On Saturday, I wrote that I was planning to upload a couple videos of us playing some games and talking about them. You know, gamentary. So I uploaded a video of me and Albert playing Saints Row: The Third, only to have the content blocked because Comcast thinks that there’s some X-Play footage in there. I swear, they didn’t even watch the video… I don’t know what set off the flag, but we’ve disputed the claim. I also couldn’t upload the Left4Dead 2 session because the account is no longer in good standing.

All of that being said, I liked recording our gaming sessions. Granted, I would prefer to livestream, but that’s just not possible with my connection right now. So instead, you’ll probably see some videos of Max Payne 3, Crusader Kings 2 and Terraria this week. I hope that’s ok with you.

Sunday, 10:43 pm – Albert

Unfortunately for me, I cancelled my cable right before the Olympics, so the most I get are tallies of medals. I do sympathize with you though matt. I used to play Olympic games all the time back in the day. I’m pretty sure we played the same game too… except I probably played a pirated version on my Goodboy (as Gavin would say: I do not condone the use of piracy…)… ANYWAYS, I think that the only company that could come close to what you want matt is EA. That being said, EA is not going to meld its games into one because then people would only buy one game. They need people buying one sport (i.e. FIFA 12) and then buying the next iteration when they’ve updated the rosters and made very slight changes… don’t get me wrong, when they tweak ever so slightly the career mode and make sure that Beckham’s hair looks a tiny bit more shiny, I really enjoy that… its like a  BRAND NEW GAME!

Also I think that most people believe Olympic games are button mashing games or slight QTEs thrown in every now and then. I mean, that’s definitely my perception. If some company does release a new Olympic game I hope they include a controller with it because I would need it.

Besides that… i’ve given Terraria a break, but don’t worry. I don’t have much willpower.

If you’re really dying for Olympic action, may I suggest an old flash game called QWOP? You use Q and W for moving the Thighs and O and P for moving the Calves of an Olympic athlete to run 100 metres. Do not play this if you cannot handle adversity.

HINT: Press O to lean slightly forward, and move QP together and WO together.

Saturday, 2:30 pm – matt

man I’ve got Olympic fever. I am a huge sports fan and for the most part can watch anything involving people competing against each other (reality shows excluded), so the Olympics is an easy sell for me. throw in country allegiances, heart breaking human interest stories and the occasional upset here and there, the Olympic games really feature the highs and lows of competition. as a little preview for the upcoming podcast we discuss old school gaming, in particular the 1984 summer games available on the commodore 64.

this has me wondering why there have not been any good Olympic videogames released in, maybe forever? events usually involve repetitious button mashing but can any game developers think of better ways of producing Olympic events in a videogame?

is it too difficult to incorporate multiple game engines to handle the variety in events? could they not put in a version of fifa for soccer, nba for the basketball, or fight night for boxing? or can the buying public not be bothered in buying a “collection” of lesser quality games in one package?

Friday, 12:20 pm – Albert

Happy Friday! I have heard that Dawnguard is available which is always amazing but I think my 100+ hours of Skyrim will tide me over for a while but i’m happy that Bethesda is creating quality DLC. Speaking of Skyrim, I saw this link on Joystiq.com and I had no idea that Conan O’Brien reviewed some games for fun. Check it out.

Friday, 11:07 pm – Ricky

Umm, not sure how we missed this yesterday while podcasting, but Dawnguard is now available for PC (Steam link). So, you know, get on that Albert.

Friday, 8:18 am – Ricky

I’m a bit of a morning person, if you can’t tell. This morning, I got up a bit earlier to try out Kingdom Rush (recommended by Albert, as you’ll hear in the upcoming podcast this weekend). It’s a great little tower defense game on the iOS, with some light progression mechanics to keep you heavily addicted. I’ll be playing more this weekend for sure!

By the by, it’s a long weekend in most of Canucksville Beaverland Canada, so we’ll be light on the posting and heavy on the gaming I’d imagine. Don’t worry, you’ll still get some of our intermittent ramblings and a podcast, that should tide you over.

Thursday, 8:58 am – Ricky

While all of this reminiscing is great, I’m pretty happy that we’re in the future. I played some Max Payne 3 last night (on PC), and even compared to 1/2, it’s obvious that this is generations ahead.

What’s next you may ask? Some of the industry’s biggest names think that they have the answer. (speaking of Doom…) Back at E3, John Carmark wore a pair or ski goggles duct-taped to some contraption that allowed him to play the Doom 3 BFG in a virtual reality environment. The thing looked ridiculous, but apparently, it was pretty cool to try.

Well, yesterday these industry titans launched a Kickstarter for the Oculus Rift – a VR headpiece for PC games. The Kickstarter is for early access to the dev kit, and nothing is currently known about the consumer version. Still, the Kickstarter made it’s minimum in the first 24 hours, and it’s well on it’s way to a million bucks.

Thursday 8:30 am – matt

well I know the commodore holds a special place in mine and Rickys hearts. I can’t even begin to think about how many games, how many hours, how much sleep was missed in front of the commodore screen hooked up to sega dreamcasts, xboxes, and playstations (think of how long that screen lived for!?)

