Keeping with the theme of the past couple of weeks, I think we’ll take a stab at ranking games from E3. To be clear: we are not a ranking or rating site. However, I think it’s fair to give a top 5 list of games I’m excited about coming out of E3.

So there it is – we’ll be giving out lists (at least, I will), and we’ll have some more chatter about already-released games like Gravity Rush, Diablo 3 and Epic Astro Story. Stay awhile, and listen.

Monday, 10:34 pm – Ricky

Too busy watching Prometheus and drinking from a Coke Freestyle machine. Update incoming.

Monday, 10:15 pm – matt

where’s the update?


Friday, 8:40 pm – 3/5ths of the Crew

Friday, 11:38 am – Ricky

Alright, some Nintendo love for everyone’s favourite character, Mario! Mario Marathon 5 is going on now – check their stream to watch them play through all the old and new games in the series, then donate some cash for a good cause.

Friday, 10:47 am – Ricky

Good find Gavin – seems like Nintendo has staved off full-retard for at least the next little while.

Meanwhile, in other mobile gaming news: Retro City Rampage was shown at E3 this year, and it’s really caught my attention in the aftermath of the show. It was originally being developed for an NES rom, but it just kind of kept getting bigger and bigger. Now it’s set to launch on XBLA, PSN, and yes, the Vita. Here’s a gameplay video for the Vita version – see how many retro game and pop culture references you can pick out!

Friday, 9:39 am – Gavin

And they are including an AC adapter:

“While reports earlier tonight indicated that the Japanese and European versions of the system will not include an AC adapter, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the North American version of the 3DS XL will include an AC adapter in the package. A 4GB SD card will also be included with the system.”

Same tech, just larger screen. Costs Nintendo next to nothing to produce as the development is already complete aside from the chassis, and those who already have the regular 3DS need not upgrade. Less “full retard”, more “full cash-mongering”. This is a win-win maneuver for them. Not for us, though, because it would be nice if they made things easier for third party developers and popped in that second analogue stick.

Ah well. Can’t win them all.

In the meantime, a few minutes of love for the folks responsible for Cogs. I got this as part of Humble Bundle 4, but only got around to starting it this week. It’s a terrific little puzzle game that is just fantastic, with great sound and really intuitive and simple controls. Think “Pipe Dream” meets Steampunk. It’s also available for Android and iOS. A screenshot:

Friday, 9:02 am – Ricky

I love how that comment is addressed to Gavin. Poor Gavin, poor poor Gavin…

Speaking of Gavin, there’s no podcast this week it seems! Maybe we can finally try and get some more use out of out Google+ page with a Hangout instead.

Thursday, 11:35 pm – matt

well im sorry gavin but Nintendo has officially gone full retard. so they announce a new larger 3DS without a second analog stick, but it get even better! in order to keep costs down, they wont include an A.C adapter. wow, nice of them to save money for themselves, considering they already pay next to nothing for the outdated technology they cram in their plastic shell of a brick…

Thursday, 4:41 pm – Ricky

Well, I think we’ve officially hit “heat wave” status hear in South Western Ontario, and sounds like Montreal is no different.

Things are also heating up in Trials Evolution with user-generated content extending the life of the game. Some crazy creations in this trailer – time to fire it up again and get my frustration on!

Wednesday, 9:35 pm – matt

it’s been really hot here in the city, likewise in Toronto I am sure. to combat this I seek shelter in the form of ice caps from Tim’s Hortons and air conditioned public spaces like malls. it pretty much eliminates gaming right there except for the vita, which I am playing Gravity Rush every chance I get. despite the occasional bouts of nausea its pretty awesome flying through the air, bending gravity, drop kicking mofos and crash landing after plummeting hundreds of feet in the air.

but yeah… its phacking hot.

Wednesday, 4:34 pm – Ricky

Seems like we’re all taking a bit of a gaming hiatus this week. After playing Diablo incessantly since release, I actually haven’t played for about a week and a half.

I had the shakes.

So I’ll be playing a bit more of my level 55 Demon Hunter today, bringing him through Hell and catching up to Preezie. Tomorrow, my list of top E3 titles. Next week though, it’s all about finishing up what I’ve started well before E3 – on my list are games I have half done:

– Assassin’s Creed Revelations

– Gears of War 3


That’s it so far! If I can get through those three titles in my week off, AND get my DH up to Inferno difficulty, well, it’ll be a good week off.

Tuesday, 9:41 am – Gavin

I have no idea what this means, but apparently it’s important:

The world’s first Hardcore Inferno Diablo kill has happened

Monday, 8:29 am – Ricky

Speaking of staying a while and listening, there’s a new book coming out at some point called Stay Awhile and Listen, taking a look at the story of Blizzard North. On the Shacknews board, author David Craddock often shares his progress, so follow it there or on their site.