They’re more machine then man now… (where we go through the motions and use technology)

Gamentary Round 10 – September 9 2012 (right click and “Save As” to download the mp3, or use the player below)

We’re back in action with 3 chairs and phone-in effort. It’s a pretty short one, but sometimes it’s not about the length, it’s about the content!

We talk about Gamercamp, a 2 day Toronto conference for game developers that, for some reason, we’re attending in force. We also touch a bit on the site redesign, including the new Retro Gaming section. Finally, we wrap it up with some games! Because, you know, video games.

  • Sound Shapes
  • Deus Ex (the original!)
  • Final Fantasy 3 or 6, depending on who you ask
  • X-COM: Enemy Unknown
  • Jagged Alliance
  • Team Fortress 2, specifically Man vs. Machine

Honorable mentions: Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 3

What game are you most looking forward to this Fall? Sound off in the comments!

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