I saw aeris die, witnessed the new generation when Ricky had to hide his Xbox from concerning parents seeing their child venture down the wrong path (…boy were they right Ricky!) I remember logging into phantasy star online and being confused by Japanese people… landing my first million point combo in tony hawk.

my commodore love began when I was six staying at my grandparents. we had summer Olympics, and batman, some sesame street game where you would put this giant 5 button screen over your keyboard so kids could mash a shit load of buttons and still win…

in fact this reminds me of the commodore memories we’ve already shared on gamentary. because I remember showing this: Commodore!

Wednesday, 11:53 pm – Albert

Wow, Commodore 64 was out 30 years ago? Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luck to play the C64. My days started with NES and Sega Genesis. Funny enough though, one of my very first consoles was a Goodboy. WTF IS A GOODBOY? Great question.

This is the only picture I could find (I didn’t try that hard) but it shows just how weird and random the console was. The upside is that it had cartridges with 1000+ games! But I also grew up on the PC. Bringing up DOS and being all cool. Those were the days when UFO and Doom graced my screen.

Btw, Karate Champ was THE best.

Wednesday, 12:35 pm – Ricky

The Commodore 64 turns 30 today!

I had one of these growing up, and it was my gaming pride and joy. I had a distant cousin come over from Europe one summer, and he brought me 100s of disks with different games on them. While all the other kids had the NES, I was playing California Games, Impossible Mission and Karate Champ.

Kids today don’t know what they missed, and to prove it, some dude brought a Commodore 64 to an elementary school.

Anyone else have memories of the C64?

Tuesday, 9:16 pm – Albert

Congrats on entering the Steam world matt! Even though the Summer Sale is over, all the Indie Bundles are on special as of today. Tons of Indie games at $9.99!

Terraria is ridiculously addictive. That’s the first thing you need to know about this game. I’ve been trying to think of what this game reminds me of. The obvious choice is Minecraft. But it is not a clone, but has some similar features such as having building blocks, open worlds, resource gathering elements, etc. There are a lot of other things that separate this game from Minecraft and others games. It reminds me a bit of Mario actually. I know that sounds weird, but it’s like an open world Mario game where you are fighting enemies and collecting resources, tools, weapons, accessories, and power ups which jumping around and exploring the world.

Terraria grips me because it appeals to my mood at any time. I can build whatever I want. I can attack and play it as an action game. I can do anything.

This is a small part of what you can do in the game

The picture above is definitely an improvement since I started in the world with nothing.

Definitely worth playing. If anything give this 4 minute video a looksee.

Tuesday, 8:36 am – Ricky

Terraria is like a Minecraft-esque action-adventure-rpg. I’m sure Albert will come on here eventually and give a better description.

I actually really enjoyed my 30 minutes messing around with the game – although 10 of those minutes were spent trying to get multiplayer running, and another 5 minutes trying to avoid floating eyeballs and zombies… I need to spend more time with it, but Wednesday and Thursday are Max Payne 3 days so it’ll have to wait! I also jumped into Diablo 3 briefly. Still fun, though it’s wearing thin. And I blew a ton of gold on a crappy weapon that I can’t seem to unload.

And welcome to Steam matt! You’re going to … love it… I think…

Monday, 10:40 pm – matt

what the hell is terraria?
in other news ive jumped on the steam bandwagon, but have no idea what the heck to start with.


Monday, 8:22 pm – Ricky

Vindication! Comcast dropped the copyright claim. Time to get to recording.

Just not Terraria.

That game’s terrible.

Just kidding.


Monday, 3:27 pm – Albert

Monday is once again upon us! A new week for gaming and commentating on game-like instances and topics.

The video below apparently is so good that X-play wanted to delete it! Check is out.

Ubisoft has been known to have brutal DRM and apparently now it seems that there is a security breach that could happen to all those with Uplay. The gist is that Uplay has a DRM backdoor which allows any webpage to run arbitrary code on your machine. I’m no expert, but that’s probably not a good thing. Luckily for us, Ubisoft released a forced patch that fixes this problem. No apology though. Rude.

Besides that just A LOT more Terraria. This game just keeps getting better. There is always something to do and move areas to explore. Once you have a certain amount of equipment, the game gets a lot more fun. Rocket Boots, for example, make moving around the world a lot easier. A Magic Mirror helps you teleport yourself straight back to your spawn point. The addition of guns also gave me so much joy because it makes those annoying little floating eyes WAY easier to kill. I’m going to try to record some Terraria boss fights or something and hopefully if you haven’t already played it, it will encourage you to play!

One thing to note however, was the mess that Ricky and I went through to try and play multiplayer. Apparently you need some server download or something of the sort, but hopefully we can get that working so you can have more Ricky and I goofing off videos.

Until next time… Stay Classy… Interwebs.

Monday, 8:16 am – Ricky

The video is up now while they review the claim, so enjoy it while it lasts.