I have played over 200 hours of Borderlands. There, I’ve admitted it. I played the first Borderlands on Xbox 360 at launch using the Siren. It was freaking incredible. I then picked up the PC 4-pack with all of the DLC and played as the Soldier. Less awesome than the first time. No less addictive.

Therefore, it’s with great happiness that I welcome Borderlands 2 into my life this week. I’ve roped in Preezie and Albert for the ride, so hopefully we’ll have some co-op impressions to give. We’ll see if it can pull them away from Man Vs. Machine. It might very well pull me away from the site… Not that you’d mind, I’m sure.

, 7:00 am – Ricky

Friday, 8:58 am – Ricky

I have a soft spot in my heart for mechs. I’m in the … other … mech game beta, but Hawken is stealing my heart. Check out this footage from PAX 2012.

Friday, 7:04 am – Ricky

Man, where’d everyone go? No one writing on the site, no one playing co-op Borderlands 2 with me, no one there to pick me up when I get downed… matt and I will be podcasting tonight because everyone else is a poopy pants. Expect lots of Vita talk. I’ll try and constantly shift the conversation to Borderlands 2.

I’ll be playing tonight if anyone wants to add me on steam.

Thursday, 8:30 am – Ricky

So I got to spend some time in the world of Pandora last night, buffing up my character with opening area side quests and getting a feel for the game.

First, let me start by saying that Borderlands 2 looks amazing. I have a 2 year old nVidia GTX 460, and I’m still pumping graphics on high. The star of the show is PhysX, a feature we’ve seen before in games like Batman: Arkham City. In Borderlands 2, PhysX adds environment tweaks like waving flags, explosions with more particles, and fluid movement like blood and poop (always symbiotic). I just love the cel-shaded art style, and while the opening area is focused on a cold, wintery landscape, art and models are still diverse and attention grabbing.

If you’ve read a review (or 5) for this game already, you probably know what I’m going to say here: If you liked Borderlands, you’ll definitely like Borderlands 2. If you didn’t like Borderlands, there’s probably still a chance that it’ll win you over (something I’m hoping for with Preezie and Albert), but for the most part, the game is just more Borderlands. There are a few key differences though.

Already the missions are more diverse, a big change from the constant fetch quests in the first. The guns and their respective effects are different and intriguing, and the RPG side of the game seems to be deeper. You’ve given better tools for a reason: Enemies are smarter. They move quicker, reacting to your tactics, and they’re smart about it to boot. I’ve had some hairy moments already, though granted I’ve only been running solo. Still, I wouldn’t expect to have trouble at level 8, so the challenge is definitely keeping me on my toes.

I’m still getting comfortable with the controls – switching between mouse and keyboard and a game pad, depending on how each feels – but things are relatively intuitive. All in all, it’s a blast to play. I’m picking up everything, opening every chest, selling everything I can use and trying every gun I think I can. I can’t wait until I level up my character (the Siren, Maya) and I can use her singularity for more than just holding dudes in the sky and shooting them. I’m definitely looking forward to playing some co-op over the weekend, and I’m sure the game will sink its teeth even deeper into me.

I also have this awesome game called FTL to talk about, but… I’ll save that for another day.

Tuesday, 10:56 am – Ricky

There is no LittleBigPlanet. There are no adorable sack people. There are only guns. Bazillions of guns.

I had to crash last night after a family thing so I only installed Borderlands 2 this morning and played for 20 minutes before heading to work. I can honestly say that I didn’t consider calling in sick, but I can’t wait to come back to the game. Tonight is yet ANOTHER family obligation, but tomorrow? Tomorrow is my guilt free night.

When I was single, I used to roll home from work and play until my stomach told me to pay it some goddamn attention. Then I’d get right back to it. Sometimes I’d do some exercise other than moving my thumbs, but that was mostly to get me to Albert’s place to place more video games. These days, priorities have changed, and while I still love to game, I’m happy that I can put that aside in favour of new, important things in my life. ;

That said, I’m currently watching someone play a 72 hour marathon of Borderlands 2, and I’m freaking jealous. Bastard.

