Well, this is quite a smörgåsbord of new titles. We’ve got the PC release of Phil Fish’s Fez, some crazy 80s-version of the future Far Cry game called Blood Dragon, and the latest title from Tropico developer Paradox, Leviathan: Warships

I already have a copy of Fez that I’ve played for maybe 2 hours on Xbox, and I’ll be getting a copy of Blood Dragon from Ubisoft. Leviathan: Warships is the most interesting beast of the bunch: There’s a PC version, but there’re also iOS and Android versions, and you can save your progress across all platforms. I’ll share what I think is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in ages in the first post. Actually, the Blood Dragon trailer is pretty great, too. What are some of the best game trailers you’ve ever seen?

Friday, 8:50 am – Ricky

Oh man, I loved those radio stations. There’s been a TON of news this week about Grand Theft Auto 5 – I took 8 minutes to watch this chat about the game from Revision3 because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to read about it. At least I can write about it, unlike some of the people commenting on these GTA 5 trailers.

Thursday, 1:13 pm – matt

hotdog guy: Hey you dont know my family story man ok?!, we had it hard, we had no money man, you know what we used for water man? … tears.

lazlo: what?!

hotdog guy: yeah man, tears, we would sit around my grandmother and wait for tears

lazlo: so you would milk your grandmother like some kind of fucking tear cow?

hotdog guy: hey thats my family man

lazlo: yeah well im celebrity on edge ok, how about i just take your fucking head, and put it directly in the this boiling hot dog water ok? how about that? YEAH!

hotdog guy: screaming

lazlo: ho yeah i feel so alive! like when you take a guys head and cram it ahhhhhhhh!

– and now time for a commercial break –

announcer: For too long man has depended on his legs to move around, well no more! enter the evolution of the 21st century and feel empowered with the new ultra scooter 2000. as for the question are you in a scooter because you are fat, or are you fat becasue you are in a scoooter? Who cares?! you are in a scooter and they are not. just listen to these testimonials: “Maybe I was Gay, or Transgender. But Then I realised I just hated walking”.Dont feel the weight of the world get you done, now your glass can always be half full, and with the new included drink holder, you cup will never spill!

Tuesday, 8:30 pm – Albert

LAZLO!? That’s a clowns name! – Best radio station chatter EVER.

Tuesday, 7:38 pm – Ricky

1. That wasn’t available 5 years ago when GTA IV came out.

2. Those downloads don’t include the DJs, unfortunately.

Tuesday, 5:30 pm – matt

every Grand Theft Auto radio station available legally through iTunes from Rock*:



Tuesday, 3:40 pm – Ricky

Thanks for the embed matt, I guess I’m just internet stupid.

Quickly, Game Dev Tycoon is just like Game Dev Story, but different. It’s more of the same, but without some of the quirky charm found in Kairosoft titles. Still, it has its hooks in me fully and completely. I recommend picking it up, if only to have Game Dev Story-esque gameply on your PC.

Speaking of trailers, Rockstar truly is a master craftsman  Sure, it’s all cutscenes, but they know how to weave them together as good as – and often better – than most movie trailers. One of the hallmarks of a Rockstar trailer is the music, and these three trailers are no different. I spent hours listening to GTA IV’s radio stations, and even went so far as illegally downloading the torrent of the soundtrack, with radio DJ chatter and all. What? If it was available legally with the chatter, I would’ve paid for it!

“Piracy: It’s only wrong when the thing is available legally.” – Ricky

Tuesday, 3:00 pm – matt

Tuesday, 1:20 pm – Albert

I purchased Game Dev Tycoon last night and I put maybe 30 minutes into the game. So far it seems to be a “Spiritual Successor” to GDS. While I agree my initial impression is that it is a spit shine of GDS, I do not feel any negative feelings towards the developers. I LOVED Game Dev Story. Played it multiple times, for endless hours, and across several months. At the time I was working a job where you have to interact with customers and let’s just say I was unprofessionally playing a video game on my phone instead of looking at them. The reason I mention my love for the game is that I always wanted more. To be fair, GDS was released late 2010 and here we are in 2013. While Kairosoft (my most treasured mobile developer – as evidence on this site) has gone on to make other awesome games, I have always wanted more GDS. I’m glad that I can have that in GDT. Let’s hope that as I play I enjoy the nuances and differences that it has to offer. That is – I hope there are more differences and twists, because as of 30 minutes  a garage, and 6 titles to my name, I haven’t really seen anything that has not followed the GDS formula. But hell – today I feel optimistic.

