’t adjust according to the epic events that had just unfolded. I was also the guy only did one of the “specialties” since I figured it was “unrealistic” to be a master thief, a master warrior and a master wizard all at the same time. I guess I role-played a role-playing game. Weird.

I’ll definitely try to get through To The Moon before we podcast this weekend, but no guarantees. I figure I have about 4 hours of Bioshock Infinite left, and about 4 hours of gaming time between now and the podcast. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Still, To the Moon just jumped way up on my list on this recco.

Tuesday, 3:04 pm – Gavin

EA not willing to try?  PERISH THE THOUGHT. Even though DICE tested the Frostbite 2 engine and said it “didn’t perform favourably” on the Wii-U.  Meanwhile, CryEngine 3 works just fine, and Frostbite 3 works just fine on the PS360.  An exchange on the matter:

This isn’t a Wii-U good-or-bad thing.  This is EA being lazy and not even attempting to optimize FB3 for the Wii-U, despite the fact that it runs just fine on weaker hardware.  LAAAAAAAAAAME.  Also, ten bonus points to MutedPenguin, whoever you are, for calling them out on their BS.

I finished up with Skyrim yesterday.  There’s still a ton to discover, obviously, but I think I’m done with the game.  I could probably keep playing it and just…exploring…but it’s time to move and discover other games.  I expected it to take more of my life than it did (I played it for about 37 hours); so far, the biggest hog of my Steam life has been Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  However, I fully recognize that it could take a lot more of my life if I so chose.

I finished up with it with mixed feelings.  They created a wonderful world that feels organic and real (as I said, I would just explore that world for the heck of it), but too many of my decisions just didn’t feel like they mattered.  I beat Alduin, strolled around the world for a while, and went exploring up mountains, only to find that the goddamn dragons respawn.  I appreciate that Bethesda wanted to give the players more reason to explore and keep playing once they’ve beaten the game, but this was just a bit frustrating.  Why even bother to beat the game, if absolutely nothing is different once you’re done?  The dragons even held a goddamn peace conference at the Throat of the World once I beat Alduin!  People are still dicks to me despite the fact that I just saved the whole goddamn universe, and dragons are still acting like I’m not just going to wreck their shit even though I’ve killed a dozen of them beforehand, including the strongest dragon ever.  I need some time away from it before I get back to it.

I also finished To The Moon yesterday.  I’m annoyed that I can’t talk about this game, because even discussing it slightly can be extremely spoileriffic.  All I can say is that I think this game might have stirred an even more emotional reaction in me than Spec Ops: The Line, and that is ludicrously high praise.  The actual mechanical gameplay is extremely mediocre (the game was made in RPG Maker 7, which should tell you everything you need to know about that) and some of the dialogue between the two “playable” characters is cringe-worthy, but it succeeds tremendously despite itself; the way in which it tells the story, and the story it actually tells, are absolutely glorious.  The whole game is playable in 4 hours, which is a small investment for one of the better stories I’ve come across in gaming.  I’ll be talking about this more on the podcast this week, without spoilers!

Monday, 4:10 pm – Ricky

Well, looks like EA is handing over the reigns for Star Wars licensing to just one publisher. Guess who? Go on, guess! DO IT! Well, do it before clicking the link…

That’s right, it’s EA.

Looks like EA will be passing duties off to developers like Visceral, DICE and Bioware. I’d love to see Battlefront 3 come from DICE, but I’m not sure about exclusive access to the license. Sure, EA has some good developers, but there’s always that lingering question with them and their massive/exclusive franchises: If no one else is allowed to make Star Wars games, how hard will they really try?

Monday, 8:42 am – Ricky

The Montreal Canadians are making me sad. I plan to drown my sorrows in BioShock Infinite this week, and hopefully I’ll finish that off at some point. I also want to try Monaco finally, so maybe you’ll get a co-op video next week.