Tuesday, 9:45 am – Gavin

Great point about the sibling rivalry! I honestly hadn’t thought about that, because I play almost all of my games solo due to the fact that I HATE EVERYONE.

I understand that LBP has a great focus on multiplayer. So as someone who doesn’t own a Vita, how does multiplayer on LBP Vita work? Or is it a solo game? Do you need two Vitas (Vitae?)? I am curious.

So it’s September 18th, and already I can see quite a few absences from work amongst guys aged 18-40. I can’t recall the last time I ever phoned in sick for anything related to games. I do anxiously look forward to my evenings at home alone so that I can game without guilt. That’s why I have a hard time jumping on awesome multiplayer games like Borderlands 2 or Diablo 3 – I just can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to game at specific times anymore, which would do a disservice to my compatriots.

I could honestly see myself taking a day off for a new Metroid game though.

Tuesday, 8:37 am – matt

yes Gavin, confusion is definitely an appropriate word when describing this launch. the fact that there are now over three “standard” controllers that will be used for the system is bringing even more questions. my biggest concern for the family friendly wii systems is that undeniable sibling rivalry that will exist when one child gets to use the new game pad and the other is forced to use nun chucks. it reminds me of the old days when 3rd party remote were more readily available and fights would erupt over who got to use the “good” controller.

speaking on good controlling, last night my girlfriend picked up the all new LittleBigPlanet (that I know is one word) for the playstation vita. I’ve only played a few levels from the first world but can already see this is the definitive game in the series! despite being a handheld title, every little LBP fixture has been included and features even more gameplay types thanks to the touch screen and tilt functions. last night ended with me having the rotate the system to a portrait view and was given a whack-a-sackboy mini game that was absolutely awesome!

I even played the piano for a trophy.

Monday, 12:16 pm – Gavin

Perhaps not lying, but massive confusion at least. Separate tablets won’t be available at launch, because there are no games immediately planned that will support two tablets. Broken tablets will be replaceable, and when there are games that support two tablet, separate tablets will be available for purchase. No need to confuse customers with a system that is already confusing enough, especially considering this gem:

Until then, co-op and multiplayer games can be played using a WiiMote and Nunchuck

That is doubly confusing, considering the difference in inputs between the tablet and the WiiMote and Nunchuk combo. Are they saying that the tablets will be intentionally hampered in multiplayer games?

Despite my fanboyism, I really have to vent some frustration towards Nintendo at the way they’re handling the marketing of the gameplay side of the console. The fact that articles can’t even come to a consensus on this shows that there’s a lack of clarity on the whole matter. This video shows the tablet being used fully. So what is the other person playing the game using? Are they pitting dual-analog sticks against single-and-aiming? Then consider this gem:

Gamers who play multiplayer Wii U games can choose among three different controllers – the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote plus Nunchuk combination, and the Wii U Pro Controller

There is a difference between the number of inputs on the controllers!

I’m excited for the whole thing, but I feel like they really should have emphasized in great detail how the peripherals interact vis-à-vis multiplayer games.

Monday, 9:37 am – matt

unfortunately i must carry this discussion over from previous post, as I have this delectable news to pass on.

I’m not a lying man…

well I used to be… but that’s another story for certainly another time…

Nintendo of America NOT selling game pads.

but hey maybe Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime is.

Monday, 9:07 am – Gavin

And on this day, podcasts for the next two months turned into 45-minute gab sessions about Borderlands 2, whilst I look up deviant pornography on Ricky’s fiancée’s laptop, waiting for the chance to contribute.

I’m skipping this one, based solely on the fact that I can’t afford to grab every new title and I already have a buttload of titles waiting for me. The initial reviews for it have been very, very complimentary though, so I imagine if you liked the first one, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

How much gameplay is there? Is it open-ended/grind-worthy, like Diablo 3, or is it a closed campaign, like Gears of War? Are there optional modes like horde, deathmatch, etc? I honestly don’t know much about the series.

Monday, 7:00 am – Ricky

Only 20 more hours to go – Borderlands 2 unlocks on Steam at 3AM EST, and I’ve got it preloaded and ready to go!