In relation to this week’s topic, I am intrigued mostly by Paradox’s new Warship game. Tropico 3 is possibly the best city simulator I have played so I have high hopes from this developer. Yes. I did just play the new Simcity… thanks for asking. Worst $90 i’ve ever spent. And I bought an Assassins Creed III collectors edition with a Jack in a Box which is sitting in a box… in another box (inception!) [Editor’s note: It was actually a collector’s edition for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. We scored a deal on it at Future Shop! – Ricky]

Tuesday, 11:31 am – Gavin

How does Game Dev Tycoon play compared to Game Dev Story?  You expect more because it’s a PC release rather than a mobile release, but are the new features different, or are they just “more”?  I admit, I wrote off GDT as simply being a carbon copy of GDS.  The fact that the developers couldn’t even be arsed to give it a markedly different title suggested that they were lazy as hell, and admittedly, the gameplay videos make it look effectively identical to GDS.  Initially, I felt basically zero sympathy for the developers with respect to people pirating their title because it looked like they just photocopied the dev manual for GDS, added a few features to make it bigger, and then ran with it.  It looked like someone created a new modern military shooter and called it Call of Battlefield: Medal of Warfighter.

I do wholeheartedly support the developers and their lulz-worthy release of the cracked copy that is more prone to piracy.  I imagine that the irony is lost on someone who downloaded the cracked copy and then complained about how hard it is to win due to piracy.

Tuesday, 11:20 am – Ricky

Grand Theft Auto V trailers! Get your Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers here! (we can’t embed them, apparently, so I guess “there” would be more appropriate than “here”)

Tuesday, 10:54 am – Ricky

So yeah, I played a couple hours of Game Dev Tycoon last night. This is my type of game. It really is quite a bit like Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story, complete with the fake console names. That said, there’s a LOT more to manage, including game engine creation, training and research options, and financials.

I went broke in year 7 after I got a little bit cocky following a string of hit titles: SimCitizen, a medival simulation, and Super Guido Kart 2, a casual racing title. I was flying high and hired a couple new folks – a designer and a tech specialist. I ended up taking a publisher deal (also a change from Game Dev Story) that asked me to make a movie/simulation combination title, which I called “The Chaplin”. As luck would have it, as soon as I accepted the publishing agreement, new market research game in to let me know that simulation titles are hot right now! I thought I had a surefire hit on my hand – a publisher that wanted at least a 6 average review score, a type that was popular in the market, an established fanbase, and I would get 10% of worldwide sales (doesn’t sound like much, but vs. self-publishing, this is a lot!).

The Chaplin bombed. It was an utter failure, getting something like 3 on the average score. I didn’t meet the expectations of the publisher and had to pay a penalty. I was also stuck with 2 staff member’s salaries (I could’ve fired one, but that didn’t feel right). I tried to make a few more titles, but the financial burden from the failure weighed on me, and in Year 7, I was bought out by the fake version of EA. This was a total gut-shot.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved – I was too engrossed – but I was able to revert back to the start of the “level”, where I had just made my first million dollars and moved out of my garage into my shiny new office in Technology Park. I plan to take advantage of this groundhog day scenario and manage my company better this time around.

Monday, 8:12 pm – Albert

I leave for a bit and come back to find that Gavin has purchased a Wii-U?! My, how time flies. I’m glad to hear that Mario is still awesome – I really enjoyed the Wii version. I played it single player, two players, and four players at one time. The best way I found is co-op. It motivates you to complete levels and if you suck (like I did), your second player can carry you through the whole game (Preezie in this case). I found with more than two players you start to bump into each other a lot more and things get outta control.

I didn’t get to play much while I was away but I did have a 12 hour Minecraft session. Of course half of that time was researching/installing mods. I had to watch a couple of videos to learn how to install some of them – that being said. Minecraft is/always is awesome. I also played 5 minutes of Monaco (waiting for multiplayer action) and 5 minutes of Surgeon Simulator 2013, which was hilarious but I probably should have done a little more research before impulse buying. Regardless, hilarious concept so I hope it does well.

