According to sources I don’t really care about linking to, 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolutions by January 20th, with 25% failing in the first week. I don’t intend on failing my Challenge for the year – then again, no one “intends” to fail. 

We’re all still working through our holiday haul, and with the Steam sale wrapping up this week, we’ll continue adding to that backlog I’m sure. We’ll also be back at the podcasting table at some point, so you have that to look forward to, if that’s your thing.

Friday, 2:14 pm – Gavin

I was skeptical about Natural Selection 2 based simply on not knowing anything about it, but I have to say, it’s an absolute hoot.  My one and only time playing it was with the boys, and despite Preezie’s unnatural ability to kill me every thirty seconds, I had a blast with it.  I really didn’t know anything about it going in, and I still don’t know much about it having played it, but it was highly enjoyable.  I never played as the commander, so I have no idea what that entails. 

In retrospect, 2012 was a quiet year for new games, but I did rock the hell out of some older stuff.  I’ve chatted incessantly about what I played that was old, but in terms of what was new?  Well, tune in this week and you’ll hear.  Not a ton of AAA stuff (I just picked up Max Payne 3 in the Autumn Steam Sale), but I played a bunch of independent stuff and had a blast with it. 

I’ve been looking forward to Hokra for a while now, so I’m super-stoked to be playing it tonight.  I expect vulgarity.  Lots of it.

Friday, 7:54 am – Ricky

Sleeeeepppppy Dawwwwwgggggs has been put on the back-burner this week, with Natural Selection 2 taking over as my latest obsession. Preezie and I had a chance to run a few more games last night – I’m totally into it. I’m skeptical about my ability to play as the battlefield commander, but that’s only an issue if I let it be. I think I’ll need to study up on the various classes and maps first, then take a shot at commanding.

I also played more Spaceteam. It’s still incredible and I still feel like a dofus.

Thursday, 8:24 am – Albert

I’m looking forward to playing some good ole fashion local multiplayer! Speaking on mobile games, Pen and Paper Knights has become my new mobile addiction. Based off the classic RPG elements and D&D style, it’s simplicity yet depth is something that even if you’re not a D&D fan will have hours enjoying. Give it a shot!

Until the podcast coming this Friday, it’s all SLEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPYYY DAwwwggsss for me (It’s pronounced exactly as it reads).

Thursday, 7:49 am – Ricky

Yesterday, the fiancée and I both downloaded Spaceteam, and iOS game that… how can I put this… made us sound like mentally handicapped chickens, pecking away at our devices while squawking at each other seemingly uncontrollably. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, trust me, it is exactly what you want when 2 to 4 people get together in a room: organized chaos.

To describe this game is like trying to describe a majestic pair of … mountains… to a person who’s been blind since birth. It’s a game involving close teamwork, until the chaos consumes you and the teamwork gets thrown out the window. Each person has a “command console” on their device, with levers, knobs and switches. Each of these things has a nearly unpronounceable name (well, most of the time) – as the game progresses, you must shout-out commands to your teammates and get them to perform the necessary action on their console. If they don’t, the ship crashes, and you have the joy of starting over again!

We’re getting set to run this game on Friday, as well as Hokra and J.S. Joust from the Kickstarter Sportsfriends. Should be local multiplayer at its finest!

Wednesday, 8:04 am – Ricky

The New Year started off just the way I like it: Lazy, and with a controller in my hand.

The controller alternated between video games and the TV/Bluray player (AKA the PS3), but most of my time was spent playing Sleeping Dogs on the PC. Such an amazing looking game, and there’s so much to do. I’m still in the first area, called North Point, in terms of missions, but I’m just starting to branch out into “Central”, the downtown district. All districts are open to you at the start, and you can hop around them as you please. I’ve spent most of the game running around doing drug busts, finding health shrines, collecting statues and doing “favours” for people. This is just my kind of open world game, where the extra work you put in feels fun rather than like a chore.

The crew also got together yesterday and played some Natural Selection 2. This takes elements from Left 4 Dead Versus mode and various RTS games. I didn’t get to experience the RTS part, but Preezie and Albert both took a shot at commanding the Marines and Aliens respectively. It sounded… complicated. The action on the ground seemed complicated at first as well, but things started to click towards the end of our session. I’m looking forward to diving in deeper on this one.

The Steam sale is also over – for me anyway, as yesterday was the first day of the 2013 Backlog Challenge. I’ve updated my list and I’ve landed at 172 games in the backlog. I’ll be posting separate updates about the challenge going forward, and linking to them through the weekly post.

Monday, 6:00 am – Ricky

Here we are, New Year’s Eve. Enjoy that. I use New Year’s day every year as “my day”, one where I do nothing that could be considered productive. So, you know, video games. This week’s image is from Gamercrave; check them out and thank them.