I was fully on board the Far Cry 2 hype train when it launched in 2008. I rushed home with my copy (along with Beatles Rock Band, if I recall correctly) and shoved it into my Xbox 360. What greeted me was the most frustrating open world game I think I’ve ever played. So many amazing ideas and interesting mechanics became a shit sandwich.

Flash forward 4 years and I’m once again anticipating a Far Cry title. I’m preloaded and ready to hang-glide, scale towers, hunt tigers and shoot many people. Let’s hope the hype is warranted this time around!

Friday, 4:44 pm – Albert

It’s been a slow game news week, I suspect everyone is playing Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 has given me stories to tell my friends that are unique to my play experience. I was showing Preezie the game earlier this week and I was trying to show him how to take over radio towers and while I was doing that I missed my button prompt and jumped off the tower. THEN i tried to show him the crazy driving and I got on a off road four wheel motorcycle and ended up getting run over by some pirates in a jeep. Needless to say these aren’t the stories that are great, but the point is that the world of Far Cry 3 moves around autonomously.

Another time I scoped an encampment out (which grants you save points and weapons once taken over) with a sniper rifle for about 20 minutes – marking the pirates and surveying the scene. I located the alarm system in case something went wrong and I needed to disable it with a shot. I decide the men are spaced apart enough that getting in close and finishing them off with the knife (great take down animations) would be silent and gain me more experience points. As I inch closer to the encampment I hear shooting and quickly see the soldiers move towards my direction. That’s when I hear a roar. Apparently there was a tiger that came into the encampment and ended up getting shot at by the pirates. I am filled with joy and happiness as I’ve released a tiger into an encampment before (it was in a cage and I shot the lock) and it destroyed my enemies and granted me a undetected takeover. I start to make my away around the back to avoid getting pulled into a fight. That’s when things go wrong. The tiger seems to just hone on my location and brings the pirates with them. That’s when the pirates spot me and i’m between them and a tiger. Tiger swipes me and the men finish me off. Sadness occurred.

I slaughter every tiger I see now. The animals in Far Cry 3 are just vicious. Sometimes when I’m looting enemies i’ll turn around to find a bear claw right up my ass. Usually with one swipe of a tiger, leopard or bear you’ll be down to 1/8 of your last health bar and knocked down so it’s imperative you run and heal yourself with syringes of health. I’ve learnt to always carry a shotgun around. It might give your position away but one or two blasts and you’ll be making your upgraded bear wallet in no time. The environments of Far Cry 3 feel lived in and no single outing is the same. Once you leave the safe house, you’re in the jungle. And the jungle is hungry.

Thursday, 9:25 am – Albert

Oppa Gangnam Style!

Oppa Gangnam Style!

Absolutely Absolution Assassin-ing

Absolutely Absolution Assassin-ing

That is all.

Thursday, 8:00 am – Ricky

I’m on the road this week for my “real job”, so just digging into some Vita games from my recent Plus membership. Jet Set Radio is fun, and still challenging based on what I remember of the Dreamcast version. I really started to dive into Wipeout 2048 (the other game included in Plus that I couldn’t remember on the podcast last week). It’s pretty awesome, definitely an intense racing experience. I’ve never played any of the previous games in the series but this one has the hooks in me.

Absolution and Far Cry 3 are all beckoning me home, but the powerful petite portable is satiating my thirst for gaming right now.

Wednesday, 4:10 pm – Albert

Hahaha I saw the article. AMAZING. I mean, sometimes I think people get a little bit too upset about every little thing. Can’t we all say that we have a friend on facebook that’s really not a “friend”. Putting a hit on them sounds fun. Make them panic.

Realistically, what PR/Marketing team gave the ‘go ahead’ on this project? It’s funny when reality kicks in.

Speaking of reality, Far Cry 3 is a good mix of video game and reality. I’ve been playing it a bit more and it’s a great open world game. I haven’t really been engaging in the main story line as I’ve been distracted taking over outposts, recovering radio towers, hunting and skinning animals, crafting holsters, syringes, bags, jet-skiing, gliding, driving around… but yeah. I’m sure there is a story line somewhere there. More to come i’m sure!

Wednesday, 9:22 am – Gavin

Speaking of Hitman: Absolution, Square Enix is under fire right now for a terribly-conceived promotion.

Eurogamer on the ball again

There’s a difference between edgy and tasteless. The very nature of Hitman as a game series is fairly edgy from a conventional viewpoint, as is any game where your purpose is to assassinate people. In this case, Squenix definitely veered into tasteless territory with this one. And it’s not the first time that this has happened with this game, either – the trailer with the sexy nuns was ripped apart by absolutely everyone.

You may remember several years ago that a rap artist – I can’t remember her name, but I want to say it was Ciara – had a similar type of web promotion wherein you would enter that person’s name and e-mail address, and it would send an advertisement disguised as a threatening message to their inbox. You can imagine just how long that one lasted. Why won’t people learn from history?

Of course, Squenix issued a pointless non-apology (“We’re sorry for any offence this caused”).

Monday, 3:38 pm – Albert

I really disliked a lot of aspects of Far Cry 2 when it first came out. While the driving was passable, missions seemed to purposely be on the opposite side of the island and on the way to complete the mission you would pass a checkpoint where it would land you in 30 minutes of shooting and killing only to have those people spawn back by the time you came back or you ran back to grab more ammo. The AI in that game were superheroes with x-ray vision and incredible accuracy. It was a little bit too much grinding for me considering that you also had to partake in seemingly random missions to get malaria pills. Why not get a 4-pack? Save some time? Who knows? Anyways, i’m looking forward to seeing how the game turns out as I’ve heard they’ve listen to the fans and have made several adjustments.

This weekend I played some Hitman: Absolution. The game is longer than I expected and I’ve been playing the same map over and over with terrible results which makes me replay the mission over and over. Overall though, i’m still really enjoying the stealthy aspects and gameplay but sometimes I find that there is a lot of down time waiting for enemies to run their routes. The most frustrating thing (which is entirely user error) is that I can run through a map, make every move correct, dodge this guy, distract this group, whatever and then BOOM, get spotted everyone goes crazy and I kill everyone reducing my score to -10,000+… Damn my OCD to be perfect. If you’re anything like me make sure you have a stress ball or a cat nearby.

(i don’t condone violence against pets)

Monday, 3:00 am – Ricky

My weekend was spent podcasting, playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown and dipping into Forza Horizon. There, now you know. Aren’t you happy?