I would type a lot more but it’s time for me to go home and purchase Game Dev Tycoon!

Monday, 4:23 pm – matt

As a cash carrying consumer I can freely admit I have never downloaded a movie or game illegally. For the most part of my childhood I didnt have a computer so the means to do these kind of things was absent for me, and when I was able to Ricky and myself were trying to get rich making our own movies (anyone wanna guess how that turned out?) so i couldn’t justify stealing someone elses work and not have the same done to mine. I cant think of how many times i wanted to do a similar “f-off” to pirates online, but i was not as clever as these guys and lacked the resources to do so. This saddens me because if the makers of the game are indeed correct and piracy leads to more of those damn micro transaction games Ill pretty much be done with gaming.

I agree with Ricky making a stand for the good fight but I could have easily done that, Gavin just listed too many good reasons to throw down that 8 bucks…

Monday, 11:33 am – Gavin

A bold move out of left field!  Will it pay off in the long run?  We all know Ricky will buy GTA V, but what about Remember Me, The Last of Us, Battlefield 4, Saints Row IV, NHL 14, FIFA 14, Watch Dogs, or Batman: Arkham Origins?  This will be a challenge for sure.

Ricky and I sat down and played some New Super Mario Bros. U yesterday, and HOLY BALLS is all I can say.  I had played it very briefly at a Best Buy before picking up the system, but this game is what every kid in 1989 envisioned as the perfect Mario game.  It’s bright and vibrant and extremely colourful, the levels are designed better (in my opinion) than NSMBWii, it has the healthy nostalgia factor, and the overworld is seamless.  The musical transitions of the overworld theme from “forest style” to “desert style” to “snow style” are just perfect.  The lighting effects in the castles are absolutely gorgeous.  There’s so much to focus on that I kind of want to just explore some levels and see what can be seen, rather than try to beat them.

Ricky and I definitely bumped into each other a lot, caused a few deaths, stole a few power-ups, etc.  But that’s really just half of the fun of the whole game.  We had a few nailbiters, a few miraculous bubbling saves, and a few accidental bubblings that caused us to lose the level.  It’s not revolutionary, but it’s a very positive evolutionary step in the right direction.

That said, I’ve got a very serious beef with the game: the damn gamepad.  A single player can use the gamepad, but if you want to play multiplayer, both players need to use Wiimotes.  A third (or fourth or fifth) person can use the gamepad for Boost Mode, but you cannot have one player using the gamepad to control Mario while another person uses the Wiimote.  That seems silly.  I tried to hold the Wiimote and also hold the stylus, but that was a fool’s errand.

Does it detract from my feelings towards the game?  Not overly.  I’ll play the overwhelming majority of it single-player, and when I want to play it two-player, I’ll borrow Wiimotes.  I lent my Wii to Ricky so that he can play Super Mario Galaxy.  When he’s done with it, I’ll probably donate the system to a children’s hospital, but like hell those kids are getting both of my Wiimotes.  They also won’t get my Mario Kart steering wheels.

What else is there to say?  It’s 2D Mario on steroids and acid.  This is the game that 7-year-old you thought that a Mario game would be like in the future.  Play it and love it.  Or come over to my place and play it, but steal my acorn powerup at your own goddamn peril, Ricky.

Monday, 9:38 am – Ricky

Attention please! I have purchased my 2nd new game this year, as per my 2013 Backlog Challenge.

I bought Game Dev Tycoon for $8. I’ve never heard of this game before this morning, and I have no idea if it’s any good. I purchased this game because the developers are interesting, fascinating and smart, and I want to support them with my money.

The game released yesterday, and the developer posted a blog titled “What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy” today. The results are one part hilarious, one part ironic, and one part depressing. I’ll let you each read the article yourselves, but this experiment illustrates one of my fears when I first started this challenge: I like supporting games and developers, and I like supporting people’s unique approaches to games, because this support encourages future changes and advancements in game-making and across the industry.

You might ask why I used one of my precious new game purchases on this small indie title I’ve never heard of. If you’ve read the article and this site, I think you already have your answer.

Monday, 8:32 am – Ricky