Last week, I revealed my Scratching the Surface: The 2013 Backlog Challenge. I’ll be playing through some of these 160 games next year, not to mention any games I might procure during this week’s Steam sale (if sources are to be believed), as well as through my PlayStation Plus membership. I’ll also be picking up 3 new games throughout the year – this will likely be my biggest challenge, as I’m already excited by Grand Theft Auto 5, Lara Croft, and Bioshock Infinite, all of which come out in the next 6 months.

Saturday, 12:23 pm – Ricky

Looks like the Gamentary crew has taken off early for the holidays! I’m sure we’ll all be checking in sporadically. Wishing everyone all the best! Game on!

Thursday, 10:03 pm – Ricky

Like Santa down the chimney on the 25th of December, or Aunt Irma visiting your girlfriend on whatever day of the month she happens to arrive on, the Steam sale is right on time today. Deals are looking good so far, but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a “game” associated with the sale. This marks the 3rd sale in a row without a game, the last one being the 2011 holiday sale with lumps of coal. I miss the lumps of coal.

Wednesday, 3:52 pm – Ricky

The New Year is a time for resolutions, and one such resolution might be to learn how to make video games. If one would be so inclined to make that one of one’s New Year’s resolutions, then one would likely be interested in one of the points of view in this here article from PC Gamer.


Wednesday, 10:31 am – Ricky

Oh yeah, there’s also a rumor that tomorrow is the day.

Wednesday, 9:28 am – Ricky

You’re getting a potent dose of my opinion this week. You better be cool with that. I know I am.

After getting back into Borderlands 2 last night, I’m still finding things I love. The challenge is still present after bumping up the “difficulty” with the new game+ mode: baddies are baddier, and the guns are gunnier. I used a few Golden Keys to unlock some new weapons for my now-level 35 Siren. After gathering this arsenal, I’ll be digging into some of the sidequests on Pandora later this week.

There’s been little news on the games front, as most are outlets are preparing their game of the year lists. We might get into it a little bit in January, but to be frank, I don’t think we’ve played a) enough games and b) enough of the same games to have a discussion that wouldn’t just boil down to “MY FAV GAMZ IZ BETTA!”.

Instead, I offer you a video of IGN playing an hour of the new Tomb Raider. I think that’s a fair compromise.

Cannot. Wait.

Tuesday, 8:02 am – Ricky

I wouldn’t go THAT far. I can still purchase all three of the games and succeed. The issue arises when considering other games like The Last of Us and Watchdogs. Burning my three buys so early would set me up with no options but to ignore other blockbusters until 2014.

I think my plan will be to wait until after the Grand Theft Auto 5 launch before evaluating a second buy. I’ll be well into San Andreas at that point and I won’t mind waiting a month or two for the review picture to clear up. I could then save my two remaining buys for the Fall rush.

Gaming tonight for me! Perhaps some Assassin’s Creed 3 is in order. But Far Cry 3 is still calling… I also started up True Vault Hunter mode (new game plus) in Borderlands 2. As always, there’s no shortage of choices!

Monday, 5:20 pm – matt

so basically you’re saying the Back-Log challenge will be failed by mid 2013?

Monday, 8:00 am – Ricky

Here are some trailers to go with the above mentions. You’re welcome.